What Were You Into First: Drama or Anime?

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What was your first: anime or drama?

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What Were You Into First: Drama or Anime?

Post by donna8157 » May 16th, '05, 10:18

Looking at the Anime Recommendations thread, it seems as though there are a lot of people who used to watch or do watch anime here. This is just a poll. :-)

For me, I started watching Chinese Dramas in the beginning since I grew up with them and later on I started to like anime and then was introduced to GTO Live Action which I loved. =D And now I just watch dramas in general.

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Post by doc_tomoe » May 16th, '05, 10:32

i started with anime (sailormoon :-)) and after a few years watched gto drama (but gto anime is better i think) then watched to heart 2 years ago and got addicted :-)
right now it depends on the "quality" of anime or drama, if i watch more anime or more drama. this season there just is no anime show i totally got hooked on. last season there were quite a lot ...

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Post by rossier » May 16th, '05, 16:43

I love anime since i was very little and i watch minimum 5 different anime everyday... Hoohohoh... I love JDrama too.. I remember a JDrama that really changes my life... I think its title is 'The Ninja'... I was still just a kid and really so badly wanted to be like Ninja Yin and crazy about Sasuka I decided to be a ninja and make my way to Japan and learn the ninja skill... Hahaha.... I was really disappointed that there is no living legendary ninja, just like when the other kids realize there is no santa i guess...

Anyway I voted anime, vibrant colors..........

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Post by [oa.NET]Youkai » May 16th, '05, 16:56

Anime :)
the first one was.. NGE ( if memory serves right ;) )...
and many more folowed :D
the first drama i watched was GTO :) ( after i watched the anime, read the manga.... )

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Post by saturn » May 16th, '05, 23:26

Once upon a time, there was Saillaaamoon XD. Unconsciencly, I have been watching all kinds of anime on tv without knowing what anime is. Later I discovered the joy of jdrama and kdrama and got my friends hoooked on it : ). I think most of people start with anime before watching drama.
My first downloaded anime was : Hana Yori Dango
Jdrama: Beautiful Life
Kdrama: Loving You

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Post by groink » May 17th, '05, 00:00

As far as the poll goes, I started off with anime. As for my TRUE path of Japanese entertainment, and the first shows I watched for each:

1) Tokusatsu (Rainbow Man, Kikaider, Robocon)
2) Anime (Video Girl Ai, I's)
3) Dramas (Aoi Tori, Kinpachi Sensei)

--- groink

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Post by Gir » May 17th, '05, 00:10

I started with anime after a trip to Japan. When I came back, I was looking for videos from Japan, it could have been anything movies, dramas, anime, but all I could find was anime, (Ghost in the Shell movie was the first then NGE and Dirty Pair Flash, and I was hooked). It was not until I came across" Where is Love" in the newsgroups did I really find out about dramas. (They looked interesting on the TV in Japan but without knowing Japanese good enough I could not tell if they were good or not). Then "Summer Snow" and "long Vacation" and others were found with the newfangled bittorent, and once again, I was hooked. I still watch a fare amount of anime but I really prefer dramas.

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Post by ahnchan » May 17th, '05, 00:22

first anime: fushigi yuugi

second drama: gah eul dong hwa

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Post by sikexl » May 17th, '05, 00:32

Started with anime long before I started watching dramas. Probally never would of gotten into it if I didn't download the gto drama ep 1 while looking for the anime.series of it.

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Post by :bunny: » May 17th, '05, 04:29

started anime earlier than drama

same as groink...i started wif tokusatsu (goggle v,voltus, as far as i can remember), n then anime (doraemon! candycandy! ^^) n then dorama (tokyo love story, anything for you, etc) ^^

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Post by SuperChloe » May 17th, '05, 19:46

I started with anime first as well, and I still watch anime to this day, along with drama. I got into the world of drama with GTO and I've been addicted ever since.

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Post by innocentchica » May 17th, '05, 20:03

I started with drama and that's all I watch now. XD In between, I have watched like one or two anime but they haven't had much of an impact on me.

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Post by Hitnrun » May 17th, '05, 20:15

It all started because of gto.

Watched the anime, wanted more, got the drama, addicted since then!

