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Gay Jdoramas

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 13:33
by hakkyou
Who knows any Jdoramas/kdoramas with gay characters or story??

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 14:14
by 20centuryboy
-waterboys! :lol

-style! :lol

But it's very caricatural.

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 14:41
by fairz-jun
yaoi!! Heh..but waterboys is more of drag queens (the scary ones)..yaoi is rather rare in jdoramas..more in animes and mangas..would love to see 2 hot guys in a yaoi jdorama!! Think Kame and Jin would fit such shows..hehe

Posted: Oct 5th, '05, 15:00
by mikomi
20centuryboy wrote:-waterboys! :lol
:blink :P :lol XD. WaterBoys 2 to be more precise.

I say, if you'd like to see more homosexual relationships (or gay characters) in dramas, watch HK series. In recent years, I have seen at least three dramas that deal with gay couples. I don't remember the titles though, but there are some.

I have never seen a gay Jdrama or Kdrama though. But then again, I'd just started watching J/Kdrama recently.

Posted: Oct 20th, '05, 06:14
by byagista
Oyajii had the actual gay guy going out with Hirosue. Of course, she ends up dumping him though.

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 16:38
by fat_otoko
I agree waterboys 2 are alittle bit gay-ish,I just want to watch Shiori.

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 17:31
by neonkinpatsu
Asunaro Hakusho. That's the only one *I* can think of where it's not made into something comedic. Oh! I believe Renai Hensachi as well. I'm not really positive b/c it's been a long time since I've seen Renai and I may be mixing it up with something else.

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 17:41
by GhstDreamer
byagista wrote:Oyajii had the actual gay guy going out with Hirosue. Of course, she ends up dumping him though.
The weird thing was he started wearing makeup (I think) and started hanging out at a club with's funny how jdramas always have gay characters who are so stereotypically gay and flamboyant. I guess it's non-threatening if they're portrayed that way.

Love Complex has a lesbian relationship in it - that's one of the few dramas that takes homosexuality a bit more seriously.

For HK dramas: there is the King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, Net Deception (lesbian parents) and I'm sure there are others but I haven't watched too many in recent years.

Posted: Oct 22nd, '05, 18:26
by bluabc
Besides the aboved mentioned...

Dosoukai comes to mind. Lead character is guy and the content on the drama is more or less based upon how he comes out.

Ningen shikkaku, Neverland - characters can be interpreted as homosexual or just growing up blues, experimenting to discover one's sexuality. You do get to see kissing or hint of sexual relations.

Like in animes and mangas, most dramas tend to lean towards the slashable aspect. Overcreative yaoi fanminds are known to flood the various bbs discussing the "love: between these "couples". Few on top of my head at the moment....
IWGP - Makoto x King (there's actually quite a lot of DJs for IWGP)
Goksuen 2 - Hayato x Ryu
Tiger and Dragon - Toraji x Ryuji
Beach Boys
Antique - The drama itself is at best slashable cos they toned down the gay aspect since it was a prime-time drama. Manga which the storyline was based on is rather explicit in its gay content.

Posted: Jun 2nd, '06, 13:30
by ikadoodledoo
I'm not sure if it's HK or Taiwanese, but i know Crystal Boys is about gay people. I heard it's based on a book written by someone named "Pai" (he's supposed to be respected and all). I haven't actually seen it since i haven't found eng subs.

Posted: Jun 2nd, '06, 14:52
by Aoshix
"any gay dramas?" , well im not sure other than the Gokusen 2 new Comedy remix Sub Vid (Cert 15) has a bit of gay stuff in it?

any one seen it too?

Posted: Jun 6th, '06, 03:50
by keita1314
wow!! If any, i will totally support!!! w-inds. Keita and Ryuichi or Ryohei!! I sure love to see that.^^

Posted: Jan 2nd, '12, 21:12
by denisitap
Tumbling (Mizusawa Taku). It is only a character, but he is a serious character.

Posted: Jan 16th, '12, 00:41
by lullabye
denisitap wrote:Tumbling (Mizusawa Taku). It is only a character, but he is a serious character.
And it was a significant part of the story arc, and treated respectfully.

Posted: Mar 10th, '12, 09:06
by djmk
Sunao ni Narenakute. Linda is gay. Actually i like that part.
Also I'm currently watching Hayami-san to Yobaeru Hi, the fourth child will have a gay relationship, i think. Haven't watched the latest episode yet. :wub: :wub:

Posted: Mar 11th, '12, 22:25
by seirin
Antique has a gay guy in it I think. Well, they hint he's gay.

Posted: Apr 18th, '12, 23:38
by Peggy

Aren't they all gay except maybe the ex-boxer?

Posted: Apr 18th, '12, 23:50
by zettaiKaren
seirin wrote:Antique has a gay guy in it I think. Well, they hint he's gay.
The drama doesn't do justice to the manga, which is hilarious and has at least 2 gay characters. The drama made it too wishy-washy.

Posted: May 3rd, '12, 20:34
by Juneau
'Last Friends' actually has some lesbian touch, one of the main characters is suffering from gender confusion (is that the right term?) well basically she thinks she's captured in the wrong body and would make a much better man. So she's secretly in love with her childhood friend. dunno, if i explained it in a good way.

Posted: Jul 6th, '13, 05:43
by YukawaManabu
Oh yeah, Antique did feel a bit gay. And I agree with Last Friends. It also seemed that way to me.
How about the gay character in Hana Kimi :D

Posted: Jul 6th, '13, 07:04
by ooyoo
"Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu" and "Cleopatra na Onnatachi" both have gay characters with major storylines :)

Posted: Jul 6th, '13, 11:15
by Maysn
Last Cinderella has a gay character, the barkeeper. It is taken quite serious, I think.

Posted: Jul 6th, '13, 12:21
by k361
stereotype gay characters...

Abe Sadao in Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu

Oikawa Mitsuhiro in Oyaji

Posted: Jul 7th, '13, 04:27
by YukawaManabu
Abe Sadao makes for a great gay character! I am always amazed at how he can disappear into a role.

Posted: Jul 18th, '13, 19:02
by kz_skies
Share House no Koibito.

The first episode is very shocking LOL

Triangle love Including the gay one :w00t: