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Posted: Aug 5th, '11, 17:35
by Jazzapple
SSpiegel wrote:The promo pics for this album were just wack. Siwon's photo could've been used to promote Korean gay porn. Wow, just wow!
I'm gay, and I think this picture is hilarious. It's not attractive at all. ='D

Posted: Aug 5th, '11, 23:09
by Viande
BloomingDesire87 wrote:
Viande wrote:Btw does anyone know why "Be My Girl" (Super Junior) sounds so familiar? I mean "Rararara rararara rararara wanjeon neokdaundwaesseo eojjeonya na Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh" part. I think I have heard something like that in some variety show.
From someone on tumblr, they said that it sounded like Run Devil Run... and I thought it sounded familiar to me too!!
It's not RDR that I'm after but some other song. I just can't find the variety show from my bookmarks. I think it had something to do with some game or dancing. :scratch: But yeah, it reminds RDR a little too.

Posted: Aug 5th, '11, 23:11
by SSpiegel
^^ Yeah, I'm not sure if you're supposed to find camp(ish) gay aesthetics attractive. Unless, of course, you're into that, and I kind of am. It's hilarious, but in a sexy way. :P I just can't believe they really published a pic like that. They really are something at SME! :lol

Posted: Aug 11th, '11, 19:34
by Neliets
I installed Ubuntu(again) right beside Windows Xp but I will make 100% Korean Ubuntu as possible :D Anyhow, I only selected my korean music folder as library. And I've been listening to wathever Rhythmbox throws at me. And I came across this F.T. Island's song. I swear - I have heard it somewhere, or something very, very similar, can anyone help me here? But still, the song is awesome!

While writing this reply, I found this song(that seems somehow connected). :D

Posted: Aug 26th, '11, 14:20
by Sham26
Super Junior’s “Bonamana” Plagiarized by Moroccan Singers
As a moroccan , Ive never heard about this singers , what they did is very shameful!

Posted: Aug 26th, '11, 14:32
by Issy
yes, I heard both versions. it's an EXACT copy. atleast, they could have changed a little. :whistling:

Posted: Aug 26th, '11, 14:56
by Ethlenn
I'd like to see their choreo to this, I'm dying to see it in fact, wahahahahahaa!!
Well, nothing new in Kpop world, groups are being plagiarized all the time, SHINee anyone?
But this one is just very, very similar...

Posted: Aug 26th, '11, 15:12
by Sham26
The sammmmme ! and the lyrics...just moroccan proverbs ,so stupid !!!

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 20:19
by Neliets
I briefly heard Ukiss new song Neverland. And it's damn shity. And I was waiting for something decent, like last comeback... :c

GG - 바람났어 still owns the house, no matter how many times I listen to it. :D

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 21:00
by Viande
[Full HQ] U-KISS - Neverland MV

I don't know, I kinda liked the club feeling in the song but wasn't too happy that they returned to autotune, which they defiently don't need anymore. :| I like the song (way better than 2PM Hands Up) but their dancing looks awkward... or I have watched too much INFINITE lately. :mrgreen:

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 22:30
by SSpiegel
^ I liked Hands Up, tho... And I don't even like 2PM.

Posted: Sep 2nd, '11, 09:54
by Ethlenn
I waited a month, trying to convince myself. I usually worship everything from W&Whale, but their latest album Circusss is a crap. Damn. Whale has one of the best voices out there and still...

Posted: Sep 2nd, '11, 13:13
by Viande
Damn it, was just pressing submit and D-A stopped working and lost my post. Should always copy the post frst! >.<

@ SSpiegel, I like 2PM but not that song. ^^

But about U-KISS and their new album, in addition to Neverland I really like some of the slow tempo songs. I'm not a ballad girl but Someday and Take Me Away are so pretty & sad that I can't not like them. I get teary while listening to them. :cry: Obsession is quite nice too but the chorus should have been something else than just repeating "you're my obsession". I'm easy to get tricked by catchy chorus but not that easy.
Some of the songs sound really familiar. I guess the song composers have something to do with it because they have made songs at least for SuJu, SHINee and f(x). Also, one of the songs had a rap part that sounded very C.N.Blue's style.
Anyway, happy to hear Kevin's sweet voice and Dongho's cool rapping again. :wub:

Posted: Sep 4th, '11, 13:16
by midsummer20
Finally 2PM released a song that I like after their first songs from debut.
And their dance is...well, how can I say it... too entertaining (but I don't mind that).
Anyway is much better than "Hands up".

Posted: Sep 4th, '11, 18:10
by Viande
Oh yes, I like that song too. They do have some ok songs after Jay was kicked out but I have to admit their debut/Jay era songs were/are their best ones. Still 2.00PM was just depressing so I was glad that they got happier tune for Hands Up, even though I only liked a few songs (Electricity for ex.) on that abum.

