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My Sassy Girl vs Windstruck

Posted: Apr 7th, '05, 23:20
by DonlySuperman
same actress. Just wonderin what you think is better. I like them both but sassy girl is a little funnier.

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 01:27
by rinimeatballs
i liked them both...windstuck was sad and ...hehe a little corny but very touching my sassy girl was silly and funny...and sweet. but i dont think u can watch one without the other just because of how they go with each other. when i show my sassy girl to my friend they almost always go crazy when they see the end of windstuck. i wish more movies had great ending like these.

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 01:59
by Jannah
Gotta go with My Sassy Girl. It's hard to beat. To me, it's the kind of movie that can be watched over & over again. Windstruck gets old after watching it the 2nd time (which I did). And it seemed to drag on a little too long, even when I was watching it the 1st time at the cinema. But I loved the ending! :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 02:05
by DarReNz
my vote goes to My Sassy Girl. It was much better and funnier compared to Windstuck :-)

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 02:05
by busyizzy
They're also the same director.

I liked My Sassy Girl better.

Btw, who thinks of these english titles? -.-;; Windstruck especially, it's Korean title doesn't really mean Windstruck .... and even My Sassy Girl's title is a bit off from the original. But they seem to do that to all Korean movies. O.o

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 02:54
by numbers
i like sassy more than windstruck, even though they are both played JJH (1 of my fav).
i thought windstruck is trying to take advantage of sassy girl's success.

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 03:26
by Dodbos
i think MSG is alot better than windstruck

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 06:46
by Sana
My Sassy Girl. Even with the UFO, it had a better storyline than Windstruck. :whistling:

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 06:52
by mallorn
My Sassy Girl, it's funnier and has a better storyline than Windstruck. I also feel the urge to watch MSG over and over again, and I still haven't gotten tired of it, while Windstruck is your average 'watch one time only' movie for me. :D Just for the record, I loved both of these movies' endings, although the Windstruck one had me laughing and pointing wildly at the screen. :P

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 10:23
by nikeg
my sassy girl was a lot better movie storyline wise... it was funnier more realistic, nothing seemed forced, jun ji hyun looks better in it... windstrucks storyline was just too unrealistic for a movie that started off completely realistic until the wind part... that seemed very forced in the to make a storyline as well as the saving from the water part. if nething windstruck only matches my sassy girl in soundtrack... although i still like my sassy girl ost better windstruck has THHEEEE best song by MC Sniper called BK love

Posted: Apr 8th, '05, 12:26
by otcho
21 for sassy girl 0 for windstruck ^^

Posted: Apr 14th, '05, 09:00
by Penoy
Sassy girl!!!! well I have nothing against windstruck, i enjoyed the film as well, but somehow it was corny especially in the scene where the dead man appeared to Jeun ji hyun.

But I really love My Sassy girl. It's my fav Korean movie. You should also watch my "little bride"

Posted: Apr 15th, '05, 03:37
by kali4niaguy
is this really a fair poll?? so far, any movie that goes up against MSG will surely lose! :D well, in my world MSG will always win. :mrgreen: i gotta get out more. :P

Posted: Apr 15th, '05, 04:13
by DarReNz
I wonder who was the one that voted they both sucked ?

Posted: Apr 15th, '05, 20:00
by DonlySuperman
DarReNz wrote:I wonder who was the one that voted they both sucked ?

Posted: Apr 15th, '05, 20:20
by sakura_r0se
My bf and I have watched My Sassy Girl together with our "hard-to-please" friends, and even THEY liked it. I SERIOUSLY don't know any girl or any guy who's watched the movie and totally thought it sucked.

My Sassy Girl rocks!

Posted: Apr 16th, '05, 04:11
by kazuni
sakura_r0se wrote:My bf and I have watched My Sassy Girl together with our "hard-to-please" friends, and even THEY liked it. I SERIOUSLY don't know any girl or any guy who's watched the movie and totally thought it sucked.

My Sassy Girl rocks!
haha same here. i showed it to a few caucasian fans that hates oriental movies (even jet li and such) and i gotta tell u, it's funny when u see boys cry. lol (when CTY was chasing after JJH in the subway, and when JJH was crying when she tries to call him)

Posted: Apr 19th, '05, 07:30
by athida
These two should be in different categories. I watched Windstruck first so I had a different feeling about Sassy Girl when JJH was crying...

Posted: Apr 19th, '05, 07:47
by WhiteboyLoveAsian
My sassy girl is more addictive to watch.

I've watched My sassy girls for at least 4 times now and the movie is still damn funny.

