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Autumn Moon Festival Evening Gala (CCTV, 2006)

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Kai Lien
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Autumn Moon Festival Evening Gala (CCTV, 2006)

Post by Kai Lien » Oct 8th, '06, 08:22

I'm currently watching the Autumn Moon Festival celebration on CCTV-4. They went all out producing it and the show turned out very nicely. Chen Hao and Peter Ho are a few of the performers on the boat coming in from Taiwan. They also showed some segments of the celebration from Taipei 101. From EEG, Twins performed a nice mandarin version of "Samba" and Nic Tse sang "Yellow" beautifully. :wub: I really enjoyed watching the semi-reunion of the Little Tigers. Too bad Alec Su couldn't make it. :sweat: There were soo many fireworks! It probably costed a fortune. All of the songs had english subs so I'll try to find a torrent and post it here.

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Post by xbabix » Oct 10th, '06, 01:47

I also watched it too...
The boat was coverd with lights and there were so many singers.
I enjoyed it a lot.

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Post by bebe040190 » Oct 15th, '06, 23:13

does anyone have this? if you do can you post in on here please? thankz 8)

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Kai Lien
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Post by Kai Lien » Oct 19th, '06, 06:21

Found it!

[img]http://photo8.zxip.com/albums8/folder18 ... 464564.JPG[/img]

[img]http://photo8.zxip.com/albums8/folder18 ... 521225.JPG[/img]

[img]http://photo8.zxip.com/albums8/folder18 ... 124283.JPG[/img]

[img]http://photo8.zxip.com/albums8/folder18 ... 741796.JPG[/img]

[img]http://photo8.zxip.com/albums8/folder18 ... 822490.JPG[/img]

中文名称:海峡月-中华情 中央电视台2006年中秋双语晚会

Will probably post it in the torrent section sometime...Currently 16 seeders / 168 leechers

[The extension torrent has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

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Post by canon05 » Oct 21st, '06, 15:41

Kai Lien you rock! :-) Thanks for sharing this torrent.

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Post by SwtGuy701 » Oct 30th, '06, 20:40

any1 for this for direct d/l?

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Post by woaichenkun » Nov 19th, '06, 00:44

Thank you so much, I just hope this still has torrenters.

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Post by skfangel » Nov 21st, '06, 17:00

Thanks .............love it!

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