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Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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Post by Norlia » May 4th, '07, 19:12

200 lb beauty
Seducing Mr.Perfect
Art of Seduction
My Tutor Freind

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Post by kizuna » May 4th, '07, 20:04

Sympathy for Mr. & Lady Vengeance
A Tale Of Two Sisters

and some other :whistling:

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Post by Choknut » May 11th, '07, 21:08

I've seen so many!! but here's my List of Movies that I keep watching over and over again!!! :D
I really like Comedy or Romantic Comedy!! so if you're like me, I would highly recommend that you watch some of this:

1. 100 days with Mr. Arrogant (w. Ha jiwon, Kim jae won)
2. My Tutor Friend (ksw, knh)
3. Happy Days ( jang Nara)
4. Temptation of the Wolves (Romance of their Own)
5. My Boss, My Student
6. 200 Pounds Beauty
7. Marrying the Mafia 1 & 2
8. My Wife is a Gangster 3
9. My Boss, My Hero
10. My Sassy Girl
11. Windstruck
12. The Classic
13. Il Mare
14. My Little Bride
15. He's So Cool
16. Volcano High


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Post by kobe23 » May 19th, '07, 17:52

The Classic

Just seen it after having it on my computer for almost a year mainly because some people said it's really boring and yes, the start was a bit slow, but it turned out to be one of the best romantic movies I have ever seen, and I don't even like romance movies all that much. The Classic however has a great story and so many beautiful scenes (like the rain/umbrella scene).

As so many others that liked this movie have already said, this one is truly a 'Classic'.

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Post by nanafarhanna » May 26th, '07, 04:42

he was cool.... --> fell in love with song seung heon~

my girl and i... --> schweeet~

100 days with mr arrogant..~

make it big... --> hot guys here.. LOL..

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Post by mittens » May 31st, '07, 03:52

The classic (the ending gave me some goose bumps, really nice story)
A moment to remember (I had to cry in this one!)
Too beautiful to lie (This kinda reminds me of My girl, which is my fave K-drama)
Windstruck (Cry2)
My Sassy Girl (My first k-movie)
A moment to remember
100 days with Mr. Arrogant
He was cool

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Post by SmiLeeGirl » May 31st, '07, 03:59

The ones have watched repeatedly are
Shadowless Sword
Who Are You? (found this by accident -- has the same guy from the classic -- he is a good actor - I would buy it if I could find it!!!)
Temptation of Wolves aka Romance of their Own
The Classic
He was Cool

I also liked
my sassy girl and windstruck
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Post by daisylya » May 31st, '07, 04:04

windstruck :cry:

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Post by ruisu » May 31st, '07, 04:29

OldBoy was the best in the vengeance trilogy
Barking Dogs Don't Bite is good too

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Post by Angel551 » May 31st, '07, 04:36

1) My Boss My Hero
2) He was Cool
3) My Little Bride
4) She is on Duty
5) My Boss My Teacher
6) 200 Pound <<<<<<<<<<<<<< ITs the Best ^______________^
7) Daddy long legs
8) ing
9) My Sassy Girl
10) Millionaire's first love
11) Temptation of Wolves

These are the best so far .... :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by zooey » May 31st, '07, 04:59

I've seen tons of them. Here are the ones that I liked.

1. 3-Iron
2. My Sassy Girl
3. Il Mare
4. Joint Security Area
5. Art Museum by the Zoo

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Post by zooey » May 31st, '07, 04:59

Eek double post. :pale:

I'll thrown in "The Classic", "Bittersweet Life" and "Harmonium in my Memory".
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Post by spyefox » May 31st, '07, 05:23

Not the best but I really like - The Restless only because of Kim Tae Hee :thumleft:

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Post by Jkze » May 31st, '07, 09:45

Once Upon a Time in High School

I loved that movie. :thumleft:

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Post by tracycutie » May 31st, '07, 09:59

my ultimate favorite has to be


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Post by BonnY » Jun 5th, '07, 15:14

did i post here?? anyway
i ´ve bunches of those korean/japanese/chinese movies at home. just download them everyday....:-)
well, as for korean movies i have seen till today, those would be
" Duelist"
" My boyfriend´s type B"
" Bittersweet life "
" Dog bite Dog"
and " Crying Fist"

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Post by BonnY » Jun 5th, '07, 15:15

oopsy, sorry
dog bite dog is wrong!!!