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Post by sutaretagaisce » May 17th, '05, 20:20

Technically, I started watching old school anime first when I was really young. Stuff like Unico, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Nickelodeon fairy tale stories without knowing they were anime.

Later on when I started taking Japanese I got hooked on the dramas earlier than the anime because I found better stories and I didn't have to pay through the nose to watch them.

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Post by zdoon » May 17th, '05, 20:32

Starting from about two years ago: Anime -> Asian movies -> Dramas -> Asian Indie Music.

I've stopped watching Anime, and only really searched for it for about a month. I of course still watch Asian movies, Dramas, etc, though I'm not much of a drama fan these days. Either way, it's been a long and interesting trek from Hollywood boulevard and MTV street.

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Post by sakura_r0se » May 17th, '05, 20:34

I first started watching anime before I started watching drama.

1st anime: Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon
1st jdrama: Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love)
1st kdrama: Sad Sonata
1st hkdrama: Dragon Love
1st twdrama: Peach Girl
1st cdrama: none yet
1st sgdrama: none yet

However, after first seeing Forbidden Love air in 1999, I really got into jdramas more than anime since at that time I didn't have internet to download fansubs (if I liked an anime, I would buy the dvd). I never really got into hkdramas until much later because of the lack of English subtitles (I don't understand Chinese). Also, I never had much access to kdramas before so since I've found d-addicts, I like them a lot more now.

Right now, I mostly download/watch anime and dramas. There's hardly anything good to watch on tv anymore, LOL. Plus, I hate re-runs. :D
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Post by ar-a-mach » May 17th, '05, 21:31

my first anime was back in the rearly 80's i grew up with them ...

but i'm a big dorama fan

first anime: Alps no Shojo Heidi i watched it in 1979 i think
first dorama: GTO back in 1998
first japanese music : Shonen knife 少年ナイフ back in 1986
first kdrama : loving you or since i met you
first hk drama: mater of customs
first c drama : lucky and happy (it's not hk isn't it...)
first tw drama : MVP player or lavender
first sg drama: Chemistry
first McDonald: 1983
first time: i don't remember it was too long ago eheh :sweat:
first pet: what we call in france a korean squirrel

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Post by doink-chan » May 17th, '05, 22:26

For me, it was anime. My first anime was Sailor Moon, and my first J-drama was a random episode of Churasan (yes, yes, I know, it's an NHK drama but what the heck) that played on the local Asian program channel. I still watch both anime and J-dramas today.

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Post by chudaps » May 20th, '05, 01:42

I got into anime first, I think Sailormoon, Ranma or Yuu Yuu Hakusho. A few years back I saw GTO, and found out that it also has a live action version. So my brother and I tried it out, and we got hooked into drama as well. We still do a lot of anime marathons :lol

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Post by apples » May 20th, '05, 11:24

can't really remember the first anime i watched. but it was definitely anime before drama for me. didn't care much for drama until i learned about asian dramas after searching like crazy for anything Hana Yori Dango.

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Post by Kenaressa » May 20th, '05, 12:11

Definitly anime for me, I didn't get into dramas until I actually got to Japan and happened to catch a few on TV. Even without understanding most of the specifics, I was hooked...I mostly watch dramas now, thanks to daddicts :P

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Post by mallorn » May 20th, '05, 12:59

Like most of the people here, I got hooked on anime first.... It was a long long while before I stumbled upon D-Addicts, going through FSC, and I don't even remember how I got there anymore. :unsure:

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I'm hooked on not just two but three

Post by toshiro_san » May 20th, '05, 14:23

The first Anime that got me hooked was Akira. After that, i constantly went to the local Blockbuster or Video shop to find more and more glorious anime. A few years after that, i slowly got bored because I've watched most of 'em and it's hard to get new ones (but now i'm constantly downloading 'em). then one day i found Video Girl Ai Manga on a CD at a local PC game store and then i'm hooked on manga (downloaded up to 26 Gbyte as of now).

I watched my first Jdorama as a kid, I remember vividly that it was Oshin. But i never got hooked. many-many years after that, i saw a few minutes of Yamato Nadeshiko - where Tsutsumi Shinichi was pretending he was a surgeon while holding a fish. That cracked me up but still, i'm not really hooked yet. What got me hooked was Kamisama Mo shukoshi dake - i hope i spelled it correctly (God please give me more time) that my sister "forced" me to watch to fix my "never cry at sappy moments on TV and Movie" problem. I'm a Jdorama addict now :wub: :cheers: .

