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Jdramas abroad & remakes

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Jdramas abroad & remakes

Post by Aiko_ » Mar 10th, '10, 13:19

I am looking for some informations about J-dramach which were aired in other countries. Are there any website or statistics where I can find about it?

Plus, I am looking for the info about all japanese dramas which were turned into chinese/taiwanese/korean/or other ones, or from dramas from these countries, which were remade as japanese one. I will be VERY thankful :D

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Post by kirtil » Mar 10th, '10, 13:42

There is a Japanese and a Chinese version of Hana kimi.. While tring to find their full names I also found another drama that was said to be loosely based on hana kimi.


First 2 are fan subbed, haven't checked the last one.

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