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can anyone identify this song for me?

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can anyone identify this song for me?

Post by hwawa » Nov 12th, '06, 17:16


if anyone have the details of the song can u post it here? thanks guys :thumright:

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Post by juki » Nov 12th, '06, 17:51

Hi !
The song you have uploaded has to be played "reverse" (from the end to the start :glare:) and then I found that it's Hitoto Yô with MoraiNaki.
Watch there :-)

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Post by quashlo » Nov 12th, '06, 17:56

EDIT: juki beat me to it... I was going crazy there for a second trying to figure out what song
this is. :lol

This doesn't really sound like Japanese to me... In particular the part starting at 00:19 that repeats sounds nothing like it to me... Almost like "Istoomiradufirorofiroro"

In fact, the first thing that struck me is the melody, which sounds incredibly similar to Hitoto You - Morainaki... I played this song in reverse, and it sounds eeriely like yours... :lol
In fact, the part above would then be "horori horori, futari bocchi" which makes sense. How exactly did you get this anyways!? :lol

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