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Post by JoeCheng » Jun 5th, '07, 15:33

My fav. ones would be:

1.) The Duelist (Fell in love with kang dong won here.. ^^)
2.) Mr. Socrates (Even though I couldn´t stand Kim Rae Won before that now I really love him..)
3.) 200 Pounds Beauty (It was really funny and not that typical 2 Boys 1 Girl Story)
4.) Flying Boys (Well I liked it mainly because of the actors but the movie was also nice)
5.) Holy Daddy / Wontak´s Angel (Haha was really great and funny in this one)
6.) Too Beautiful to lie / Don´t trust her (It was fun and nice)
ah.. and almost forgot one of the best.. (silly me)
7.) The King and the Clown (Really great acting and nice scenery)
8.) I´m I cyborg but that´s okay (Only for people with really weird thaste like me ^^)

Yeah I think these are my most favourite movies.. I can only recommend them..
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Just 2

Post by altec1 » Jun 5th, '07, 17:53

Thus far...
1. A Tale of Two Sisters (so creepy and scary) :pale:
2. My Sassy Girl (too much fun) :wub:

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Post by Superkyle » Jun 5th, '07, 18:13

200 Pound Beauty (the best!)
The Host
I'm a Cyborg But That's OK

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Post by evil4ever » Jun 5th, '07, 18:27

For me it will be 8)
The King and the clown <<< I like the acting soo much :w00t:
Temptation of wolves <<< love it cant stop watching it again and again :wub:
Sunflower <<< speechless the story + acting + ending OMG :cheers: :w00t:
200 pound of beauty << sweet + funny :-)
A moment To Remember <<< OMG really love it :wub: :roll :wub:
My Boss My Student <<< l laugh sooo much soo funny :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
That’s in my mind right know :salut:

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Post by Sugaface » Jun 6th, '07, 17:48

I really liked April Snow, Shadowless Sword and My Wife is a Gangster. I have see the first part of I'm a Cyborg But That's OK, and I realyl liked it and can't wait to see the rest.

I have been wanting to see the Host!

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Post by gelatinreiko » Jun 9th, '07, 16:33

my little bride
a moment to remember (one of the very few movies that made me cry..)

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Post by spyefox » Jun 11th, '07, 03:25

Last weekend, I managed to watch Oasis - which was really extraordinary story and extremely good acting by both the main characters. I also watched The Temptation of Wolves which was good too. The 3rd movie I watched was Memories of Murder. It was a really good movie and good acting too.

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Post by uladelz » Jun 19th, '07, 10:17

He Was Cool
My Little Bride

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Post by iamchiquee » Jun 19th, '07, 11:02

the following are the list of my favorite movies.

1. the classic(my most favorite)
2. my little bride. (the first movie i see from kim rae won)
3. ...ing(i like the last part of this movie)
4. windstruck. (i like
5. my boyfriend is type B.
6. innocent step.
7. marrying a millionaire. (this is also one of my favorite movie.)
8. Once upon a time in high school.

this movies are highly recommended.
I luv it!



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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jun 19th, '07, 22:20

I normally don't watch k-movies because I like dramas better, but I have seen two.

I heard a lot about 200-pound beauty so I put my drama-viewing to a stop and decided to try it out. it turned out to be really good! Funny and touching at the same time.

I don't understand the hype over My Sassy Girl. It was really confusing for me so maybe that's why I didn't really like it. But there were a lot of funny parts nonetheless.

Oh yeah, and I saw about 30 minutes of Tale of Two Sisters. By myself. Never again will I do something that stupid. I am too scared to finish the rest.