Posted: Sep 6th, '11, 20:47
by Ethlenn

Posted: Sep 6th, '11, 20:52
by The Chaos
Ethlenn wrote:DBSK 2008 Appearances :mrgreen:
ME LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub:
thanks E-chan for the torrent *_*

Posted: Sep 7th, '11, 08:40
by Ethlenn

And now, some more of weird renditions?
TBC Girls - Rompe corazones - "remake" of G-Dragon's Heartbreaker

Oh damn, it's sooo bad...

Posted: Sep 8th, '11, 16:43
by Neliets
Ethlenn wrote:Enjoy^^

And now, some more of weird renditions?
TBC Girls - Rompe corazones - "remake" of G-Dragon's Heartbreaker

Oh damn, it's sooo bad...
Omg, how can they be that bad?

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 01:59
by Viande
Are they serious? It looked more like a joke to me!

But about U-KISS' comeback. I love them the but...
Someday - I love the album version but this live version is so BAD. :crazy: Dongho starts a bit wobbly but I forgive it because he's an awesome rapper. AJ sounds like opera singer and no, it's not a good thing. (I still don't understand why they added AJ, he didn't bring anything special to the group.) Kevin is an amazing singer but his falsetto failed horribly. Soohyun looks like he's on drugs when he's not screaming. Total mess... I hope the boys will focus/practise a little more for their next performance.
Neverland - First of all, I want to strangle their stylist. They look like huge angry birds and no, it's not a sexy image! It makes their dancing look like some mating dance. And I hope that shiny thing on their arms & chest isn't baby oil! :crazy: Dancing choreography looks even more awkward and chaotic in live than in the MV. As a good side, their dancing looks fine and in sync.

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 09:50
by Ethlenn
Viande wrote:They look like huge angry birds and no, it's not a sexy image! It makes their dancing look like some mating dance.
Ahaha, I thought I was the only one who hated those feathers. Kind of reminds me of Martin Gore outfit during Playing The Angel Tour, wahaha!! And yes, I agree, their stage was a mess, but then again, I never really liked them.

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 10:15
by Viande
I think their stylist used Ryuk from Death Note as her/his source of inspiration... :roll

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 10:43
by Ethlenn

SHINee will appear today (09/09) on Music Station to perform Juliette, so don't miss it. On Wednesday (10/12) their third japanese single Lucifer will be released. More info on

Uhmm, I'm not the happiest person right now. I find Juliette in jap. version totally crappy, and although Lucifer in Korean barely made any sense but I loved it, I fear nihongo version will be just ugh... :whistling:

Posted: Sep 9th, '11, 11:38
by Viande
Ooh thanks for the heads-up Ethlenn! :wub:

I think the Japanese version of Juliette sounds pretty much same, except that their singing has improved and Taemin has got some more lines. Juliette has never been my favourite song but it's ok. Key's Japanese sounds sexy. ^^' But what is that breathing sound (or marching sound) in the song? I've only seen music videos and all of them have it and it's really distracting. :| If that noice belongs to the song... why?? :crazy:
What it comes to using old songs as debut songs in Japan, I don't like it. I bet Japanese Shawols were disappointed too. Only one new song (Kiss Kiss Kiss) and it sounds like J-POP, not SHINee style at all. :roll

U-KISS's today's Music Bank performance was so MUCH better. And hurrah, no bird costumes! I'm happy now. ^^

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 06:51
by Neliets

I watched Simon and Martina videos and came across this one, where they are in Star King.

And I have a question - ARE THEY SERIOUSLY THAT SHORT? Or is Simon and Martina that tall? In the internet, it's written that, for example, Eunhyuk is 176 but it seems like 170 :x And they seem so... small and tiny, when a big western guy stands right beside. :D Even Shindong. :D

Posted: Sep 12th, '11, 22:39
by Viande
As most of the idol trot versions found this hilarious: U-KISS performs a hilarious trot remake of “Manmanhani”
They're such cute dorks.

Posted: Sep 14th, '11, 11:57
by Viande
I'm not a TVXQ fan (though I know the members) so I haven't seen many videos of them, but today I stumbled on this video... and died from laughter. :rofl: Best fanvid EVER. (Bad enough humor to make me laugh ^^)

Edit: also forgot to mention that I had exactly same thoughts Neliets, about SuJu in that video. They looked so tiny. ^^ But if I remember right, I think U-KISS members were a lot taller next to Martina so I think they have lied a bit about their height.

Posted: Sep 14th, '11, 12:19
by Ethlenn
Oh gods, I just love Yucheon, ahahahahaaa!!!
Plus Heechul's fangirling... :rofl: :rofl:
Speaking of wacky videos, all DBSK fans know that, but anyway^^ :mrgreen:.

As for trot versions - nothing can beat BTD. Neva!

Posted: Sep 14th, '11, 12:48
by Viande
Hehe, Yoochun has great expressions, maybe it's the reason why he's good at acting. And everyone knows Heechul is umm, you know. :mrgreen: But adding Gackt there was really what the... He's one dork too. ^^ magnum...