Posted: Apr 21st, '05, 09:22
by fixated2ken
its my sassy girl for me. there was some kind of magic after watching it... with windstruck it was soo touching but then MSG has already established that good feeling it has brought its viewers

.. but then what i have observed is that if people watched windstruck first before MSG, then they will prefer it over our fave. POV. :D

Posted: Apr 21st, '05, 10:46
by leduytien
watched both and fairly say, My sassy girl is much better than windstruck, although Windstruck has better soundtrack. Scences in Winstruck doesn't seem to be naturally.

Posted: Apr 22nd, '05, 06:17
by plongan
maybe I should wote for Windstruck?? I almost feel sorry for the movie because It seems like it always gets in the shadow of my sassy girl??
but to be honest I can't choose between them. (maybe because I saw windstruck first?)
my sassy girl was fun and you really got "sucked" in to the movie, but Windstruck was sad and did the same thing :unsure:

Posted: Apr 30th, '05, 08:09
by Miss Bouakham
i seriously love them both
but had you only made two options, i would have voted for windstruck simply because i cried more...A LOT more :cry:

Posted: Apr 30th, '05, 09:06
by apples
i watched my sassy girl first. when i was choosing my first korean movie, i made sure that's the one i see. though i voted for my sassy girl, i had to replay windstruck so more many times.. just some particular scenes. maybe it was the soundtrack, or the unnatural scenes (dancing in the rain?)... or because it's just sad. But overall, MSG is slightly better though.

i guess it's the sort of irony between MSG and windstruck kept me thinking days trying to relate the two movies. Thinking (somewhat like savoring food instead of just gulping on it).. Something i get out of kmovies compared to many hollywood films these days.

for those who haven't watched any of the movies yet yet, i think it's so much better to watch My Sassy Girl first.

Posted: May 3rd, '05, 12:37
by alysha
My Sassy Girl is such a good movie and its hard to find a good movies these days. My Sassy Girl is like a standard for me now and i must admit that i've watched it like over 20 times and i still laugh at the same scenes, get teary over the same scenes and get happy over the ending. i just love a good ending.....(oh yeah watch this hk movie "comrades: almost a love story" though you might have to be a fan or know who teressa teng is and know the meanings of her music.....i loved this before sassy girl was made..)

I've watched Windstruck but didn't think its good enough compared to sassy girl and was only trying to ride on the sassy girl fame.
If you loved sassy all have to watch "il mare" which also stars our lovable sassy girl..

well i still can't believe that hollywood bought the rights to sassy girl and il mare (two of my favourite films)...THEY ARE SO GOING TO RUIN IT...!! DAMN YOU HOLLYWOOD!!!!

Posted: May 4th, '05, 08:03
by wwu_1
I voted "Both Good". Cause I reckon both were good in their categories.

One's humourous and the other is ... dramatic (melodramatic?)

But I enjoyed both. Can't really say which one's better than the other.

But I don't understand the link between the guy throughout MSG and the end of WS

Care to explain? :blink

Posted: Aug 16th, '05, 14:47
by choco_miruku
Sassy Girl wins hands down, loved every second of the movie, great pace, funny yet touching. Windstruck got way too draggy towards the end.

Posted: Aug 16th, '05, 15:30
by kood
My Sassy Girl is in a league of its own.

Posted: Aug 16th, '05, 22:49
by aznkiddo_416
my sassy girl is way better of course.. haha.. windstruck was kinda crappy but the storyline ain't that bad.. 8)

Posted: Aug 16th, '05, 23:05
by blackstarjr
Well for me, my sassy girl owned Windstruck..well I liked windstruck, but I liked sassy girl way more

Posted: Aug 16th, '05, 23:53
by Tekuza
Sassy girl hands down win in comedy i think they just released Windstruck to make extra money but then again any movie of Ji Jeon Hyun is good for me :lol

Posted: Aug 17th, '05, 03:38
by Chaser
No contest. My Sassy Girl.

I've only seen Windstruck once. It just doesn't strike a chord with me the say MSG does.

Posted: Dec 26th, '05, 04:14
by orian
I voted for My Sassy girl, it will be a timeless classic over many years to come because I don' t think any film could do better than My Sassy Girl. I wish they would make a sequel because I wanted to see more of Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun those two have excellent chemistry together.

Posted: Dec 26th, '05, 04:14
by orian
I voted for My Sassy girl, it will be a timeless classic over many years to come because I don' t think any film could do better than My Sassy Girl. I wish they would make a sequel because I wanted to see more of Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun those two have excellent chemistry together.

Posted: Dec 27th, '05, 06:00
by Last_Son
I'd have to disagree with the majority. I don't know why so many people picked Sassy girl, is it the fact you guys saw it first. Does it make a huge difference if you're korean? Is it the hype? I was actually bored most of the time. I pick Windstruck simply cause it made me cry big time. Plus Jang Hyuk is much better looking than the other big nose dude. :glare:
I'll never know. Who cares. Everyone has their tastes.