First Anime download : Full Metal Panic
First Manga Download : I"s
First Jdorama download: GTO

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Post by mizune » May 21st, '05, 06:35

ar-a-mach wrote:my first anime was back in the rearly 80's i grew up with them ...

but i'm a big dorama fan
Same here....
And to copy your list...

first anime: Doraemon, Ninja Hattori-kun, Captain Tsubasa (cousins in Japan would send them on Beta VHS O_o;;; )
first dorama: uhh...honestly, probably Abarembo Shogun but the first "real" dorama (non-serial) that got me hooked was Sugau no mama de (I never really understood Tokyo Love Story when I first saw it..too young, I guess) ^_^;;;
first japanese music : Hibari Misora (my grandmother loved her :p )
first kdrama : Bright Girl's Success
first hk drama: none...(or if there were any, they were dubbed over in Mandarin and I never realized it...)
first c drama : no clue...I watched a lot with my parents when I was young, but I have no idea what they were...
first tw drama : I know there were some that I watched with my parents, but once again, no idea what they were ^_^;;;
first sg drama: definitely none...

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Post by lilswtangel » May 23rd, '05, 20:51

in a little bit of a predicament between the two choices
hmm..i'm not sure which to choose here............

i grew up watching TVB dramas with my parents...........but at the same time, i also grew up watching anime dubbed in canto as well because my parents rented that along with their dramas.

it wasn't until i got into jhs did i start watching anime in its original language with subtitles. and it wasn't until high school did i switch over to kdramas and jdoramas. :-)

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Post by nanorie » May 23rd, '05, 20:53

I saw hana yori dango and heard there was a drama version of it.. and there you go, my first drama, meteor garden. =)

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Post by Lowest » May 23rd, '05, 21:59

Anime, though I've been watching it for so long I can't remember what I saw first.. then movies and finally dorama which I think was Gokusen :-)

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Post by impression151 » May 23rd, '05, 22:04

Dramas. I still don't like animes...sorry. Initial D and Berserk were the only animes I've ever finished. Dropped Naruto after the Gaara saga...sorry, just plain crap now (for me).

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Post by jcweex » May 24th, '05, 02:34


my first drama is gto and love generation
my first anime is rurouni kenshin

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Post by iceberri » May 24th, '05, 02:42

1st anime: Sailor Moon (does this really count if I saw it on Cartoon Network? :|), Rurouni Kenshin <3
1st jdrama: GTO
1st kdrama: My Love Patzzi
1st hkdrama: Probably one of the wuxia ones when I was a wee one.
1st twdrama: At the Dolphin Bay
1st cdrama: ---
1st sgdrama: ---

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Post by habukie » May 24th, '05, 02:56

never watched anime. i still haven't seen anything. my friends were all crazy about anime in high school, but i never started watching. this sounds kind of nerdy, but i made a conscious decision to not watch, because i could see that they were all getting hooked on it. :-)

first anime: ---
first jdrama: mukodono or itazura na kisu
first kdrama: sweet 18
first twdrama: meteor garden

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Post by groink » May 24th, '05, 03:22

habukie wrote:never watched anime. i still haven't seen anything. my friends were all crazy about anime in high school, but i never started watching. this sounds kind of nerdy, but i made a conscious decision to not watch, because i could see that they were all getting hooked on it. :-)
I was the same way back in junior high school, but the fad was Dungeons & Dragons RPGs... This was around 1978-79, when they still used real dice and drew their own maps by hand during class.

--- groink

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Post by Shinigami » May 24th, '05, 03:33

I love Anime ^_^
My First Anime is Candy Candy
then I watched Ikkyusan and Saint Seiya.
And my first download Anime is Rose of Versailles ^_^

I watched Tokyo Love Story, 101 Marriage Proposal, Ordinary People and Under The Same Roof, but GTO is the only Drama which make me want watch more Drama.

After Full House I was starting to download Kdrama too ^_^

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Post by fayenatic » May 24th, '05, 03:58

ahhh sailormoon....i still love that anime!!