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Post by pokute » Jun 19th, '07, 23:05

Just saw The Restless, it was fun. So were Gwoemul and I'm a Cyborg... But none is really a great film. Not by a long shot.

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Post by gummonster » Jun 19th, '07, 23:07

200 pounds of beauty was the best kmovie. Kim Ah-joong was so adorable. I begin to like her now. And her voice was just so sweet and She could sing so good. I love all the songs in the movie

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Post by sp4078 » Jun 29th, '07, 11:08

Well, for now, mine is

I love:

1. Maundy Thursday (aka Our Happy Time): YOU WANT TO CRY YOUR EYES OUT. GO Ahead. I'm serious. No terminal disease, no accident. You can just cry....I fell in love with Kang Dong won here.
2. 200 pounds of beauty: hottess one right now. Fun and touching. I kinda doubt about her voice to be THAT good. But anway, great movie, great OST, great storyline
3. Welcome to Dongmakgol: Best anti-war movie I have ever watched

I'm okay with:

4.. Art of seduction: I am not totally into it but I had good laughs
5. Holy Daddy: Touching.
6. Beauty and the Beast: again, don't like it very much but enjoyed.
7. My tutor friend: predictable but cute.
8. Sex is Zero: okayyyy, I'm not talking about the sex scenes but a good lesson. Other than that, the show is kinda dirty.

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Post by RyuNoKami » Jul 1st, '07, 15:54

can someone recommend a good comedic k-movie? Thank You.

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Post by phan1 » Jul 2nd, '07, 09:29

One that hasn't been said yet is "Marriage is a Crazy Thing" aka "Crazy Marriage". I absolutely loved this movie. It's a dark comedy, sort of in the same vein of American Beauty. GREAT Movie.

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jul 6th, '07, 18:23

I've decided to go on a k-movie maration. I don't know why. I just feel like it.

Here are movies I'm thinking about watching:
The Classic
A Moment to Remember
The King and the Clown
Il Mare
Maundy Thursday
3 Iron
He was Cool
100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

Here are the very few movies I've seen:
200-pound beauty: Loved it.
A Millionaire's First Love: Pretty good. Confusing though.
My Sassy Girl: Funny, but so confusing I could barely enjoy it.

Am I missing any "Must See" movies or should I take off my list any "Stay Away From" movies? As you can see, I tend to find k-movies confusing. Maybe I'm just really stupid or something. So if you can, please recommend some of the more 'simpler' ones...

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Post by kobe23 » Jul 7th, '07, 14:56

K-movies are inherently confusing, and if you don't "get it" you might end up not appreciating it as much as you should. To be honest, the best korean movies are usually the ones that leave you slightly baffled and require you to do further research on the internet to understand what it all means.

Some of my most favorite k-movies fit that category:

- A Tale of Two Sisters (Very confusing and open for interpretation, need further research and re-watch to know what it means. One of the best horror films)

- Il Mare (Based on time travel which is always confusing, but it's best not to think about it too much)

- The Classic (Love story based on 2 different time periods, not really confusing)

- My Sassy Girl (Once again this one has hints of time travel in it and can be quite confusing, but to me, has one of the most beautiful endings I have ever seen)

- A Moment to Remember (Based on a terminal illness, but despite that, I really liked it. Son Yeh Jin is amazingly beautiful there. This one isn't confusing at all)

- Spider Forest (Confused the hell out of me, and I still don't get it. But it's one of my favorites)

But if you want to watch k-movies that aren't confusing then I recommend romantic comedies such as The Art of Seduction, Seducing Mr. Perfect etc....don't watch horror since almost all of them are open for interpretation.

I've been watching Korean movies for over a year now and since then I haven't seen a single Hollywood film. K-movies require you to think as opposed to Hollywood films where you sit back, eat popcorn and watch cars explode.

