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[movie discussion] Always san-chome no yuhi

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[movie discussion] Always san-chome no yuhi

Post by oberon » Aug 18th, '06, 07:19

Has anyone seen this movie?, it was a great hit in Japan.
I'm looking for a trailer or a movie.

it stars: Maki Horikita, Koyuki, Shinichi Tsutsumi,
check: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0488870/
Based on the long-seller manga by Ryohei Saigan, "Always" inspires
Japanese people's nostalgy to its good ol' 50's, with a huge VFX effort
to reproduce the era, including the half-built Tokyo Tower. The story is
rather simple - everyday life of the good town's people, their dreams,
hopes, love and tears, but the film was a big hit and highly acclaimed
due to its great balance of its powerful cast, well told story and the
nostalgic cinematography.

The film won 12 out of all 13 categories in Japan Academy Awards 2006,
including the best picture, best director, best actor, best supporting actor,
and best supporting actress..

[img]http://www.nipponconnection.de/ni-2006/ ... always.png[/img]

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Post by SHD » Aug 18th, '06, 07:42

caught this at our film festival and enjoyed it. as reviewed, the special effects are very well done but serve to re-create the era and re-building mood of the times. glorious cinematography. just one scene that was over the top and showed it's manga origins. Koyuki, who i don't really care for actually changed my opinion of her. Horikita Maki fans won't be disappointed, and of course Tsutsumi Shinichi is his usual. very good supporting cast. a bit too sentimental and nostalgic overall, but it's somewhat fitting for the times it portrays.

a R2 dvd is available and although i don't avocate downloading of movies, it was put up on a.b.m.j. several days ago.

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Post by sefure » Aug 22nd, '06, 12:17

downloading this isohunt atm.. heard it won lots of awards.

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