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Post by Daijoubu » May 24th, '05, 04:05

1. Rurouni Kenshin TV - This was the first anime I saw with Japanese audio and English subtitles. I watched it from 20+ video tapes with my fingers firmly on the tracking button. At 4:00 AM in the morning, 4 hours before my first college final, I finished watching the final fight between Kenshin and Shishio.

2. GTO drama - After learning how to trade for anime, download off of mIRC, XDCC bots, and finally BitTorrent, I came across this jdrama.

3. My Sassy Girl - This classic Korean movie was recommended by a girlfriend.

4. Summer Scent from AZNV.net

5. d-addicts.com - I haven't downloaded an anime since.

Néa Vanille
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Post by Néa Vanille » May 25th, '05, 14:58

I watched some Anime before I started watching dramas, but could never really get into it. I LOVED the old school ones as a kid (Sailor Moon, Cat's Eye, Mila...) and never cared much for American cartoons, but as I got older, I stopped watching TV in general, and by that, also stopped watching anime. I later tried to get back into Anime and watched some (NGE, Yami no Matsuei, Noir, Chobits..) which I liked, but that didn't really get me hooked. I don't know, I'm just much more passionate about dramas now than I ever was about anime.. I just prefer seeing real peopl somehow... I also feel you learn about Japanese culture and the Japanese language better through doramas than you ever could with anime.. :-) And there are no cute guys in anime and I've never found cartoon characters very attractive. :lol

Right now, I'm downloading and watching the anime Slam Dunk, mainly because I got into basketball because of MVP Valentine. Slam DUnk doesn't hold a candle to MVP Valentine, but I guess it's a nice thing to watch some anime again for a change...

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Post by kazuki » May 25th, '05, 15:10

Cdrama,hkdrama & twdrama --> Animes --> Jdrama --> now Kdrama Rules!! :w00t:

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Post by mikomi » May 26th, '05, 03:24

My mother is an avid drama watcher, so I had watched Asian dramas since I was really young. However, I just watched them out of habit but wasn't really into them.

Many years passed and I caught myself obsessing over Sailor Moon and this very cute anime called "Muka Muka Paradise". But that was it, I am never into anime that much.

8 years ago, Kdramas started to be broadcasted in my home country. I watched some of them, fell asleep countless times until I caught a glimpse of the old drama "Medical Brothers" and got hooked instantly. I love the drama to pieces and since then, I followed Kdramas religiously. You can say, I was really into Kdramas back then.

A year ago, I discovered D-Addicts and got my first copy of Beautiful Life on Jtv's website. Thanks to D-Addicts, I am able to watch many lovely Jdramas. Now, I am a total addict to Jdramas :lol . Other dramas are good too, in fact, I love every drama with a good storyline and brilliant actings.

... so the pattern is like this: Anime > Kdramas > Jdramas :lol

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Re: anime

Post by ffmaniac » May 26th, '05, 03:31

nanorie wrote:I saw hana yori dango and heard there was a drama version of it.. and there you go, my first drama, meteor garden. =)
It was the same with me. I watched a lot of anime but when I came upon Hana Yori Dango, I absolutely loved it. Then my friend had Meteor Garden and ever since then, I've been hooked. So anime led to dramas. :-)

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Post by aoi_hana » May 26th, '05, 03:32

Sailor Moon --> Pokemon --> Rurouni Kenshin --> etc..

anime --> manga --> drama

I like making arrows.

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Post by moonsite » May 26th, '05, 04:55

I start watching the Anime first since the late 80/early 90. My first animes, I believe was Fist of the North Star, Vampire Hunter D, Akira, and Bubblegum Crisis.

Pink Pearl
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Post by Pink Pearl » Jun 10th, '05, 20:43

anime was first first of all was Maribel bor soemthing like that i was about 3 years old
but then was SAILOR MOON

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Post by battlegirlai » Jun 10th, '05, 21:13

anime was first for me...can't remember which exactly was my first one, but between 1980 and 1983, all i ever wanted to watch was Hana no ko Lunlun (called Angel in the USA). after that it was anything that was on tv or that we could find on video.

saw random drama episodes over the years but never really got into any until i managed to find non-angsty stuff like Kindaichi (Matsumoto version, tho...i wanted to smack the kinikids guy), Miman City, You're Under Arrest, GTO, Gokusen, Kimi wa Petto, Shinsengumi, Beauty and Beast, etc.

