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What's your fave anime pop song?

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What's your fave anime pop song?

Post by richardli » Dec 18th, '06, 12:40

What your favorite anime pop song? Mine is Aya Hirono's God Knows. The anime series is pretty funny too.
http://japansugoi.com/wordpress/aya-hir ... god-knows/

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Post by richardli » Dec 18th, '06, 12:41

Oh I forget to say, before that, any song by Puffy that was on a cartoon was good

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Post by Hachiko-chan » Dec 19th, '06, 17:54

The songs that Maaya Sakamoto sang in Escaflowne^^

Prince of Moles
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Post by Prince of Moles » Dec 23rd, '06, 04:48

I think there was a poll at one point and Yamato / 宇宙戦艦ヤマト's theme song came out to be the favorite anime song in Japan.

ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlC9Y6R18oo&mod ... ed&search=

Personally I don't have a favorite.

Edit: Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Cutie Honey (Koda Kumi's version) also became popular recently. But the original song is so old it has lots of versions, eg in Japanese, English, Korean, German, etc.


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Post by funki3 » Dec 25th, '06, 16:15

either i do by the indigo or arigatou by homemade

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Post by 8thSin » Dec 25th, '06, 18:42

Yu Yu Hakusho's opening theme song: Hohoemi no Bakudan by Mawatari Matsuko.
That song is just perfect for the anime, and unforgettable.

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Post by SAmmie-Chan » Dec 27th, '06, 13:53

~ My favorite has to be Sakura Kissu the opening to Ouran Koukou Host Club

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Eziya Minamoto
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Post by Eziya Minamoto » Dec 28th, '06, 02:28

Even though it's more Rock than pop, Ride on Shooting Star by the pillows; Ending theme for FLCL (Fooly Cooly/Furi Kuri)

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Post by getsuga » Dec 28th, '06, 02:34

It's gotta be
1. Eureka Seven's 1st OP
2. Life - Yui (Bleach's ED, forgot which ED, though)
3. Rolling Star - Yui (Bleach's OP, the latest OP until episode 108)

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Post by Göönk » Dec 29th, '06, 23:28

Yookoso! Hitori Bocchi (from Pearl Kyoudai) - NHK ni Yookoso OST is the one I prefer among many anime songs.

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Post by bestletdown » Jan 2nd, '07, 20:59

the school rumble ending theme song!

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Post by minorinhu » Jan 2nd, '07, 21:16

Changin' My Life - Eternal Snow
I think it's Mangetsu wo Sagashite's 2nd ED
very touching song

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Post by MirroredSoul » Jan 3rd, '07, 06:19

Rewrite by Kung-fu Generation for Full Metal Alchemist
The World by Nightmare for Death Note
Life by Yui for Bleach
Houki Boshi by Younha for Bleach
Sakura Kiss by Chieco Kawabe for Ouran High School Host Club
Hishoku no Sora by Mami Kawada for Shakugan no Shana

I have plenty more... haha, but these are the ones which I can name from the top of my head for now.

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Post by SAmmie-Chan » Jan 3rd, '07, 17:45

~ Also goo are

Wish ~ NANA
Rose ~ NANA
A Little Pain ~ NANA

Infact any music from the NANA Anime or LIve Action Movie Rocks ~~ ^___^

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