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Anyone know any good POP KOREAN MUSIC?

Posted: Apr 5th, '06, 23:31
by minhiee
i'm looking for something with cool beats too!! lol. like ummm.. you guys know any groups or singers? and where i can find them? hehe thanks!

Posted: Apr 5th, '06, 23:37
by ladeeda
I really like Boa.. she sings in both Korean and Japanese, though I like her Japanese stuff better.

Posted: Apr 6th, '06, 00:03
by yummiekiwi
There's Se7en, Taebin, Bi/Rain, Shinhwa, Minwoo, Dong Bang Shin Gi or Dong Bang SHin Ki (it depends on how people spell it, Fly to the Sky, Jinusean (tho they're more rap hip hopish), Group S (haha they're old but they release some pretty awesome songs), SG Wannabe.. Ohh and Kangta n JTL almost forgot>.<!

As for girls.. Boa, Hyori Lee, As One, Finkle, Baby Vox, Lee Soo Young, Lee Jung Hyun (she's kinda more trance/ techno), SES, Park Ji Yoon..

That's all I can think of rite now.. they're all very poppy =D some are old.. but I don't keep up w/ music that much hope you like some of them :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 6th, '06, 00:05
by yummiekiwi
Ohh you can find these artist on Limewire :D but I didn't say that :whistling:

Posted: Apr 6th, '06, 00:17
by minhiee
wow thank you guys lolz

Posted: Apr 6th, '06, 00:22
by yummiekiwi
No prob!! :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 6th, '06, 00:45
by minhiee
do you guys know any sites where i can download these as albums in torrents?

Posted: Apr 6th, '06, 01:10
by yummiekiwi
Try I think they would have it..

Posted: Apr 6th, '06, 01:26
by LYF7anatic
I was impressed with yummiekiwi. :D She likes K-pop music too. Sometimes I listen to it in my car. Few years back, I used to go to mIRC channels on EFnet server and downloaded mostly music videos and live performances. I haven't been back to those channels for a while so I'm not sure if they're still exist.


Posted: Apr 6th, '06, 02:07
by yummiekiwi
LYF7anatic wrote:I was impressed with yummiekiwi. :D She likes K-pop music too. Sometimes I listen to it in my car. Few years back, I used to go to mIRC channels on EFnet server and downloaded mostly music videos and live performances. I haven't been back to those channels for a while so I'm not sure if they're still exist.

Thanks! It seems like we have the same taste in music :D Those channels are still up but I recommend it's much faster and they have everything on there it's a good way to preview some of the music before Dling it too :-)

Top Korean Music

Posted: Sep 26th, '06, 03:42
by dan12
which korean singers should i dl, i prefer girls singer but i can deal with a male singer like clazzaque

does anyone kno...

Posted: Dec 31st, '06, 05:56
by nini-fairy
do anyone kno where i can download Baby VOX's I'm Still Loving You(chinese version)?..and baby vox are a great group of singers..i don't think u wont be disappointed when u listen to there songs

korean singer..??!!

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 02:26
by meera
i would definitely dl rain's songs...
others....super junior...
they're all super hot.. :P :mrgreen:

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 08:05
by Chewyr
i reconmend Hyori Lee and DBSK their songs are really good
hope that cn help u out :-)

Posted: Jan 1st, '07, 08:39
by anglvue
okie you guys. i'm not very up to date with kpop as i used to be so i still listen to the older stuff. i prefer ballads but i have to say, shinhwa still rocks my boat. they have good beats. oh, and 1tym is the best! tashannie is good too.

Posted: Jan 5th, '07, 04:01
by wootWOOT~
DBSK....umm.. thats wut i can think of for kPOP :sweat: but..i recommend FlyToTheSky even tho i thik its probably more r&b... its reeally good tho heheh

Posted: Jan 6th, '07, 20:51
by kangeroo
dong bang shin ki
just two of my faves!!

Posted: Jan 6th, '07, 21:09
by xBbasyax
There's DBSK, Se7en, Super Junior, Younha(although she mostly sings in japanese), Kangta & Vanness, S.E.S, SMTown, Chun Sang Jee Hee, BoA, nuh eh ge nan na eh ge nun (a song...i like it, but i dont know who sings it x_x)

if you want more songs, check out the songs from korean dramas ^^

Posted: Feb 22nd, '07, 03:07
by meera
really luv super junior, rain n kangta...
but does anyone know where i can DL the mv...
it's really hard though finding it...