First time I saw the wacky video. hehe

Posted: Sep 14th, '11, 12:50
by Ethlenn
It's on my loop already. Damn you, Viande, and I have tons of things to do. Need to put it up on my phone, jus is caaazee...
Gackt was indeed a big moment.

Posted: Sep 14th, '11, 13:07
by Viande
Always happy to distract you. :twisted: No, I hope you'll get your work done and don't watch Yoochun all day. hehe~

Posted: Sep 16th, '11, 19:17
by Neliets
Watch this video and think - what's so unusual in this performance? Except it being not even 2 minute performance.

I was fast forwarding(as always) Music Bank and came across this. And I thought - Hmm. There is something missing in this performance... And then it hit me - THERE IS NO AUTOTUNE WHAT SO EVER. Only background music and that's all! Ok, the song is very boring but I am somehow amazed by the fact that there was not even a word pre-recorded.

Ahh... nothing much to watch lately. B1A4 new song is stupid, unline the first album, which I liked a lot, btw. Basically all I watch is Nine Muses, but kinda getting tired of the song and performance(just like I did with Infinite), now I'm watching for U-Kiss. I came to love the song very much. And the choreography is just marvelous. Maybe Kara will join this list someday, but not sure.

Posted: Sep 16th, '11, 21:20
by Ethlenn
After this week's Inkigayo I'm halting posting the music shows.
There are lots of alternatives to that, and I have no time and will (read: no Infinite) to do that.

Posted: Sep 17th, '11, 19:37
by Viande
Miss AM is back with Goodbye Baby! I just love them. :mrgreen: (Bad Boy, Good Boy if you haven't seen it yet.)

Though Dirty Eyed Girls is still my ultimate favourite. ^^'

Posted: Sep 19th, '11, 17:29
by Ethlenn
You can vote for Big Bang on European Music Awards website. Voting doesn't require any registration.

Posted: Sep 20th, '11, 03:15
by The Chaos
JYJ's Get Out mv *___*

Epic Awesomeness :D

Posted: Oct 3rd, '11, 06:15
by Ethlenn
Uhm... don't kill me, but SHINee's Lucifer in Japanese sounds and looks just ridiculous. SMEnt slowly pushes boys back or what? And why oh why Taemin has Jjongie's lines? Do I whine like a hurt fangirl? Hell I do! :pale:

Posted: Oct 3rd, '11, 09:43
by Viande
Yeah, the song sounds silly in Japanese and it's even badly adapted. They have to repeat some lines really fast to get them fit in the old line slots. (Hard to explain.) Also for me Korean language sounds more sexy while Japanese is more cute so all that sexy feeling from the original song went puff. I have to say Key's Japanese sounds sexy, but it might be just Key... ^^
Video wasn't that sexy either. What's up with that silly "hat" on Taemin... :crazy:

I disagree on Jjong's lines. (Surprise!) Taemin had only line or two in the Korean version so it was more than right to give him some more. After all, Teamin did to sing most of Jjong's lines when he was hurt (Lucifer promotion) and he did mostly ok.

I think SMEnt had low budget on their Japan promotions... and I hope it doesn't continue when they come back. :x They should at least let them rest before next album...

Posted: Oct 4th, '11, 01:47
by SSpiegel
Speaking of Japanese versions, I already caught a glimpse of Gummy's I'm Sorry. I'm glad they at least tried to change the sound a little, but the singing/lyrics do sound really forced in Japanese. I really liked the Korean version (especially the yummy mv) and this has... well, a yummy mv. I haven't been into TOP since GDTOP, but he's. so. fine~ dayum!

Posted: Oct 4th, '11, 08:33
by Ethlenn
OK, fine, "rushipa desu" is my nr 1 comparing to this:
American boyband copied rules of Kpop. In a bad way.
Please don't hit me for posting this, but after reading som hilarious comments from fans, I just couldn't...

Posted: Oct 4th, '11, 09:39
by SSpiegel
Ahahaha, I can't even... I have no words! Yikes!

Kpop. You're doing it wrong.

Posted: Oct 4th, '11, 10:19
by Viande
Yeah Gummy's I'm Sorry sounds a bit forced. I really dislike that k-pop groups always have to make Japanese versions of their hit songs. It seems to be nearly impossible to make them sound as natural as the original is. Why not just make new songs in Japanese and not try adapt old hits? :roll But I guess it's easer to "debut" with already known song...

Honestly, is this HEART2HEART band some kind of joke? K-pop parody? They look & sound so awkward! :mrgreen:

Posted: Oct 4th, '11, 10:27
by SSpiegel
Viande wrote:Yeah Gummy's I'm Sorry sounds a bit forced. I really dislike that k-pop groups always have to make Japanese versions of their hit songs. It seems to be nearly impossible to make them sound as natural as the original is.
Plus she sings in Korean in the chorus. Granted, it's just one word, but way to emphasise the fact that it's just a remake!

Posted: Oct 7th, '11, 15:23
by Neliets
Ethlenn wrote:OK, fine, "rushipa desu" is my nr 1 comparing to this:
American boyband copied rules of Kpop. In a bad way.
Please don't hit me for posting this, but after reading som hilarious comments from fans, I just couldn't...
OMFG. White people look very, very awkward trying to act cute or smth.... Or simply they are doing something terribly wrong.

I just found out that my favorite member of 2PM is going solo! Kim Junsu. The song has rap and melodic singing. Both carried out very, very well. I just... love this. He should be soon on music programms, but I can't wait, I want to share :D Just listen to the whole song. From start to the very end.

By the way, as far as I know, he has written and composed this song himself. I feel proud of him.

Posted: Oct 8th, '11, 10:40
by Ethlenn

Posted: Oct 8th, '11, 17:50
by Neliets
Quite good song. They are about to debut?

Anyhow, as I was watching few of old music shows, I came across this song. It's amazing.

Both guys have very good voices. They both sing awesomely and both rap quite well, too. The group really pleases me but sadly, they haven't done anything since 2009.

Posted: Oct 8th, '11, 18:53
by Ethlenn
The other guy looks like a cross-breed of Taemin and Heechul, couldn't listen to the end, sowwy, don't like rap. But the song has ol' 90s feel, keke.

And side-eyed FT.Island and I have to say one thing - it's the most emo band in Kpop. Jeez...

yeah, M.Peror were to debut in June (??) but somehow they didn't.

Posted: Oct 13th, '11, 17:40
by Viande
I didn't see any resemblance to Taemin nor Heechul.

But, to other stuff. I really love Brown Eyed Girls' Sixth Sense. They look and sound amazing. I'm so happy these ladies are back. I almost gave up on girl groups thanks to some not so amazing comebacks from my favourite girl groups (T-ARA, f(x), 2NE1). But BEG didn't disappoint me. ^^

Brown Eyed Girls (브라운아이드걸스) _ Sixth Sense _ MV

Posted: Oct 14th, '11, 01:45
by Ethlenn
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

HoMin fans are all over this. Probably the best CF of 2011^^ :salut:

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 10:34
by fatemeh_31358
Twilight - Without U - liked it.

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 11:10
by Neliets
Viande wrote:I didn't see any resemblance to Taemin nor Heechul.

But, to other stuff. I really love Brown Eyed Girls' Sixth Sense. They look and sound amazing. I'm so happy these ladies are back. I almost gave up on girl groups thanks to some not so amazing comebacks from my favourite girl groups (T-ARA, f(x), 2NE1). But BEG didn't disappoint me. ^^

Brown Eyed Girls (브라운아이드걸스) _ Sixth Sense _ MV
Sixth Sense... not for my taste. I only like Narsha's parts. :D And she is the only one that doesn't look awkward or stupid on stage(outfit-wise). I liked Hot Shot song more.

But I am addicted to Jun.k - Alive (2PM Junsu's solo song). BUT WHY I DON'T SEE HIM ON ANY MUSIC PROGRAM STAGE? Judging from so-called Live MV, the performance would be AMAZING. No doubt.

The Indian(or arab) guy in CF dances well, he doesn't look bad, too, but when he opens his mouth... shitload of crap comes out. Sounds way too weird for me.

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 11:27
by Ethlenn
Calling one language a crap because you don't know it... hmm...
It's Bengali, btw.

Isn't Jun.k - Alive scheduled to appear next week?

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 11:42
by Neliets
Just checked Epitone's blog. And he remixed a very, very good song. I haven't heard the song but it's good.
His remix version is awesome. The original is very good, too.

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 21:07
by Neliets
Ethlenn wrote:Calling one language a crap because you don't know it... hmm...
It's Bengali, btw.

Isn't Jun.k - Alive scheduled to appear next week?
Sorry, Ethlenn, I'm just too simpleminded and stupid. I wasn't thinking about the whole language, probably, if they would have made it more sonorous(not sure of this word, though) , then it would have sounded better.

Huh, you can call me stupid, but where can I find such schedules?

And while I was hunting down One Way's song Magic live(the whole music program's episode where they appeared), I came across this... lovely woman. I remember that I really liked her. This is not exactly the performance I wanted to show but that isn't on youtube.
But I can't seem to understand how supposedly is, for example, G.NA any better than she? I find this woman way more attractive and beautiful, she sings better, too(imho). And the song is way better than G.NA's Top Girl or Black & White or smth.

Huh, while I was drowning in One Way's awesomeness and song's perfectness(not sure if it's even a word), I thought - huh, you can't just count purely on your singing, handsomeness and song. These guys had all of these but they didn't really succeed as much they should.

Oh my mezik, mezik, mezik.... really... dear, oh. -skipping Secret's perfromance-

OMG Rain's comeback? Unexpected. No, really, I had no idea that it was in this episode of Music Core.


