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NHK World - The Professional - documentary series

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NHK World - The Professional - documentary series

Post by wewa » May 21st, '11, 01:03

I really enjoy the stories of real people that they cover.
They had a special episode today on the English NHK world, covering various professionals, maybe past stories?
I noticed that no new Professional episode torrents have been posted since 2010.
I know that, as usual, NHK web site has no resources for watching something that was missed, unlike US, which you have Hulu and even the network sites.

Anyone know where I can find/watch these Professional episodes of 2011.

I bought a Silicon Dust HD HomeRun unit, but the channel that is NHK World, is not coming in so I can't record it and provide it to all. Money down the tubes... :(

Thanks in advance.

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Post by Tai » May 21st, '11, 05:58

So could you explain your "down the tubes" product [Silicon Dust HD HomeRun unit] just a tad more? It seems like Your getting NHK through the internet and this gizmo is suppose to tune it in and record it. For NHK World dont you need a subscription either through cable, satellite or the net. I know, I am waiting for the day when we wiill have [outsmarted ourselves and have] internet worldwide Television.

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Post by pearlyriver » Sep 14th, '14, 16:51

Does anyone know where I can watch this show? Any episode is fine. All of the torrents for the show are dead and I can't find them anywhere else.

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Post by kotsukotsu » Dec 13th, '14, 06:13

> Does anyone know where I can watch this show?

Virtually everybody in your local Japanese speaking community knows how to receive NHK International TV, which includes this show. This is common knowledge. Just ask, and people can tell you which options are available where you live. At the very least, NHK International TV can be received by a satellite TV receiver/dish, anywhere in the world. In general, the Ku-band system broadcasts require a subscription, while the C-band system broadcasts require more expensive receiving equipment. In major cities, NHK International TV is often available on a cable system.

"The Professionals" broadcasts can be interesting, particularly when they (rarely) feature a professional working outside the entertainment industry, i.e. not an author, pro athlete, actor, etc.

I think the TV Tokyo business documentary programs are more interesting, like Gaiya no Yoake, Mirai Seiki Japan, Kambera Kyuden, etc. People in the real world producing real things, not focusing on just the entertainment industry. People in you local Japanese speaking community will know how to watch these programs. For example, they are often on DVD at Japanese video stores/grocery stores abroad. Alternatively, broadcasts sometimes appear on the usual Chinese video WWW sites.

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Post by pearlyriver » Dec 19th, '14, 11:03

I'm using Niji TV, but thanks anyway. I almost never watch TV of any kind, so setting up Niji is more convenient. I'm just interested in the concept of the program and want to learn more about the professional lives of people from different fields. None of the Japanese people that I know in my circles use that NHK International TV.

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