still prefer anime to drama...mainly because i'm so picky and i can find a wider selection of subbed anime vs subbed dramas

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Post by rinimeatballs » Jun 10th, '05, 21:20

um..i started with anime too.
sailor moon pokemon ranma 1/2 gundam wing...anything that came on cartoon network...i hate that channel now but i have to thank it for opening my eyes to something greater >.<
first drama, was methor garden..
then i got into japanese music..gackt...fell in love with him...wanted to watch his moive ..saw moon child, someone told me to see my sassy girl, love it...wanted more korean love stories watched my little bride and was hooked to all things korean and i havent looked back since! ...what a wonder story. ive spent tooo much of my life in front of a screen :pale:

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Post by shikirocks » Jun 10th, '05, 21:48

Grew up watching anime dubbed in Arabic. Didn't understand what the hell was going on but was in love with them, considering they were some of Miyazaki's earlier works like Aladin, and others like the one about a bumblebee, and some really cool actions ones and robotech. Anyone ever watch those while you were kids?

Of course after that while searching Animesuki I found You're under Arrest. Well after that in search of Beautifull Japanese women I started this wonderfull venture onto Jdrama starting with beautifull Life (AMAZING if you haven't watched it yet). So now i've got Kdrama's to try out. Any recommendations?

BTW I've already tried Sdramas and Cdramas when i was in Singapore.

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Post by DKaneko » Jun 13th, '05, 22:43

I started watching anime when i was little.. cant remember wot it is called but soon after i have sailormoon.....
It was amazing, but as i grew up I realised animes r non real.. feelilng depressed that wot happens in anime doesnt happen in real life... so i moved onto watching dramas.. and the 1st Japanese drama which i can remember of is Tokyo love story.

Coz i love the song! *tongue*

then about 2 years ago I started watching Korean drama, which was Wuri's family--> Mina---> Piano

which r sooo good but I still prefer Japanese drama.. coz they get to the point quicker than korean drama.

I've always watch chinese drama, so i dont pay much attention to them for some strange reason, may b coz the situation r similar?!

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Post by Jecky » Jun 13th, '05, 23:11

my first anime was Sailor Moon and my second was Inuyasha :P

my first drama wa Meteor Garden...

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Post by OrangePride » Jun 14th, '05, 23:50

Omg....DRAGON BALL and DBZ.....brings back memories....ahhhh...I was addicted to anime since the dawn of this lifetime but recently I've been losing interest and turning to jdrama....but i still follow NArUtO and One PIECE

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Post by ShapeShifta » Jun 15th, '05, 00:09

Hmmm... I started twice on Anime, sounds funny, but it's true. Back before Dragon Ball Z became mainstream in the US, my brother's friend used to buy the video fansubs and that's I first got exposed to anime. The only thing is, I never followed or thought much of anime at that time. Then came the whole notion of getting these things online and of course the much more mainstream releases to DVD's which has become a hobby of mine, to an extent. I don't really watch TV, so this is sorta my TV :). I got in JDrama when i discovered GTO while searching for anime. Which ultimately lead me to here and all the goodies goodies.

First Anime: DBZ (first exposure),Naruto(Got me into Anime)
First JDrama: GTO

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Post by osora » Jun 15th, '05, 00:16

ah i started with anime/manga. i can't really separate them. cuz i got into them at the same time b/c of rurouni kenshin. :wub: :wub: :wub:

so in order of appearance:

first anime/manga: Rurouni Kenshin
first cdrama: Marmalade Boy (the lunachicas version)
first kdrama: Loving You
first jdrama: GTO
first ost: Attic Cat

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Post by bakajanai » Jun 15th, '05, 19:48

1st anime: Evangelion
1st JDrama: GTO
1st KDrama: Full House
1st TWDrama: MG1 (and then Mars) and then I stopped watching TWDramas!

Freshman year of college suite mate got me to watch Evangelion anime, I was hooked ever since. Since starting KDramas (only a couple months ago) and the fact that these days anime isnt as "classic" as it was back then, I have almost stopped watching anime al together except for a few ongoing series from previous seasons (my anime phase is basically over...) ..long live dramas! (mostly kdramas)

..although since I've watched most of the "good" or "famous" kdramas already i've turned to kmovies and hkmovies ...