Posted: Dec 27th, '05, 06:11
by splur
Without a doubt, My Sassy Girl. It was just good lol, everything about it. Personally, I hate chick flicks, but My Sassy Girl made it enjoyable. Windstruck was pure chick flick romantic tragedy, which made me snore.

Posted: Dec 27th, '05, 06:17
by azndgn26
dun get me wrong but they're both great movies. If I had to choose between them then I would hav to go wit My Sassy Girl cuz it's more of a movie that is enjoyable even after u've watched it a thousand times whereas Windstruck was more of a movie where u can watch wen u want a sad romantic storyline once in a while. My Sassy Girl was more funnier & had a happy ending ehil Windstruck was more sader & had an unexpecting ending.

Posted: Dec 27th, '05, 06:24
by flipnicity
I liked Sassy Girl more hands down... I thot Windstruck was ok... buh it had a lot of parts that didnt seem possible... (like her falling off the building and landing on a balloon)... I know that Sassy Girl had UFOs and aliens buh it actually did something for the storyline. Windstruck seemed more corny too... especially the ending... My Sassy Girl was one of the first korean movies Ive seen and it remains one of my favourites (besides Tae Guk Ki[sp?])... ^^

Posted: Dec 30th, '05, 04:32
by shinkou
I voted for My Sassy Girl because the story was clever and more realistic although, I think Windstruck's soundtrack was much better.

Posted: Dec 30th, '05, 04:41
by ahaw
1 vote 4 my sassy girl......


Posted: Dec 31st, '05, 00:37
by yakusoku92
i liked them both but i picked
Windstruck.. i liked the story. it was kinda like a tragic love story. i really liked sassy girl but somehow i just like windstruck more. yes i'm a bit weird

Posted: Dec 31st, '05, 22:44
by weirdo90
my sassy girl

Posted: Jan 25th, '06, 16:21
by Hest foder
I must say.. My Sassy girl

Posted: Jan 25th, '06, 16:31
by allredndizzy
i loved them both..i think windstruck is better though, i guess i'm just a sucker for romantic movies..

Posted: Jan 27th, '06, 16:50
by mh
I like them both so I can't pick etiher one they have both their good and bad So I vote for "EQUALLY GOOD!"

Posted: Jan 27th, '06, 17:12
by [D-W]Katsu
i prefer My sassy girl, it's the first Korean, movie i 've seen. this movie give me the desire to see some more with Jun Ji Huyn, and other Korean movie.

i too like

Posted: Jan 27th, '06, 17:23
by chinuku
hi guys,
one of my first korean movies is mysassy girl then i went through windstruck, ii mare.

Posted: Jan 28th, '06, 14:46
by son_yejin
I find My Sassy Girl to be the very embodiment of a feel-good korean movie.
It has all the elements, poignant love story, an equal dose of laughter, and moments when you just reflect on your own experiences.

Windstruck, i remembered crying so much for this one.
Much more than for My Sassy Girl.

But I have to give props to My Sassy Girl, why?
Cause i've watched it 30+ times and counting, and I still never fail to laugh.
Personally one of the best movies I've watched..yet.

Posted: Jan 29th, '06, 13:24
by rambutan
Windstruck. Won't get tired watching it because of the great OST. Love Tears! Cried buckets.

Posted: Jan 29th, '06, 13:53
by dayzi
Hmm. I've watch the sassy girl and later on move to windstruck ( in which after few months it was release and it was directed by the same director). But I prefer Sassy girl since it was recommended by my friend and besides it was funnier and less emotional involvement whereas windstruck was also funny but more emotional involvement and in the end both is still good and has their own specialty javascript:emoticon(':cheers:')

Posted: Jan 29th, '06, 14:15
by dmaechan
my sassy girl was way better than windstruck... yup yup.

but i don't really see what's the big deal w/ MSG... i think it's a lil overrated...but then again..i am bias..since i'm not so into movies of this genre

Posted: Feb 3rd, '06, 07:48
by erio
both are excellent! can't go wrong with either one since jun ji hyun is in it!!!

Posted: Feb 4th, '06, 22:47
by Sadden_One
they both were good to me
i think the main reason why people voted more for my sassy girl is cuz they watched it first, so they have a different vision on windstruck
i also watched my sassy girl first, and yes it was excellent, but windstruck was as good as my sassy girl if u take the time to watch it without comparing any scenes to my sassy girl, just like if u watched windstruck first
so i voted both :D

Posted: Feb 8th, '06, 02:49
by smileyface(:
isn't windstruck the prequel to my sassy girl or something like that?
i haven't seen my sassy girl, so i won't vote =X