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What Were You Into First: Drama or Anime?

Talk about the culture and entertainment from Nihon.

What was your first: anime or drama?

Total votes: 310

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Post by arabian » Jul 29th, '06, 06:51

I begin with drama cuz i hate anime..

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Post by aNToK » Jul 29th, '06, 07:06

Hmm... Unless you count watching Mazinger-Z when I was a 4-year-old over in Japan, or watching Battle Of The Planets (aka Gatchaman English-dubbed?) back here in the US (and not realizing that it was Japanese to begin with...), I've never been much of an anime fan at all. But credit where credit's due: Fansubbing started with Anime many years ago, so I'm grateful to anime for that if no other reason!

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Post by Kae » Aug 1st, '06, 12:39

I started with Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Laserion, Daimos. I'm an 80s kid. I really got into anime after watching Sailormoon and Macross, though. Do you guys remember "Once Upon a Time" where the dead become white birds? There was a Romeo and Juliet angle, then there was this girl who died on top of a cliff. I think she turned to stone. Anywa, anime first.

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Anime first

Post by spokeydokey00 » Aug 2nd, '06, 03:58

For me it was anime first. The first Anime i watched was Ninja Scroll. It grew from there to Cowboy Bebop and others. I pretty new to dramas. I checked out dramas basically because of Misaki Itoh. I saw her in the 007 James Bond PS2 game Everything or Nothing. When I looked her up I saw she was an actress. So I checked out You're Under Arrest Live Action. I just finished Densha Otoko and am now watching Sapuri aka Suppli. For me it is always anime first.

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Post by Syuichi » Aug 2nd, '06, 04:11

I started with drama. I started watching Hotelier and that got me interested. Anime got me interested in Japanese dramas though.

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Post by m_3_ee » Aug 2nd, '06, 04:29

I started out with Dramas at age 5, yea they were in viet. my mom loved them so i watched along. hahha now im 18 its been a long way. i love anime also, but dramas comes first

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Post by Midnight » Aug 3rd, '06, 00:01

If we're talking straight Japanese drama or anime, then I started with anime first. If it was between anime and drama, then it'd be drama first cos I watched my first anime when I was almost into my teens, but I watched my first drama when I was 4 or 5 years old.

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Post by makoReactor » Aug 4th, '06, 07:31

Anime was first for me as well. However for the best 10 years it has only been dorama for me. Long vacation was my first, aren't I lucky :)

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Post by lazybum » Aug 4th, '06, 07:38

definitely anime. i used to watch ranma 1/2 all the time when i was younger...

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Post by oline » Aug 4th, '06, 07:51

Anime first then music then dramas

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Post by rossier » Aug 4th, '06, 08:27

This is really hard. I grew up watching both (darn i just make a statement being a couch potato :crazy: ) I guess anime come first since i draw manga... :scratch:

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Post by sakura_rin » Aug 5th, '06, 10:17

I started with Drama. My first jdorama is Sleeping forest

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Post by GhstDreamer » Aug 5th, '06, 12:59

I got into dramas first - the now classic HK dramas from the 80's - like Luk Siu Fong, Police Cadet, Feud Between Two Brothers, etc...I absolutely loved them when I was little and I still do....I didn't start enjoy watching anime until early 2001 (in 2000 I watched my horrible anime series called Fushigi Yuugi) and it was because of Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin and Berserk that I started to seek out more anime series. Then a bit later I watched live action GTO and I thought it was okay but I wasn't really interested in more jdramas until I watched 3 Swordsman. Just about two years ago I started watching TWdramas because of Meteor Garden. This summer I just finished watching my first SGdrama: CID...I tried a few of Kdramas but they never interested me because they feel too much like american daytime soaps to me...My first cdrama was a couple of years ago with Legend of the Arching Hero...

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Post by J1N » Aug 6th, '06, 23:26

first watched wedding peach and sailor moon :) then i got introduced to korean dramas through my family.

