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Where to purchase UMAIBO? - MISSION COMPLETE!

Posted: Mar 21st, '08, 17:58
by pn0yb0i
I live in the US - Los Angeles, California to be exact.

Ive been to Little Tokyo numerous of times, but I cant find a single place that imports the Umaibo corn snack - including the "Largest" Japanese Super market in America called Mitsuwa or even FAMIMA (Japanese / Import Convenient Store chain). These retail for about 10JPY a piece - its a corn puff stick about the size of a Snickers bar.

Any1 know or have any experience of finding ANY of it in the 'States?

Posted: Mar 21st, '08, 21:17
by emerica1123
Thats the snack in akihabara@DEEP right? There is like every asian candy in my town but not that one.

Posted: Mar 24th, '08, 02:31
by mizune
These are those puffy things that look like an oversized cheese curl in the shape of a hollow cylinder, right?
Man, I hate those things... :fear:

If you're willing to buy a case or two, you might be able to get your local Japanese market to import it for you. It really depends on whether or not there is an importer/distributor in the US that already carries it.

Or maybe you can try the company itself? It has an english version of its site with a link to ask questions.

Or maybe contact an importer/distributor, such as JFC Foods and see what they can do. :unsure:

Posted: Mar 24th, '08, 04:46
by pn0yb0i
Yeah i'm willing to buy a box or two.

The Sakura Festival is going to start early in April, so I thought I could vend them out pretty quickly.

I've seen that Yaokin website few days back. Really funny history!

The best local shop in my area is Mitsuwa, I'll check it out sometime this week and ask. I just hope they are willing to fulfill my request.

Posted: Mar 28th, '08, 04:10
by MoonKnight
I know they sell it at the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa.

My favorite is corn potage (tastes like creamed corn). Today, I picked up some more corn potage, and Akira's (from akihabara@DEEP) favorite mentai flavor (spicy cod roe), which is quite good.

They sell them in packages of 30 for $4.99. That comes out to 17 cents a piece, or about 17 yen at the current exchange rate.


Posted: Mar 28th, '08, 05:20
by pn0yb0i
:O ..........

Wholly crap. There is a Mitsuwa there too? I guess they are scattered all over the state.

Thanks for the pictures, GREATLY appreciated. Will check it out.


Posted: Mar 28th, '08, 06:44
by MoonKnight
Haha, no problem. They should be in the aisle with the junk food.

They finally updated their site. For years it was very basic. It looked like a site designed in 1996.
The Costa Mesa store has an excellent ramen restaurant that gets great reviews. There used to be a Kinokuniya inside a few years ago, too, but they moved out into their own store and now it's a Sanseido.

Posted: Mar 28th, '08, 21:09
by pn0yb0i
MISSION COMPLETE! *insert Metal Slug sfx* :lol

No wonder I couldn' find them, I was looking in the WRONG SECTION! They put them in the cracker's n Breads section.

Thanks for the pictures, I shall share too!

Gawd they are so fragrant and delicious! I even bought some canned oden that was on "sale" (3$ is still a lot ya know).

BANZAI! :cheers:

Posted: Dec 1st, '08, 02:27
by pn0yb0i
lol funny. I don't remember even doing this anymore :D

amazing. :mrgreen: