All about outsider ..~

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All about outsider ..~

Post by smile4sj » Sep 27th, '10, 10:23


Hello everyone
I want to talk about the fastest rapper in South Korea
And please everyone add something about Outsider



Outsider is the fastest rapper in the world, able to say 17 syllables in one second. His uniquely explosive style of rap is why he drew music insiders’ attention even before his regular album hit the market. He has shown that he’s evolving musically by mixing more embracing and sensitive sounds to his distinctively powerful rap in his second album. Enjoy the thrill of light-speed rap with Outsider!

... ~

Name : Outsider (real name: Shin Ok-cheol)
Date of birth : March 21, 1983
Height : 170cm
Weight : 60kg
Talents : Composition, soccer, taekwond

Waiting for everyone

:thumright: :D

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