U.S. Remake for DEATH NOTE

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Post by «minah» » Jan 4th, '10, 07:16

rhivz wrote:
«minah» wrote: Matsuyama Kenichi... my first time seeing him was in NANA as Shin!
hmm...i found out that he was actually the senpai in 1 liter of tears..well maybe that's the first time i really saw him.. i didn't recognize him there..

he was much cuter in deathnote..

nana?? i haven't watch that..is it nice??

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I like NANA... only the first one anyway. Almost the majority of the cast was re-casted (except for the major star Mika because well... I think that movie wouldn't even survive a day in theaters) But yeah. A very nice movie, and Kenichi looks VERY cute ^_^ With the whole punk look and the lip ring and... he just looks hot. Never saw 1 Litre of Tears... I think the lead actress and the fact it's a sad story is stopping me from watching it.

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Post by Jecky » Jan 13th, '10, 05:44

ew. i dont think they can top the Japanese one.

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