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Post by nanshi » Jun 15th, '05, 20:12

I definitely started watching animes first. There's something about being in a cartoon that just makes the...unreality...of the whole plot a little more plausible. I remember reading something about Marmalade Boy, basically it said that it was rather annoying/awkward to see real people act like anime characters...

but I enjoy both very much-- even though I think I may have enjoyed Hana Yori Dango more than I enjoyed Meteor Garden simply because I thought MG was so unrealistic-- but that's what makes dramas fun!

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Post by Mikli » Jun 15th, '05, 20:18

I first started with anime at a very young age, then I gradually shifted to all doramas. I've always been a fan of TVB Chinese dramas ever since I was a child but I watched my first J dorama only 3 or so years ago. (To Heart). I've never really watched anime since. I guess there's something about doramas, genuine acting on screen, how they're more realistic, touching etc that keeps me glued to them. I've never cryed, laughed, or felt so connected to anything else but dorama series.

First anime : Doraemon, Captain Tsubasa
First J dorama : To Heart

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Post by P0KEY » Jun 15th, '05, 20:38

i was one of the few people that started out with dramas =)

i`ve watched dramas probably all my life, but the most earliest drama i can actually remember was.. Princess Returning the Pearl in the beginning of 5th grade =)

that still is one of my faves =)

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Post by Ceryx » Jun 15th, '05, 22:04

Japanese video games (Langrisser) got me interested in studying the language itself, then I started watching Anime. Now I prefer drama.

From a language point of view, it is better to watch drama over anime because in drama you can study real life situations and reactions which will further benefit your conversational skills; as opposed to watching one fight drawn out over 15 excruciating episodes (read: Naruto). :D

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Post by battlegirlai » Jun 15th, '05, 22:41

Ceryx wrote:From a language point of view, it is better to watch drama over anime because in drama you can study real life situations and reactions which will further benefit your conversational skills; as opposed to watching one fight drawn out over 15 excruciating episodes (read: Naruto). :D
not necessarily...there are lots of non-fighting animes that are beneficial to watch from a language point of view...to just pick out naruto (i would have used Dragonball for drawn out fighting) as the blanket example for all anime is not fair. Naruto is one small part of a genre. shounen fighting animes are only one of many genres that makes up anime as a whole. that would be like saying that reading does nothing for your learning skills because coloring books don't have lots of words. it all depends on which shows you watch....

i'm not defending Naruto because i like it...i actually don't care much for it. i just think its an unfair comparison. its perfectly alright to like drama better than anime. its a personal preference.

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Post by Shizuru » Jun 17th, '05, 03:23

Urmm... for me I think, manga would be first then come anime after that Jdorama then come along Jpop and now a lil bit of Kdrama :mrgreen:
Addicted to everything now :wub:

Manga and anime: Dragon Ball (still my fave)
Jdorama: Beach Boys ( Summer Snow and H2 is my fave now)
Jpop: DA PUMP (Now crazy for w-inds.)
Kdrama: Autumn Tale (still my fave)

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Post by kawaiineemei » Mar 31st, '06, 17:09

wow this is awsome .. SAILORMOON was mostly everyones first anime~! it was one of the first for me. it was the one that really really got me addicted. it must have been cos of Prince Darien.

lol~ i just couldn't get enough of the tall dark and handsome pencil drawn stud and .. hence .. i was on a never ending search to prove that there are plenty more alluringly gorgeous asian fellas all over the world. hmmm...

and so .. after seeing RAIN in FULL HOUSE... the drama addiction ensued.. :D

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Post by albertoavena » Apr 2nd, '06, 03:17

I never really watched sailor moon..so I don't know the feeling everyone gets. I'm sure it was good. My first real Anime I watched was probably Prince of Tennis and One Piece. I sometimes watch them, but i don't really like Anime too much. I hope I'm not offending anyone, but some people just take it too far with anime and the Japanese culture. *coughWapanese*cough

But after watching some anime, a friend of mine from Japan suggested Densha Otoko and I was hooked from there. 8)

