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KOREAN TV/MOVIES/MUSIC better than JAPANESE? Lets discuss

Talk about the culture and entertainment from Nihon.
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KOREAN TV/MOVIES/MUSIC better than JAPANESE? Lets discuss

Post by richardli » Nov 28th, '06, 05:43

It's no so much Japanese dramas are worse, but the quality of Korean dramas has improved so much. But I think Japanese still make better TV dramas but the Koreans make better movies. As for music, I think Jpop and Kpop are about the same. What do you guys think? and also list which dramas, movies and pop music groups you like.

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Long Vacation
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My Sassy Girl
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Favorite Music

Prince of Moles
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Post by Prince of Moles » Nov 28th, '06, 07:23

Oh man is this a troll thread?

Anyway here's my 2 cents. Unless you're fluent in both Japanese and Korean, I'm not really going to take your opinion seriously. One really needs to know the language to appreciate these mediums, particularly in popular culture and entertainment.

So as someone is fluent in Japanese and English, I'm not gonna say anything about the Korean stuff.

TV Drama: Over all Japan has better stuff than the Amerian and British ones (though Battlestar Galactica really does rock).

Movies: Despite all the Hollywood bashing, I think the English language movies are better.

Music: Hard to say, depending on my mood, or what I want to listen, I can flip flop.

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Post by supermann » Nov 29th, '06, 10:51

For TV dramas, HK dramas beat American and Japanese ones hands down.

Movies: I agree with prince of moles.

Music: Definitely Japanese even though Mandarin songs are also not bad.

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Post by ruisu » Nov 30th, '06, 23:29

I think chocolate is better than vanilla :lol

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Post by jholic » Dec 1st, '06, 01:57


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