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Can you tell me if this is a good source for K-drama?

Discuss about all aspect of KDramas on DVD and other commerical medium.
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Yukino Miyazawa
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Can you tell me if this is a good source for K-drama?

Post by Yukino Miyazawa » May 18th, '08, 04:53

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to know if malkee.com was an okay place to order drama from? Has anyone heard if they are legit or do they steal your credit card/paypal info?

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Post by groink » May 18th, '08, 05:08

Is that the right domain name? All I get is an Arabic web site.

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Post by Hanjae » May 18th, '08, 05:11

She means this one:


You'd want to make sure what versions they stock, too. The English subs would probably be extremely dodgy if they're the Chinese versions.

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Post by groink » May 18th, '08, 05:15

You must look at the prices as well. Something like a 16-episode series for under US$10.00 is IMHO flaming bootleg. Prices for legit DVDs should be over US$50.00.

--- groink

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Post by sabriyahm » May 18th, '08, 21:13

These DVD's practically scream bootleg. And I would never gove my credit card info online to such a site.

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Post by FBPPrelude » May 18th, '08, 21:44

Those definitely look like bootleg dvds. I wouldn't buy them. Real versions are usually $50 and over.
Try these sites.

dvdfromkorea.com (ships from korea) (real Korean release with english subs) Shipping time depends on shipping option. I ordered Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang from here. Order shipped within 24 hours. Should be receiving it by the end of this week.

scarecrow.com (located in seattle, wa) (type in Korean Drama for a list of dramas) (ordered coffee prince from here very fast shipping)

www.yesasia.com (reliable and fast shipping)


www.kbs-america.com (kbs dramas)

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Post by meep » May 19th, '08, 11:07

dude... you... fken rock. I found the boxset on dvdfromkorea.com I was looking for chun-hyang!

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Post by kanshu » May 28th, '08, 10:59

Does anyone know if www.walawala.net is a good source?

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Post by noonie » May 28th, '08, 11:53

they also stock good dramas at Target and amazon and borders I would never buy from other sites because they tend to have very bad return policys and most even if it looks good are bootleg.. borders is the offical site for YA entertaiment dramas

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lookin for movie ?

Post by lilkkjo082004 » Dec 18th, '10, 06:32

Im looking for a movie called koshonin the movie and i cant seem to find it anywhere but bootleg sites. I'm lookin for a dvd with good english subs... :cheers:

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Post by trikwa2005 » Nov 9th, '11, 19:00

Good site for cheap Kdrama but not for DVD's with English subtitles. They start off well but the last couple of episode is translated by someone with a poor understanding of English and it makes the episodes very hard to understand. The picture is great but lacking in subs. You information is safe, but good luck trying to get a refund.

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