Watching today's Music Core now.

I suppose it takes place by the F1 track before/after Qualifications. And first to perform was Dalshabet. I can't even imagine how much foreigners laughed their buts off. :D To be honest, they probably laughed like crazy throughout the concert. Even I would, even though I'm more than familiar with k-pop. And the best thing is that they thought to give T-ara to perform 2 songs. And, yes, one of them was Roli-Poli. Not sure what kind of impression they want to make.

Huh, 4minute, too. I bet foreign guys would love to have 4minute to perform in a small room and only for them(and yes, I am quite perverted). BUT WHAT'S THAT? HOT ISSUE? I used to love that song! :mrgreen:

And I remember Ethlenn saying that F.T. Island are the most emo group in k-pop. I want to oppose. Take their new song for example.

And it's really becoming a good evening - Infinite is performing! Going full screen. OMFG 2 SONGS. WHY IT FEELS LIKE MY BIRTHDAY? It would be just... incredible if BTD would be included, too.

BEG - skipped. Both, Sixth Sense and Abracadabra.

Ok, I'll watch Suju's perfromance and go to sleep.... A-cha was only like 1 minute long????? Mr. Simple = close windows media player immediately.

P.s. - YOU CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW MUCH I LOVE LIVE CONCERTS. On live concerts you can really hear artist's voice. And I love it.

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 21:20
by Ethlenn
"perfection" is the word, dear^^

Rain? Isn't he in the military?
Just curious, is really SNSD trailer THAT good, or maybe there is something wrong with me that I find it boring and... well, boring. True, I was never a big fan of any girl group.
From the latest artists there is only Ali that caught my attention, really.
Secret's trailer sounds awful too, sorry, but I just can't.

Posted: Oct 15th, '11, 21:38
by Neliets
Ethlenn wrote:"perfection" is the word, dear^^

Rain? Isn't he in the military?
Just curious, is really SNSD trailer THAT good, or maybe there is something wrong with me that I find it boring and... well, boring. True, I was never a big fan of any girl group.
From the latest artists there is only Ali that caught my attention, really.
Secret's trailer sounds awful too, sorry, but I just can't.
Oh, Ethlen.. The first part was about an old Music Core. 2010. ^^

Sorry, I'm just very, very sleepy and my text may not make a lot of sense. Like usual.

Posted: Oct 18th, '11, 23:40
by Viande
Halp! I'm being tormented by TVXQ's Honey Funny Bunny! :goggle: It just keeps playing in my head when it's silent and when I try to get sleep. It all started when I thought I actually like Keep Your Heads Down, Before You Go and MAXIMUM and so silly me went and started to listen the repackage album... and now that song is haunting me! :cry:

Also, just checked SNSD's new album and oh boy it's a flop. Couldn't find not even a single song I like... It's just album full of filler songs. :roll Not that I've liked them before, except for hit songs... And seems that I'm not the only one, even some SONEs are complaing. What is SMEnt doing these days...? They have some pile of filler songs to use before new hits or something?

Posted: Oct 18th, '11, 23:53
by The Chaos
lol listen to Maximum TVXQ5 version its also great XD

Posted: Oct 19th, '11, 04:39
by Neliets
when you tell that SNSD has new song, I thought - I have to check it out and say something very bad about it. But you know? This song... somehow feel much better than HOOT, Run Devil Run, for example. Of course, SNSD still need to learn a few things about making a good song. But they don't seem pretty at all, in this MV. Seems like random girls in very weird costumes are singing something..

But I hope they won't be performing on music programs. I sincerely hope. My dear Junsu won't be getting his so deserved mutizens so easily.

Posted: Oct 19th, '11, 12:22
by Ethlenn
Neliets wrote: But I hope they won't be performing on music programs.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

SMEnt, dear, SMEnt... plus insane sones... Next 2 months belong to SNSD on charts. This is why some moved to Japan promotions, or concerts.
As for their album... I may be in the minority, but I think the same as Viande (not that my opinion is relevant or anything since I don't actually listen to girl groups), but this super-hyped album is a crap. As Viande said, it's just fillers' album. From the teaser I had the impression of more fierce comeback, but after 3rd song I shrugged and didn't care.

The way I see it, as we know, SMEnt is about to debut two groups, M1 and M2, and I think all hits went to them, and both SuJu and SNSD got some leftovers from those, keke.
Since Super Junior‘s 5th album’s release it has been seen that ELF (Super Junior fans) are not comfortable with SM Entertainment‘s treatment towards Super Junior.

