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Gokusen 2 (Comedy Remix) 704x396 Divx new Vid (Cert 15)

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Does the new Comedy subs/story Interest You?

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I Don't Understand What It Is
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Gokusen 2 (Comedy Remix) 704x396 Divx new Vid (Cert 15)

Post by Aoshix » May 29th, '06, 22:30

There is a new (sub/vid) comedy story for the 46.04 minute Live Action Gokusen 2 episode 2.

When played it changes it into a totally different story that's funny, crazy and strange, but more feedback/opinions from anyone on that would be good!


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this time Yamaguchi has a different (a tad violent) personality on par- if not worse than that of her students. Also she has some strange interest in Odagiri, who himself is being bullied by most of the students for some embarrassing reason.
There are Mechanics running loose or something like that? and Yamaguchi has a new project to make the students behave, but this ends up causing the Head Teacher and the Board Chairman great concern/anger.
It is recommended you watch the Gokusen/Gokusen 2 first before watching this new Comedy Edit.
Although it still would play as a comedy, it would be far more beneficial knowing the original story in advance, Or soon after.

see what you think........ :shock: :lol: :? :D :P

Thanks in advance for any feedback left...or how you rate it.


file and info at:
http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_34601.htm (+Info on any sub problems you may have)
Gokusen 2 Ep2 (Comedy Remix) 704x396 torrent.rar
Here is the torrent file. enjoy
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