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o_o Do you sometimes feel that the Chinese are rejected?

Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Mainland China entertainments goes here.
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o_o Do you sometimes feel that the Chinese are rejected?

Post by wallflower » Feb 11th, '07, 01:38

:fear: As weird as this sounds.. haha, do you sometimes feel that the chinese are rejected?

Like I mean, most of the people I know only like Japanese and Korean things. I guess I can understand liking Japanese, I mean, it's really popular due to anime & manga. But o_o some people didn't even know chinese people have dramas. >.> I sometimes feel that many people overlook the Chinese. Like they have no interest in it whatsoever without even giving it a try.

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Post by ulun » Feb 11th, '07, 02:17

Never feel a moment that's Chinese was rejected.

There's no such thing as a Chinese wave like we are having Korean wave nowadays. A lot's of ppls being enjoying Chinese drama since way back in the 80's. If you know Bruce Lee then you should that's Chinese Kungfu was the Chinese wave.

Japanese anime & manga is still popular until today so does Chinese action movie. That's ppls like Jet Li & Jackie Chan are popular.

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Post by Corona » Feb 11th, '07, 02:37

China pretty much invented a whole genre by itself..the swordplay genre. Isn't that great? And with all genres you either like it or you don't. But I think the problem is that people often see that genre as all that encompasses chinese entertainment and they don't look beyond it. I don't think it's rejected but I do think it sometimes get overshadowed by productions from other countries that do not have such a focus on wushu/swordplay drama's.

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Post by kurodreams » Feb 11th, '07, 02:45

same here, like alot of people ask what type of foods you like to eat, and i bet u'll hear "chinese food" lolz i no tats food but, *clears throat* there is TW dorama and alot of etc chinese drama too.
that brought something up, you no theres a chinese drama thats made with the same storyline as Hana Yori Dango, dunno how to translate it into english but they have F4 too.

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Post by thislove » Feb 11th, '07, 02:49

I never felt that Chinese were rejected in any ways cuz I started out knowing and watching chinese dramas way before I ever heard of jdramas and kdramas. I guess it's just tat now cdramas isnt as big as the korean dramas cuz of the korean waves. But chinese aren't rejected.

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Post by wallflower » Feb 11th, '07, 02:58

kurodreams wrote:same here, like alot of people ask what type of foods you like to eat, and i bet u'll hear "chinese food" lolz i no tats food but, *clears throat* there is TW dorama and alot of etc chinese drama too.
that brought something up, you no theres a chinese drama thats made with the same storyline as Hana Yori Dango, dunno how to translate it into english but they have F4 too.
lol what's F4?

Then it's probably just me. Because where I live, people know the Chinese, but they only know it to make fun of it. They always think because we're Chinese, we know kung fu. And there aren't a lot of Chinese people in my area of the city, but more Japanese and Koreans, so it's most likely just me. :whistling: They think that the Chinese is all about Kung Fu, even if they love j & k dramas/music. :scratch: So I feel like the Chinese are rejected often times.
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Post by chack » Feb 11th, '07, 02:59

KDramas are just known more.
It's not a matter of rejection.
It's a matter of publicity.

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Post by nophankh » Feb 11th, '07, 03:00

Back in 80's and early 90's, all we heard was Chinese this and that and it seems like no other asian culture existed. All asian were group into being Chinese. Now China is in a slump.

Personally, I think C-dramas and TW dramas are really awful. I love hana kimi but the rest are really cheesy and it made me sick watching them. I tried to watch Smiling pasta and I had to fast-forward through most of it because it was so corny (sorry for the lack of a better word).

Korea and Japan dramas have mass appeal because of fantastic production in costume and setting. The plot and dialog is not corny or cheesy.

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Post by AboutDrama » Feb 11th, '07, 04:42

Nah, I don't think so. It's all about producing good products, people's taste, and attracting people to watch C-drama/ nothing to do with rejection...

My opinion:
HK drama- Cop/investigation dramas are still the best
C-dramas - The historical dramas are good!
TW drama - not up to my standard, sometime the stories are too "cheesy".. sorry

Ueda Jiro
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Post by Ueda Jiro » Feb 11th, '07, 05:02

I think the main reason why Japanese is more popular is because they try lots of different stuff (weird storylines etc.). Korean dramas are known for their touching and tear-jerking love stories. (Well, Japanese dramas also have them) Not to mention both Japanese and Korean dramas offer much more drool factor (that drives innocent girls wild) and have higher production values.

Speaking of production values, there are very few CHN/HK/TW dramas that can rival that of their east asian counteparts. Only a few like Chinese Paladin and It Started With a Kiss can actually make the cut.

I agree that Taiwanese drama is corny and bad. Even those idol-driven dramas have bad acting and/or unimaginative storylines. Taiwan is well-known for its variety shows and music industry, not for dramas or movies.

Chinese dramas are usually boring. They also lack the drool factor to draw audiences. However, that is rapidly changing. They still need to learn how to produce better modern dramas. All the swordfighting is enough IMO.

HK dramas are actually a lot better than CHN and TW dramas. Their acting is a lot better and they do have really charismatic actors and actresses (although most of those are into movies). HK dramas also have more imaginative storylines. The biggest problem I have with them is their low production values and the language. Outside of Hong Kong, not many people speak Cantonese. I also don't understand Cantonese. :-(

Just my opinion.

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Post by Arion » Feb 12th, '07, 12:55

Although i don't think that they're being 'rejected' literally, i agree that they are kinda being overlooked. Many Westerner are into Japanese and Korean stuff. Sound and Drama-wise. But one of the biggest Music- and Movie/Drama-market seems to be ignored. The HK one, which i personally prefer most from CHN/HK/TW.

Regarding the fact that they are sold throughout Mainland China, and Southeast Asia. (nearly all TVB Dramas gets a Vietnamese dub for example) HK singers get famous in mainland and making mandarin songs.
And the voice/soundtrack editing in hk are good most of the time. just don't take the mandarin-dubs to compare with JP/KR, cause they often really suck (no-sound during speak etc.).

And Cantonese is fairly wide-spread. Wherever chinese are, there are cantonese speakers around. and in china itself it's the 2nd or at least 3rd most spoken dialect after mandarin. so the problem can't be the language....

I just discovered that many people here on d-addicts only know about Taiwan when speaking about chinese-stuff. people should just know that tw-dramas aren't the only thing chinese-dramas has to offer. Mainland China is rolling up many Wushu-classics from the early 80's-90's from HK like RotC and Tian Long Ba Bu etc. right now. and HK got many other genres too. There are the typical Police/Crime ones, the Law Court/Lawyer themed ones were very popular too. and the standard Love/Romance-Comedies are also offered enough aswell. and ancient/modern history dramas.

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Post by christaluvsdrama » Feb 12th, '07, 13:51

To me I don't agree that they are rejected.I love the chinese historical dramas which are like the majority in chinese dramas, esp. movies that are chinese. But I do think that Japanese is more popular compared to chinese due to the anime/manga and now live-action obssesion like you said, but KDrama's are more popular in the drama section than all because there more up to date and relateable, but I LUV TWDRAMA'S! IDC who doesn't like TwDrama's or if it isn't popular, but I think they soo rock! WATCH PPL WHEN ISWAK#2 COMES OUT EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE TALKING ABOUT IT AND WANTING TO WATCH IT. WHO ISN'T GOING TO WATCH IT HUH?? HUH? I KNOW ALL OF YOU ARE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH UR LIARS IF YOUR NOT OR U DONT KNOW A GOOD ROMANCE COMEDY WHEN U SEE ONE
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