In the recent thread that ELF are trending they describe the main reasons of their discontent. They bring up thousands of reasons like SM give more priority to other groups than SJ, poor treatment to SJ members and so on.. Some of the highlighting reasons are,

First, SM-E Lee Soo Man’s interview reflection that SM-E had not plan to make a group Super Junior but under some circumstances they had to do it. They stated Lee Soo Man’s lines from an interview, ” Lee Soo Man successfully advanced BoA into the Japanese market and began planning the best team that he would be taking not only into Asia, but worldwide. Because of the limits of support, he needed to focus and choose. Out of several different teams, he chose one member from each and brought them together to create a ‘major-league’ team. That team was TVXQ. Lee Soo Man stated, ‘The members that weren’t chosen to be a part of the team were on the verge of disintegration. But because we had already contracted with them, we had to take responsibility. One of the teams was Super Junior, a group we raised to excel in music and variety shows. In order to survive, they had to cry tears of bleed through their efforts. We felt sorry for them, which is why we helped.”

Further accusation of ELF was SM never wrote about Super Junior’s achievements whereas when any other group like SNSD or TVXQ get something SM right away write it on its websites. Article further had Heechul’s conversation as prove to that, “I sometimes mention how we’ve been ranking first in Taiwan for 38 weeks and how Bonamana has been topping for 18 weeks and stuff like that when talking to people in our company and ask why they don’t make articles for us. I asked them to put out a few headlines like other companies do so that people just don’t think we’re doing nothing. When I say things like that, however, they’ll say back, ‘It’s because we think that it’s definite that Super Junior achieves those things. I don’t think it’s necessary to make a big deal out of things like that.’ So I’ll always just say back, ‘Yeah, you’re all talk.”

Likewise, SM-E does not promote Super Junior the way they promote other groups, which can be seen by the difference in promotions of SNSD‘s ‘The Boys‘, TVXQ‘s ‘Tone’ and Super Junior‘s ‘Mr Simple’.

It is ambiguous that whether ELF are requesting SM for something or just accusing but it is apparent that they are on aggressive mode. SM E should make move to satisfy SJ fan’s discontentment.

Credit: Nate Pann and sup3rjunior fan club

Posted: Oct 19th, '11, 13:52
by Viande
Ethlenn wrote:The way I see it, as we know, SMEnt is about to debut two groups, M1 and M2, and I think all hits went to them, and both SuJu and SNSD got some leftovers from those, keke.
Oh yes, I already forgot them. You're probably right.

I think the whole SuJu thing was really cruel. "Oh you didn't make it to the best, now work your way to fame on own your because you're the secondary group." :roll But I guess they're lucky to even get to debut. And SuJu does have some amazing singers (KRY).

I'm not sure if I agree on SuJu's news though. But I admit SNSD is getting way too much attention than they really deserve.

Posted: Oct 19th, '11, 16:17
by Ethlenn
This is whole Lee Soo man interview, just in case.
SM Entertainment‘s mastermind, Lee Soo Man (60), recently sat down with Chosun for an interview, where he revealed his thoughts on a variety of topics, including his management system, his new groups ‘M1‘ and ‘M2‘, and his possible venture into the American market. Check out his interview below!
The biggest contributing factor to Kpop’s widespread success is the long term contracts:
Lee Soo Man became the first person in the Korean entertainment industry to implement a systematic and scientific management system. He picked trainees to foster into idol stars, who all signed 13-year contracts. By doing this, he essentially became the principal of a school of talented students.
However, these long term contracts have been controversial and often referred to as ‘slave contracts’ (after negotiations with the Fair Trade Commission, the length of the contract term has been reduced to 7 years if artists are only promoting within Korea, 10 years if going overseas). 13 years is a long time to the trainees, but it’s also a long time for the management as well, since they are making a 13 year promise to take responsibility in transforming the trainees into stars.
Lee Soo Man cited these long term contracts as the biggest contributing factor to K-Pop’s widespread success all over the world.
He stated,
"Even the U.S. couldn’t establish a management system like ours. Picking trainees, signing a long term contract, and teaching trainees for a long period of time, this just can’t happen in the U.S. U.S. agencies are hired as sub-contractors after an artist has grown and gained popularity on their own. As a result, the agencies only play roles of sub-contractors, and can’t make long term investments in singer-hopefuls.
However, in Korea and Japan, whose cultural industries developed later, agencies were free to make such contracts. That’s why we have been able to make these long term investments."
While on the topic of ‘industries’, the reporter took the opportunity to question Lee Soo Man about “CT”. They asked, “You came up with the word CT (Culture Technology). What is the secret to becoming the winner in the CT industry?”
Lee Soo Man replied,
“The IT (information technology) industry is often said to be a high risk-high profit industry. However, CT is an industry with an even bigger risk-profit ratio. In an industry like this, the most important thing is to avoid things that happen by chance, or only once.
To give an example, a talented artisan possesses pottery making skills that are unrivaled by anyone. His skills lie in his sense of touch and his fingertips. If you want to learn these skills, you have no choice but to train under him. However, if this skill can be recorded carefully and taught to disciples, and if he could pass this skill down successfully and receive copyright fees – this could become an industry.
This is what SM Entertainment is trying to do. Whatever skills I, or one of our employees possess, are written out and passed down through training and education. Only then can something become continuous. If this kind of system cannot be established, everything will only have happened by chance and end as a one-time occurrence.”
He also added, “People worry that without Lee Soo Man, SM will come to an end, so that’s why a ‘clone’ has been made to take the place of Lee Soo Man.”
He revealed that this ‘clone’ is a team made up of six people who are specialists in areas like dance, singing, and mixing music. He stated, “Something better than a copy of Lee Soo Man will be produced, and SM will become even bigger.”
Patience is Lee Soo Man’s secret to his management:
The entertainment industry is essentially about making the right choices; choosing the best singer, choosing the best staff, choosing the best music. Knowing this, Lee Soo Man handles each decision with extreme patience. Before making a choice, he looks over almost an excessive amount of options, but if he thinks that there is no answer, he will cleanly give it up. There have been many occurrences of ‘sunken costs’ that could not be recovered, but Lee Soo Man doesn’t seem to care. Rather than risking his neck for a product that is ‘so-so’, he is willing to invest the time and money until the best comes out.
Taking this into consideration, Lee Soo Man introduced the topic of his upcoming group.
SM Entertainment’s new group will be made up of two sub groups who have the same concept. One group will promote in Korea, while the other group will promote with the same song in China. The groups are currently referred to as ‘M1‘ and ‘M2‘.
In order to find the perfect title song for these two groups, SM held an event called ‘Music Camp’ in Denmark and Norway in August. The event drew 50 composers from all over the world, who came to compose a song for SM Entertainment over 3 to 6 days. SM Entertainment showed the composers M1 and M2, and once they explain the concept they wanted and the rhythm they seeked, the composers were free to come up with their own songs.
Even though they held this event twice already, SM Entertainment still hasn’t been able to pick a suitable title song for M1 and M2. Lee Soo Man stated,