Posted: Mar 4th, '07, 01:32
by colradoski2
i listen to Baby V.O.X., Se7ven, and Bi (rain)

Posted: Mar 5th, '07, 23:49
by silverlyblue

Posted: Apr 2nd, '07, 07:48
by scadoodle624
I really like Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior and I just started listening to Baby Vox....they're pretty good too even though they broke up....but does any one know where i can download Baby Vox songs like "Doll"?

Posted: Apr 2nd, '07, 23:05
by xAsianx
;( I can't belive Koyote hasn't been said yet.


Posted: Apr 12th, '07, 21:16
by nijokeem
I would say DBSK and BoA.
also, SuperJunior.

I just never have the time to download/watch/lisiten aka FIND k-pop music anymore.

Posted: Apr 12th, '07, 21:41
by christaluvsdrama
Jang Nara hehe luv her music Loveholic ummm Eugene....Howl

Posted: Jul 11th, '08, 02:11
by xxSaranghaeyoxx3
I would recommend DBSK, Bi (Rain), SHINee, BIg Bang, SNSD, SS501. ^____^

Posted: Jul 11th, '08, 02:12
by dbsklover123
listen to dbsk they sing good :D

Posted: Jul 13th, '08, 11:31
by ianthe_ona777
anyone know where i can download the soundtrack of Jenny Juno for free? or the song sarang hal guh ya by park hye kyung? im so desperate!! please can anybody answer me?? thank you!!

Posted: Jul 14th, '08, 00:34
by christaluvsdrama

Posted: Jul 14th, '08, 00:40
by Zealousy
Lawl. At the moment, I really like Jewelry, Brown Eyed Girls & Wonder Girls.

Posted: Jul 17th, '08, 22:33
by garnet07
You can download Korean albums on my site by clicking on the image below V.

For Kpop, I recommend DBSK, HOT, Shinhwa, Wonder Girls, Babyvox and many more but yah, just read about them on my site because there's a lot.

Posted: Aug 7th, '08, 23:52
by Sugaface
I really like DBSK and I didn't see Lim Jeong Hee anywhere but I really like her. Her newest album "Before I go J Lim" Was pretty big. She is trying to start a career here in the states and Big Boi from OutKast is on one of her songs. I also like Rain (Bi) and there is an artist her name is just "J", hard to find but I really like her music.

Posted: Aug 8th, '08, 18:38
by ianthe_ona777
does anybody here know the singer/band HWE SONG? im not sure though if the spelling is right. im looking for his song entitled "MAL OL HE JO" not sure of the spelling also but the chorus starts with mal ol he jo... or in english "tell me" . do you know it? coz im lookig for that song for over 4 years now. PLEASE HELP! =(

Posted: Aug 8th, '08, 18:46
by Sugaface
Is Hwe Song Korean?

EDIT: If he is Korean, I think it is spelled Whee Sung or Wheesung.

Posted: Aug 8th, '08, 18:55
by Sugaface
Could it be this?

Posted: Aug 8th, '08, 19:01
by moomooray
try epik high hes nice :D and big bang

Posted: Aug 8th, '08, 19:11
by lovenyc52
I was scrolling down this thread and was shocked nobody had mentioned EPIK HIGH!!! and then i saw moomooray's post and was like 'thank god!!!'. :cheers: They are by far my favorite korean group - so talented and their music varies too.. i would say mostly hip hop (TABLO is an absolutely amazing mc) but they do have more upbeat poppy stuff sometimes too.

Other than that I don't have any favorites - just random songs i get mostly from kdramas I watch or from the music people use in their drama mv's on youtube :D [/b]

Posted: Aug 8th, '08, 19:40
by -sumire-
i think you could try Epik, BigBang,동방신기,비,
1TYM,number1,KCM,이승기, 신화 and Se7en.
This is a few music that i listen there are so much it's just a preview of the Korean pop.
If i have a time i'lli give you all the good sond that i listen ok!!
so enjoy the goods songs.
bye bye