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Post by Kembang » Aug 7th, '06, 16:38

I was already into anime since I was 9 or 10 XD, and I haven't known about drama's till 5 years later =P, I was 15 when I saw my first drama..(and being 16 now, I've only been watching drama's since half a year ago, meaning I have only little drama experience)

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Post by dinkimoo » Aug 7th, '06, 16:48

I watched HK dramas first, then watched anime dubbed in cantonese like Wedding Peach and Sailormoon, then from there, I started watching fansubs, which started me on JDramas. I started on TW dramas from watching the dramas adapted from manga. Same with KDrama, actually. La la, a long journey.

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Post by hakuharu » Aug 7th, '06, 20:34

started with anime but after some years I became bored. Some friends lend me doramas and here I am, stuck for now :P

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Post by Junfan21 » Aug 11th, '06, 19:56

I started with anime! My very first anime was sailor moon! Then, only recently I had just discovered dramas!

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Post by CaptWatashi » Aug 15th, '06, 04:44

I started with anime. Technically, G-Force (Gatchaman) was my first; but I didn't even know it was Japanese at the time. I really got into anime with El Hazard, Tenchi, and Captain Tylor.
I only started watching dramas 4 months ago when I saw Gokusen at a con. A week later, I had watched all of Pride. I still love anime; but jdramas are my new obsession.

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Post by alliemon » Aug 15th, '06, 04:47

I started out with anime, though my interest in it has been declining over the past couple years. I stumbled upon dorama when I was getting an episode of Paradise Kiss from animesuki and saw "Hana Yori Dango Live Action" and I just had to download it because I love HYD. X3 I was hooked after that.

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Post by howzitboy » Aug 15th, '06, 05:02

im another anime first guy. started long ago with hmm probably dragonball what a show. lol. after hundreds of animes, its time for a vacation... so dramas here i come. and , prob the first drama i watches was GTO!
now, im trying to watch all the top rated korean and japanese dramas. really nice change of pace.....

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Post by chibiskuld » Aug 15th, '06, 05:05

anime first ~~ though recently i've swithched to dorama as they are shorter...

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Post by bebemup » Aug 17th, '06, 02:24

i started watching anime first but then i realized the dramas seems more better and fictional. it's somehow easier for me to relate to.. && the actors are more appealing than the anime characters ;) LOL

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Post by choco_panda » Aug 27th, '06, 10:16

Being Asian, I basically grew up with Japanese anime. Then I started to read Manga.
Then I think around 12 I kinda got bored with anime. Eventhou I still read manga, but I
cant seem to watch the anime. I found most of the character's voice annoying. And
yeah, just about a year ago, I got hook to J-Music, and then, sometimes this year start
to watch drama. I think I start with one that have the idols I knew in it.

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Post by Cefuroxime » Aug 28th, '06, 04:30

I first got into Anime. I'm a newbie fan when it comes to drama.

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Post by saro0onah » Aug 28th, '06, 16:01

i started with anime and it was Sailor Moon & rurouni kenshin :)

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Post by elsiey » Aug 30th, '06, 17:01

Definitely was into Anime first. I was a fanatic~ ^^; Now, not so much. I still read manga but... Anime doesn't have the same appeal anymore. *dies* I guess my eyes are tired of seeing animated characters and I want REAL LIFE bishies. ^^;

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Post by dianevee » Sep 1st, '06, 01:34

I was into anime first...that's actually what got me into drama...now that I thought about it I think most of the dramas I watched share the same plot as the anime's I'd loved...

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Post by SSJSubgeta » Sep 4th, '06, 21:41

I think any one who is here started with anime since it was underground and spreaded all over in one night....ah the good ol days. I started with anime waaaay back in 88, some of my fav shows were macross/robotech, dragon ball z, mazinger Z, sailor moon. Then i found doramas wich were a new addition to my japanese entertainment.