“If you look at it from one point, we have thrown away a lot of money. However, we’re always doing things like that. SM Entertainment has three sources of power: training, adherence to the system, and songs. It usually takes about 4 years to launch a new group. In order to write one song for TVXQ, 50 people had gathered. It required around 4 billion won ($3.5 million USD) for TVXQ to make their debut. In addition, another 4 billion Korean Won was required for album production and promotional fees.”

Lee Soo Man then went on to explain how his patience and methodical system allowed him to create super idol groups, TVXQ and Super Junior.
After BoA’s successful venture into Japan, the SM Entertainment CEO wanted to create a group that could be successful not only in Asia, but all over the world. Since he had a limited number of trainees, much deliberation and focus was needed to decide how to make this group happen. Lee Soo Man decided to choose the best members out of several trainee teams to create a new group that could be considered “major league”. This group was none other than TVXQ.
As for Super Junior, Lee Soo Man revealed, “All the other groups were on the verge of being dissolved. However, since they signed contracts with us, we had to take responsibility. So out of these groups, the group that we raised to do well both in music and variety shows was Super Junior. They put in their sweat and tears to survive [in the industry], and we felt bad [watching them] so we tried to help them.”
And what about SM Entertainment’s plans for expansion into the U.S.?
The reporter asked, “SM TOWN is going to be held at Madison Square Garden in New York, are you going to be making an official venture into the U.S.?” Lee Soo Man replied,

“No, it’s not like that. Rather than venturing into the U.S., we are just holding a concert as a consolation for the people we consider a part of an imaginary country called SM TOWN. The markets of China and Asia will be bigger than the U.S. market. Thus, it isn’t really necessary to go into the U.S. In the near future, when a ‘Hollywood of Asia’ appears, the cultural center of the world will make a big shift to Asia. Asian songs are not well known in the U.S.? Totally irrelevant because Asia will soon become the center.”
Lee Soo Man’s dreams for the future:
Lee Soo Man is a man who is always dreaming. His current dream involves producing a musical like‘Billy Elliot’, where he’ll draw different groups from all over the world and have them perform. He revealed that the story would be about a mom and a child arguing over classic and pop music, but end up realizing that better music can be produced when the two are combined. The musical would feature a combination of past and new songs of SM Entertainment.
As this interview was being conducted, the news about Teddy Riley composing SNSD’s new song broke out. When asked to comment about the news, Lee Soo Man commented, “It’s my dream to produce a composer that makes the most money in the world through SM Entertainment.”

Source + Photo: AKP + Chosun

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by Neliets
13 year contract? For a guy like me, even 2 year contract would be too long :D

Posted: Oct 19th, '11, 22:06
by Ethlenn
This is why JYJ split and hell broke loose...

2011 Music Videos

Posted: Oct 20th, '11, 04:17
by Neliets
Thank you so much for this torrent, Ethlenn. Can you get a 2010 and/or 2009, too?