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Post by sheep11 » Apr 2nd, '06, 03:36

i watched anime as a kid, candy candy (a classic) and sailor moon, then i switched to manga, and now upgraded to k-dramas. full house was my first, it was so funny and rain and shk are such a cute couple. i'm a hopeless romantic so i'm a sucker for anything with a good love story :P

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Post by kusmog » Apr 2nd, '06, 03:38

anime (Slam Dunk!!) then drama... I was a kid, then I grew up o_O;

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Post by shichif » Apr 2nd, '06, 04:42

I started watching Japanese Anime first (dubbed into English mind you! O_o) but was only into a few series. Started watching Japanese Dramas about a year later, with Trick. =D But I watched a few Korean dramas before I watched Japanese Dramas.

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Post by sejabin » Apr 2nd, '06, 17:31

I watched a few animes back when I was younger but I wasn't really "INTO" anime like I'm so into Dramas.

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Post by wingsky » Apr 2nd, '06, 17:53

I watched a couple of anime from when i was littler, like slam dunk and akira, then when i was at highschool started getting into watching all the hk movies like better tomorrow and god of gamblers... haha reminds me of the good times, anyone seen gen-y cops? was such a bad movie but we made it into cult status film at that school (^_^)v

watched lots of that with the odd korean movie at uni, came back home got into anime (bleach/yakitate japan) a little bit before dropping it for dramas, my first ones were densha otoko (jdrama) sad love story (kdrama) and mars (cdrama)

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Post by Jinusean » Apr 2nd, '06, 20:17

The great anime's of today completely blow away most Drama series story lines. It's a huge industry in Japan which is why you see so many quality productions.

Crest of the Stars
Vision of Escaflowne
Kimi ga Nozumo Eien

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Post by Neji-sama » Jul 15th, '06, 16:44


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Post by hereford » Jul 15th, '06, 18:14

i first saw urusei yatsura on tv when i was a kid, and followed with ranma 1/2.
but later on i religiously watched KBS and all the korean dramas that came on, so im going to go with dramas.

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Post by Kimmy07 » Jul 18th, '06, 06:44

I started watching anime.. let's see.. 6 years ago? It's been a while. I was also in Gackt then, but for some reason it never occurred to me that there were other good Japanese singers/artists out there.

It only moved onto doramas when I read somewhere about them and got interested late last year. I tried out Gokusen because I didn't know where to start and it was pretty popular and Hana Yori Dango because I loved the anime. Then I got attached to Matsumoto Jun, found Arashi, and it moved onto J-pop as well.

And that's how Japan basically came to rule my life

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Post by RyeCrimsonMoon » Jul 19th, '06, 17:20

I started to watch anime in the 4th grade... so 8 or so years. So Anime came first, then the music, then the doramas.

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Post by Denwa » Jul 20th, '06, 00:59

wingsky wrote:haha reminds me of the good times, anyone seen gen-y cops? was such a bad movie but we made it into cult status film at that school (^_^)v
Oh that was one BAD movie :alcoholic: Words cannot express how horrible that "film" was.

Anyway, anime for me - and I still watch! Namely Bleach, School Rumble and Hachimitsu to Clover II

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Post by hisa » Jul 20th, '06, 16:17

:lol anime for me also ^^ I got into drama after watching Meteor Garden during my HYD phase. Then came gokusen. I wasn't too fond of its drama adaption but I still got hooked to j-dramas and then eventually k-dramas. Up until now though the only tw dramas I enjoy watching/watched are Meteor Garden and It Started With a Kiss...

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Post by hisa » Jul 20th, '06, 16:19

oh, has anyone here seen Honey&Clover?

It's a reallllyy good anime that plays out a bit like a drama. It reminds me of Orange Days a bit. If you like drama + anime, watch Honey & Clover :wub:

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Post by prismatic_star » Jul 21st, '06, 02:54

Anime -> theme songs -> Drama -> asian pop and rock -> movies

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Post by magicbulletgirl » Jul 21st, '06, 03:10

I started with anime, found asian music, found korean dramas, found site, found Kurosagi, found better j-music, and finally found many many dramas ^____^

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Post by hmm_yeh » Jul 21st, '06, 03:16

I began with animes then I started to grow up a bit :D .. Besides I was only exposed to the dramas when I went back to Philippines... I'm still into both though

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