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Post by Astro_Boi » Sep 6th, '06, 01:04

I started with anime! XD
And what an anime to start with... if anyone can remember Teknoman?! :S >.< lol

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Post by Rikayla » Sep 7th, '06, 01:42

I started off with a drama, surprisingly. It was Hana Yori Dango, the 2006 one, and then I got into Gokusen (mainly because I really loved Shun Oguri from HYD) and then that led to obsession with Johnny's Enterntainment, then KAT-TUN and then Nobuta wo Produce and then yeah. Started off with dramas.

Interesting question though.

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Post by docipain » Sep 11th, '06, 00:44

Anime of course. ^^
In my childhood it began with "mitsubachi maaya no bōken" and such other Cartoons where you didn't know that they are animes.
The first Anime i really noticed as one was "sailor moon" >D

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Post by snowy-yuki » Sep 11th, '06, 08:51

i must say, i love manga first before i even know dorama or anime.. honestly i just found out anime when i was in college which is about 7 years ago. and i've been addict with manga since i was in elementary school..

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Post by piggyLove » Sep 11th, '06, 08:53

Anime first of course! Haha, i believe it's sailormoon if i'm not wrong xD!

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Post by moonsite » Sep 11th, '06, 09:08

I started watching HK wushu series first and then anime. My first anime was back in the late 80 or early 90. I think I started with Fist of the North Star, Guyver, and Vampire Hunter D. I didn't start watching j drama until a couple of years ago. Now I am addicted to j-drama. I have only watched one k-drama, Full House, and really enjoyed it. I do watch a lot of Korean movie though. Who wouldn't, since I am in Korea now lol.

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I started with Anime first...

Post by alvahuang » Sep 15th, '06, 15:34

Most of us would have started with anime... Since it's really just cartoons, and when we were kids cartoons are definitely our staple food. Obviously when we grow up we'll start to appreciate the reality and beauty of dramas more right? :)

My first animes should be: Sailormoon, and Cinderella (It was in Chinese dub, the show was called "Xin Di Lei La". Also Akazukin Cha Cha. (Kimi Iro Omoi!!! :))
My first dramas should be: Love Generation, Long Vacation and GTO.
My fav dramas so far: Full House, Long Vacation, Prince Turns Into A Frog, PRIDE.
My first Japanese group: SMAP. (I bought my first album "SMAP Vest" because I watched the drama "Da Wei Wang" played by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and liked Lion Heart.
Now in love with Arashi!! :)

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I started with Anime first ..............

Post by Jovene » Sep 19th, '06, 01:28

Well not that you all care !! I started with Robotech, Gundam, Thundercats, etc till now still watch way more anime then I should. To date now following Naruto :mrgreen: , One Piece :thumleft: , just finished Tsubasa Chronicle :thumright: , Yakitate Japan, Fate Stay etc etc :cheers:

But have to say thanks to fansubs here at D-addicts, my wife and I have just recently gotten into Full House, Winter Sonata, Stained Glass, Beach Boys etc Which she loved so much that she went and ordered these on DVD. If anything she watches way more j&k dramas then I do.

My wife has a small collection on dramas on DVD which grows little by little, as for me I have a vast collection of anime and still growing....... :whistling:

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Post by KuroRyu » Sep 19th, '06, 19:03

I had watched about 40+ animes before I got accustomed with jdramas. Don't think I can say that I like one type more than the other. They are too different to be compared in such a way imo. Sometimes a good anime series feels just right and sometimes u get a bit tired of big eye'd ppl with hair color of all the flavours of icecream :P

Hunter X Hunter (my first anime) will always have a special place with me since that was basically what made plunge into the "sugoi" world of anime ---> jdramas. :blink

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Post by garnet07 » Sep 24th, '06, 01:22

Anime first then dramas. My first drama was Beautiful Life with Takuya Kimura and from then on I got hooked. LOL.

