Zard lead singer Izumi Sakai dead at 40

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Post by groink » May 28th, '07, 04:02

Apparently so... Her Japanese Wikipedia article says the same thing:

The wiki article says she was at the hospital for treatment. Then somehow she was walking along a flight of stairs and suddenly fell down the stairway.

--- groink

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Post by mizune » May 28th, '07, 04:20

Wow, this is a complete shock to me...
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Post by lsqB » May 29th, '07, 00:33

she was hospitalized for cancer treatment.

then she fell on the 26th, died on the 27th, and reported to the media on the 28th.


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Post by <3s-tei. » May 29th, '07, 00:36

OMG O__O;;... What a news.
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Post by japysia » May 29th, '07, 01:24

A prolific artist with over 40 singles released, Zard was the No.1 best-selling female artist of the 90s and third overall. Izumi Sakai dies at 40 (so young).I pray your soul may rest in peace and your singing voice is not forgotten.
Goodbye my ZARD...
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Post by cloudy-b » May 29th, '07, 03:12

Zard is my favorite. Such a terrible shock. I listen to her songs every day it seems... :(

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Post by celticmoon » May 29th, '07, 05:41

The news was such a shock to me as well. When I first saw the headline on Yahoo! Japan, I almost couldn't believe it. May Sakai's voice continue to live on in the hearts of many.

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Post by omoiyou » May 29th, '07, 05:49

sad news.... she achieved so much (more than 35 million albums+singles, #8 all time in jp), hopefully shes in a better place now

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Zard lead singer Izumi Sakai dead at 40

Post by wewa » May 30th, '07, 09:14

ZARD singer Izumi Sakai dies in accident at 40

Singer Izumi Sakai has died after sustaining head injuries in a fall from the edge of a hospital building in Tokyo, her management agency has announced. Sakai, a member of the popular group ZARD, was 40.

Sakai fell about three meters from the slope outside Keio University Hospital in Tokyo's Shinjuku-ku, apparently after coming back from a walk. The slope was slippery due to rain.

A passerby found her lying on the ground at about 5:40 a.m. on Saturday. She had suffered head injuries, and was confirmed dead on Sunday.

Sakai underwent an operation to remove a uterine tumor in June last year. She had been staying at Keio University Hospital since April this year, after the cancer was found to have spread to her lungs, and treatment was going well, according to her agency.

Sakai made her debut in 1991 as a vocalist with ZARD with "Good-byeMyLoneliness." "Makenaide" (Don't give up), released in 1993, became a great hit and was used as background music for the opening parade of the National High School Baseball Tournament in the spring of 1994. The 1997 album "ZARD BLEND" sold 2.5 million copies.

"We hope that Izumi Sakai, along with her hit songs, will remain in the memory of her fans," an agency spokesman said.

Sakai was to release a new album of songs in autumn this year and was planning a concert tour. (Mainichi)

May 28, 2007 ... 7000c.html

ZARD CD skyrockets up charts in wake of singer's death

Izumi Sakai on the cover of ZARD's "Golden Best 15th Anniversary." (Mainichi)
ZARD's most recent hit compilation has skyrocketed up the charts in the wake of singer Izumi Sakai's death on Sunday, coming from outside the Top 100 to reach No. 6, according to Oricon's Daily Ranking Chart.

"Golden Best 15th Anniversary," the CD, went on sale on Oct. 25 last year and reached the top of the Nov. 6 weekly chart.

Sales have remained constant ever since and have totaled about 490,000. The CD re-entered Oricon's Daily Ranking Chart for the first time since Nov. 20 last year. It is expected to place well on the weekly chart when it is announced next week.

ZARD claimed four CDs in the May 28 Daily Ranking Top 100, with "Kimi tono Distance," the band's most recent album released in September 2005 charting at No. 53, "ZARD Best the Single Collection -- Kiseki," the May 1999 release now at No. 64 and "ZARD Best -- Request Memorial" at No. 95.

Sakai died aged 40 on Sunday following a fall at the Tokyo hospital where she was being treated for lung cancer. (Mainichi)

May 30, 2007 ... 5000c.html

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Post by Lady Bell » May 30th, '07, 18:52

There's already a thread about this here:

Her death really was a shame. :cry:

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Post by amrayu » May 30th, '07, 18:59

Topics merged.
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