Posted: Oct 20th, '11, 17:09
by Viande
Details for Music Bank in Paris on 8th/9th Feb 2012 are out:
Music Bank in Paris on 8th/9th Feb 2012


The appointment that everyone looks more or less impatience. Indeed, the « Music Bank in Paris » gives news details to Soompi France, Official Media Partner of this magic double event for all fans of Korean music!

The two concert dates are scheduled on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th, February 2012. As regards the groups, KBS provides us the best of the best: Girl’s Generation (SNSD), 2PM, BEAST, SHINee, 4Minute, T-Ara, U-Kiss and SISTAR!

There are nearly 50 artists accompanied by their respective staffs, total delegation to Paris for the event should be over 110 people.

Regarding ticket prices, they will be divided into three categories:


Prices :
Cat 1 (seated): 99.40 Euros (pink; numbered)
Cat 2 (seated or pit): 88.40 Euros (green; seat non guaranteed)
Cat 3 (seated): 69.70 Euros (yellow; numbered)

The opening sales will be October 25th at 10am (GMT+1) on (for people not living in France) !

Establishment of bus travel in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany for Music Bank in Paris with (see the source page)

Credits: Soompi France + FnacSpectacle &


via: dkpopnews
Take from forevershiningshinee
I wish I was rich... and lived closer to France. :-(

Posted: Oct 20th, '11, 17:13
by Ethlenn
First german organizators for JYJ screwed me all over, and now this, this...
*slams head across the desk*

If only Infinite were on the list, I would start starving today...

But goddamit, they are pricey, them tickets...

Posted: Oct 20th, '11, 17:22
by Viande
Oh yes... For combination of SHINee and INFINITE, I would eat porridge for next half year to get in the concert. But this one is kinda bad too, 6 out of 8 are my favourite bands. (Well, likable at least)

I wanted to go to last SM Town in Paris but my friends had something else to do and now I can't afford. :cry:

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by Ethlenn
We are poor fans of Kpop, eh...
More Korean artists are set to gather in Japan this November for the "Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2011". After last year's successful event, the official homepage for this year's festival has been opened and through its opening, more information about the line-up, ticket details and access was announced.

It was confirmed that artists such as KARA, 2NE1, SS501's Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Kyujong, MBLAQ, Brown Eyed Girls, Rainbow, ZE:A, Infinite, Teen Top, Dal Shabet and A Pink will perform at the event.

Meanwhile, a drama special for "Protect The Boss" featuring performances from Lyn, Heo Younsaeng, M. Street and A pink were also revealed.

"Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2011" will be held at the Saitama Arena Japan on November 9th. Tickets will be officially released on October 29th, with a pre-sale period between October 21st to 24th.

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by Neliets
Huh. Korean music and drama addiction is quite spacey(if it's even a word). It seems that I will soon have to buy another 2TB HDD :D This one is getting quite full(not only with Korean stuff, of course). You would benefit this a lot if I had a decent internet connection. My max upload is like 80kb/s(download is 1mb/s, though). If I ever get optical internet(max upload is like 26mb/s when computer's HDD won't be able to spin as fast) I'll have A LOT to upload :D I have quite a lot now. :D

Just checked, I have more 7000 songs Korean only. Actually, when wrote this, it doesn't seem a lot, since I have like 25 000 overall.

Anyhow, that's not why I wanted to post here. I wanted to tell you that SNSD's new song is very, very catchy. It seems to get to me, even though I don't want. Image

Posted: Oct 21st, '11, 09:34
by Ethlenn
You can still post them either in this very thread or create the blog with Korean music and use mediafire ie.
About the MVs - if they appear, I will provide, but unlikely. Last year I gave you all mash-up of videos of 2010.

And I have over 20 Gb of articles and books on top of that on my HD. Plus perfs I simply can't part with (BTD trot version for eva!).

Posted: Oct 21st, '11, 13:08
by Neliets
Mediafire, megaupload... that's not such a bad idea, really. But when the time will come, I'll do that. It's not the time yet, I have nothing worth sharing at the moment. I could make a blog and post like links to stuff from Korean torrent site.

By the way, which Korean torrent site you usually use, Ethlenn?

Posted: Oct 21st, '11, 13:18
by Ethlenn
TorrentRG and 1004torrent are free and without registration, the rest I use is for invite-members, registered members or paid ones (like the original source for encoding groups, ie. Baros, LightWind etc.)
There was also Clubbox but that crap stopped working lately so...

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by Neliets
Ethlenn, you said that Junsu would be making appearances on music shows... BUT HE ISN'T. Now I feel very, very dissapointed. You got my hopes up... ahh... Image

But I think that JYP decided to settle down a little and wait for a better time to send Junsu on stage. At least I hope so, because the performances would be just... marvelous.

Btw, didn't Junsu appear on any of the song remake shows like Immortal Song, I Am A Singer and such? Do you have any information on that?

Posted: Oct 29th, '11, 11:48
by Ethlenn
I read on JYP that he will kick off with promotions, so I assumed it would mean music shows.
Yes, he was on Immortal Song 2 (June, July)