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Post by MirroredSoul » Jan 3rd, '07, 07:03

I started with anime first, Sailor Moon in particular and then quickly followed by Pokemon and then Naruto when I was 14. I guess it's plausible for most to have watched anime first as it was a kid thing, haha, kids watch cartoons/anime not drama (I'm only being general here). But yes, I "matured" somewhat and began watching dramas - became addicted in no time, and the addiction for drama and anime continues to grow =).

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Post by yieebo » Jan 3rd, '07, 07:30

I always loved art of any kind, even animation whether it be american, european, or asian based "anime". The first Japanese animation i watched was whatever aired on US TV over the years, Speed Racer etc... then i watched Akira, Ghost In The Shell, Ninja Scroll and the rest is history. I do still love to collect really fine anime series, my favorite being LAIN.

Being half asian i have always been drawn to asian art and style, and various media including ethnic/traditional music and films. But with the advent of YouTube i started seeing many things i didn't have the chance to see before like asian broadcast TV and all the various drama series.

A wonderful friend of mine lead me over to D-Addicts, and i started to watch and download torrents just at the end of last year.

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Post by chochajin » Feb 4th, '07, 12:03

Anime !!! ^____^
It started in 1994, but it took a while until I figured out that what I liked was actually called "anime" and was s.th. from Japan XDDDD
I became a huge animefan in 1996.

I watched my first drama in 2002 or 2003 :)
So as you can see it was YEARS after my love for animes ^^ :whistling:

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Post by littledraci » Feb 4th, '07, 12:08

Well, started with anime as well.. came to dramas last year *way to slow*..
but actually I'm totally hooked at dramas even these from the 90s.. so i have to watch a lot of them to complete my "most-wanted-list"..^-^

--> almost done with my "Kimura-list" .....^-^

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Post by inochi » Feb 5th, '07, 00:59

yeah, i think in general many people tend to start with anime first..aside from it being oftentimes more simple in content, which is why it may be (in general) easier for younger people to absorb, it's also more widespread..usually dramas like j-drama or chinese drama aren't as readily available if you're living outside those areas..like they don't show j/k/c-dramas on regular tv channels where i'm from so you'd need a dedicated channel whereas anime they'll have on kid's channels. even on the internet anime is more widespread than drama (unfortunately; it'd be nice if both of them were widespread :P )

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Post by reynardine » Feb 5th, '07, 14:44

I started out watching anime, then moved to dramas. I still like anime and will still watch it on occasion when a friend recommends a series to me, but I prefer dramas now.

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Post by NgocLan » Feb 5th, '07, 20:34

I loved cardcaptor sakura and sailor moon as a little girl, and then well.... nothing. I just grew out of everything and then few months back my uncle said I had to watch 1 litre of tears (he downloaded it somewhere and it was with english subtitles). So I did and I got hooked. Something in my head just clicked and I thought: hey, why not look for some more japanese dramas. And as of now, I've discovered some great shows.

My parents actually watch several korean/chinese series, but they're always dubbed over and I hate to watch such a thing. So I was never interested in them, until my uncle came witch an english subbed drama. I owe him much, I guess.

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Post by jojoana » Feb 7th, '07, 02:42

first anime: Yamato or Tonari no Totoro (I don´t remember... )

first jdrama: Tokyo Love Story

I started watching anime when I had 9 years old :whistling: !!!!!

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Post by princess_jime » Feb 7th, '07, 19:43

Like many here have posted, I also started with anime in my childhood without knowing it was "anime"...
Say Heidi ----> Marco (you know that italian kid that was looking for his mum and had a monkey pet?) -----> candy candy, etc.
I also remember watching some sort of chinese martial arts drama which made me feel like I wanted to become a master in kung fu, but that's all I remember (sadly), and of course: Ultraman (can that be considered drama? maybe not :lol )

Then, around 1995 for reasons too many to post here I really got into everything "japanese" therefore re-triggering my love for anime, it's been like that ever since, but lately I haven't watched much anime, just DB/DBZ/ranma/rurouni kenshin re-runs, the last anime I thought was good was samurai champloo 8)

Anyway, also like many here, I got into dramas by way of desperately searching for anything Hanadan :wub:

The rest is history, as they say...

