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F.I.R. =) ...really love their electric guitar play

Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Mainland China entertainments goes here.
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What do you think of their musics?

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F.I.R. =) ...really love their electric guitar play

Post by hackerz » May 25th, '07, 04:59


some info about F.I.R.

F.I.R. (Traditional Chinese: 飛兒樂團, 飛兒; Simplified Chinese: 飞儿乐团, 飞儿; Hanyu Pinyin: Fēier Yuètuán) is a popular Taiwanese music group. Renowned producer Ian Chen formed his own band and recruited the other two members to form F.I.R. They are well known throughout Asia with their hit "Lydia," which was the theme song for the Taiwanese TV drama "The Outsiders(鬥魚)." The drama was aired in Taiwan without revealing the singer of the theme song. Having a beautiful voice that asked for attention, the song attracted many fans, leading to F.I.R.'s big success when they finally debuted in 2004. Since their debut, they have often been compared with the disbanded Japanese rock band, Do As Infinity, because of the similar music styles and formation of the group members.

The name F.I.R. comes from the initials of the names of the three members: Faye, Ian, and Real. It is also an acronym for "Fairyland in Reality", one of their albums.

here is some of their songs,

download here --> http://sharebee.com/437f0e06

download here --> http://sharebee.com/fc4b8d8b

download here --> Lydia

download here --> Flight Tribe

just want to know if there is any other F.I.R. fans here in d-addicts? I really want the instrumental of any F.I.R. songs, can we share?.. please :salut:

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Post by malay_tiger » May 25th, '07, 09:37

hmm.. about electric guitar play, I have heard some good music of it, if I not mistaken Glay, rock group from Japan play a very good music from somekind of Beethoven music in their concert using electric guitar.

let me see if I can find that in my hard drive.

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Post by hackerz » May 26th, '07, 00:51

F.I.R. Awards

year 2004 Awards
Best New Artist: TVB8 Hong Kong.
Best New Artist: 933 Golden Melody Award Singapore.
Most Popular Group, Best New Artist, Best Golden Tune: Global Mandarin Single Charts.
Best New Artist, Best Mandarin Group: Metro Broadcast Hong Kong.
Best New Artist: Hong Kong Radio.
Best Single "Our Love (我們的愛)": The 11th Chinese Top 20, Channel V Asia.
Most Popular Group of Hong Kong and Taiwan, Most Popular single of Hong Kong and Taiwan "Our Love (我們的愛)": The 12th Chinese Single Chart, Beijing Music Station China.
The Best New Idol Award: Minsheng Daily, Taiwan.
Best New Artist of 2004: China Times Weekly, Taiwan
Best New Artist, Best Single: Chinese Top 20- Channel V Asia.

year 2005 Awards
Best Group: East Radio Music Charts, Shanghai China.
Best Group, Best Composition, Best Song writer, Best Single, Top Ten Single of Hong Kong and Taiwan: Pepsi Music Awards
Best New Artist: The 16th Annual Golden Melody Award, Taiwan.

year 2006 Awards
Best Single, Best Group: Annual Mandarin Single, KK Box
Most Popular Group, Best Album, Best Composition: Mandarin Golden Melody TVBS

more of their songs.. :whistling:

download here --> F.I.R. - Wo Yao Fei.mp3

download here --> F.I.R. - Your Smile.mp3

download here --> F.I.R. - Fly Away.mp3

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Post by Liantasse » May 26th, '07, 22:45

Thank you very much for the songs you shared: it's my first time listening to them! I liked "A Thousand Years of Love" the best :-)

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Post by Arion » May 29th, '07, 10:04

i really like them.

hope that they will release a new album soon =) (there are 3 albums out as far as i know)

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Post by malay_tiger » Jun 4th, '07, 10:52

who know who sing this song?? ---> Love Love Love.wma

:salut: :salut: :salut:


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Post by airskape » Jun 4th, '07, 14:36

malay_tiger wrote:who know who sing this song?? ---> Love Love Love.wma
jolin tsai 8)

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Post by malay_tiger » Jun 5th, '07, 23:05

TQ airskape.. hope someone else will share more of nice chinese songs 8)

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Post by rico2001 » Jun 6th, '07, 02:57

Not bad. I'm going to go and say I like the 4 examples I just heard. As far as guitar play, it was ok, pretty decent, wouldn't say spectacular. The 3rd song "Lydia" has a good solo in it. Don't know if you are into Japanese, but check out some songs by: Matsumoto Tak, SIAM SHADE, 175R, The Yellow Monkey, Missile Innovation. All of them have great guitar play.

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Post by keaix3 » Jul 31st, '07, 00:32

A lot of people say that FIR's songs sound similar to the Japanese group DAI because the guitarist A Qin (aka Real) is a big fan of that group - but I think their music is unique.

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