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Post by EvilPuertoRican » Feb 7th, '07, 19:58

I got into anime first. The first anime I watched was Sailor Moon. I just happened to stumble on asian dramas...and now I am completely hooked. The first asian drama I saw was It Started with a Kiss. It is not good to start with such a great drama cause the rest just pales in comparison, but if it wasn't cause it was sooo good I probably wouldn't be so addicted to them as I am now.

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Post by Like the Blue Skies » Feb 7th, '07, 20:12

Yeah, like many, I watched Sailor Moon without realizing it was anime. It was either that series or Dragon Ball Z. I forget. When I became a shounen, I naturally got into shounen anime. I got out of that phase - though I'm still a devout fan of One Piece. My friend moved on to dramas and became obsessed with 1 Litre of Tears. She would listen to two songs from the soundtrack over and over which I liked; so I guess the music got me into it.

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Post by AR_TRA » Feb 7th, '07, 20:19

i guess like everybody i've started with anime --conan-- but then i started
2 watch the drama,, i see that both of them r sooo great

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Post by funki3 » Feb 7th, '07, 20:26

i was a big anime buff first; it all started with sailormoon and dragon ball. that lasted till about my late teens (don't get me wrong, i still watch some now, just not as much). then i discovered the joys of mangas when i finished watching the fruits basket manga, and was disappointed by the ending of the show. i think i love mangas now more than anime. anyways, about last year, i had stumbled upon the sailormoon live action show (yes it was my first drama, if you can even call it that). it was kind of a bad start into that genre.. but then after watching the two drama adaptations of hana yori dango (meteor garden and hana yori dango) i became a huge drama fan. and i now i love dramas more than the other two =D

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Post by funki3 » Feb 7th, '07, 20:28

princess_jime wrote:
Anyway, also like many here, I got into dramas by way of desperately searching for anything Hanadan :wub:

The rest is history, as they say...

haha, that's how i started.. hanadan was just too awesome that after reading the ending to the manga, i needed more!

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Post by franchosa » Feb 7th, '07, 20:31


I only watched one anime because of its drama version and that's Hana Yori Dango. :-)

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Post by arabian » Feb 7th, '07, 20:33

I only watch drama..

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Post by starfishy » Feb 7th, '07, 21:41

I actually watched dubbed anime first! *shockerz* Then I discovered the internet and watched all anime I could get my hands on. After hearing about the anime GTO, I had decided to watch the live action of GTO from a friend, that was the first "JDrama" I watched. Actually, I had seen a couple of episodes of strawberry on the shortcake in the past, but I totally forgot about what it was about >.<

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Post by AzNightDreams » Feb 8th, '07, 00:06

Interesting topic!

I was into anime first
and then got madly addicted to it but then when I saw some japanese dramas, I got hooked and started searching which lead me to chinese, japanese, korean.. etc

lol and now im hooked on dramas :P :P

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Post by surrealistic-destiny » Feb 8th, '07, 16:19

it was anime ^^

I got hooked on watching the dubs of Samurai Pizza Cats and Robotech. ^^;; Then that led to more anime and finding the wonder that is subtitles and the rest is err history?

Didn't start watching Jdrama till yr 11. which was Hana Yori Dango and Nobuta :)

@ starfishy lol its ok I think we all somewhat started out like that :)

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Re: anime

Post by princess_jime » Feb 8th, '07, 19:29

ffmaniac wrote:
nanorie wrote:I saw hana yori dango and heard there was a drama version of it.. and there you go, my first drama, meteor garden. =)
It was the same with me. I watched a lot of anime but when I came upon Hana Yori Dango, I absolutely loved it. Then my friend had Meteor Garden and ever since then, I've been hooked. So anime led to dramas. :-)
funki3 wrote:haha, that's how i started.. hanadan was just too awesome that after reading the ending to the manga, i needed more!
We should make like a club banner or something.... :lol
"Addicted to dramas because of Hanadan" :P

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Post by HUAY » Feb 8th, '07, 20:33

I watched Anime before I watched any dramas..

XD. I went from.. dubbed anime -> subbed anime -> jpop -> kpop -> kdramas & kmovies -> jdramas

(Being Taiwanese, I've always listened to Chinese music... although *_* I havent watched many twdramas;;; yet)

First (subbed) anime was... Full Moon wo Sagashite I think? <3. or Fruits Basket <3.

First jdrama = Summer Snow <3.

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Post by haruhi-san » Feb 8th, '07, 20:42

At first I only watched animes, then I read mangas.

All of a sudden I saw Hana Yori Dango on Sars, then I just got into dramas. Eventually, I went on to Dating Now and Oh! Pil Seung.

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Post by princess_jime » Feb 8th, '07, 22:15

Oi! Another one for the club! XD

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Post by Wuzixi » Feb 8th, '07, 22:32

I grew up with hk-drama but then also a long and old japanese serie which i forgot the name then anime was Ranma 1/2.

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Post by hikki2me » Feb 10th, '07, 02:00

sory i dont like anime....drama is the one who brought me into jmusic.....

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Post by QNSpider » Feb 10th, '07, 02:08

Anime. My friend kinda forced me into it. If you find a good anime to get into, that's great. As for now, I'm in love with dramas.

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Post by thtlam » Feb 11th, '07, 02:41

I started with Japanese drama, my first was Hana Yori Dango than I got into Japanese anime first was FullMetal Alchemist

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Post by ckamc » Feb 11th, '07, 06:51

Started with anime thanks to adult swim... Cowboy Bebop...classic

first subs was chobits

first drama was strawberry shortcake

been hooked since 2001

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It's a matter of availability for me

Post by britoki » Feb 11th, '07, 07:02

The VCR wasn't commonplace when I was young, so the first thing I experienced was Starblazers or Battle of the Planets (one of the two, I don't remember) translated into English.

Then came Robotech, and that drove my imagination wild, it kept me occupied for a while.

As I got older, I rented Akira because I heard it was much lauded, and didn't like it at all. Never watched another Anime until I bought Neon Genesis Evaneglion this year. So I watch an Anime from time to time. And throughout this time, I had even visited Japan, and yet, I never knew about Doramas. I had no way to see them and never encountered them until my friend told me about them.

What caught me right away is that doramas aren't really "drama" like the English word, since they can be comedy, suspense, and other genres. they aren't soap operas since many have endings. Having these little miniseries has become a very enjoyable thing to do, so much that I don't watch American tv anymore.

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Post by DMPA » Feb 11th, '07, 07:12

I started with anime(pokemon if u can call that anime) and then my First drama was Kimi wa petto (tramps like us) cuz i own the manga and It said that there is a drama for it...so i kind of decided to see what it's all about

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Post by EleKYAH » Feb 11th, '07, 21:54

Like surely a lot of ppl here, i was an otaku. My first dorama was Densha Otoko, that i found by error. Well, here's better explained:

http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopi ... htm#636286

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Post by AzNightDreams » Feb 11th, '07, 22:04

I rather read manga then watch anime^^

but dramas r my favs

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Post by Tatsuri » Feb 11th, '07, 22:10

Anime And Thankful to anime because thats how I get into drama's. Sorta. Anime>Anime music> Jpop music> Drama.

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Post by Kirali » Feb 11th, '07, 23:21

For me it was anime, Sailormoon I think was the first.
Then, HK dramas. Good old TVB.
Then manga, and now getting back more into dramas.

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Post by animefreak » Feb 12th, '07, 00:31

anime. either it was inu yasha in gr 6 or dbz in kindergarten.. =/

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