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Post by devotee » Jul 7th, '07, 15:40

^ I know what you mean, I've been watching k-movies straight for almost 4 yrs....

anyway, I'd recommend.

my sassy girl
bittersweet life
the art of fighting
gangster high
the big scene
save the green planet
no mercy for the rude
temptation of wolves
maundy thursday
my wife is a gangster (all but the 3rd one)
marrying the mafia (all but the 3rd)
volcano high
Welcome to Dongmakgol
sympathy for mr vengance
sympathy for lady vengance
(I wasn't too crazy about oldboy, but i find Yu Ji-tae very attractive ~)
Guns and talk
Tae Guk Gi
The King and the Clown
Tale of two sisters
200 lb beauty
the host
the high rollers
mr socrates
my little bride
Righteous Ties
radio star
he was cool
too beautiful to lie
The classic
ice bar

I can go on.... but seriously check out work from certain directors you like, or go by actors' filmographies. Most actors are very choosy about the types of roles they will accept, and you can bet the movies they appear in are really good.

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jul 8th, '07, 15:11

^whew...i thought i was the only one who found k-movies to be confusing.
What I didn't understan about My Sassy Girl was not the time travelling part but how they met and then why they broke up.

I just finished "...ing" (weird title). But it was an okay movie - easy to understand at least.
Thanks for the suggestions guys!

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Post by devotee » Jul 8th, '07, 17:30

^haha, but isn't that whats so great about them?

for instance, I watched No mercy for the rude & Puzzle (both out in 2006) a while ago, but I still can't help mulling those two over. There's so much compacted in there, in such a short period of time..... its so unique.

hopefully k-movies can stay that way - the US film industry is already up in arms about it :glare:

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Post by XrayMind » Jul 8th, '07, 18:08

fizzlex3mh wrote:^whew...i thought i was the only one who found k-movies to be confusing.
What I didn't understan about My Sassy Girl was not the time travelling part but how they met and then why they broke up.

I just finished "...ing" (weird title). But it was an okay movie - easy to understand at least.
Thanks for the suggestions guys!
I don't remember any time traveling part in My Sassy Girl.

I assume everyone has seen this movie. If not, why not? So I put this whole plot in the spoiler.
She gets drunk on the anniversary of her boyfriend's death. Get saved by a guy who turn later turn out to be the death boyfriend's cousin. They go through weird courtship. She still can't get over the death of old boyfriend. He figures out there is a dead boyfriend, he don't know it's his cousin yet. They decide to separate for a year. She didn't show up after 1 year, because she in England still getting over her dead boyfriend. He decide to go to England to meet her. But before he leaves, he meets aunt, who been pestering him about this girl she been trying introduce to him since the anniversary of her dead son.
I think the edits in the beginning confuse you. It begin one year after they buried their messages. The passport photo session for his trip to England, that happen near the end of the movie. The call was from his aunt to meet her. Notice he wearing the same suit in the photo shoot as in the end scenes in the train station and restaurant.

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Post by uladelz » Jul 8th, '07, 20:50

Yeah," My Sassy Girl" is quite confusing but it turns out great in the end. I like the sweet ending which is super duper funny! I can't stop laughing when see the ending ^^

Another good movie that i would like to recommend is "He Was Cool". I don't know why but i love this movie so much. Eventhough the movie kinda a-fairy-tale-like story, but somehow,there is something good about the movie. The actors are brilliant in acting and they know how to build a strong chemistry. I've watched this movie for many times and never get bored =D

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Post by kobe23 » Jul 9th, '07, 16:27

There was nothing directly to do with time travel in My Sassy Girl but there were hints of it. Like the old man by the tree actually being the guy from the future. Something else as well but I can't remember since it was my first K-movie a long time ago.

Another MUST SEE is Oldboy - This one truly epitomizes Korean movies. Powerful story telling and imagery with a great twist. Not for the faint hearted though, since it has some disturbing moments.

For hollywood type blockbuster action then I recommend Typhoon and 2009: Lost Memories. Both very entertaining movies and under-rated because they're not typical K-movies.

Horror is still my favorite genre when it comes to K-movies, since even the "bad" ones are entertaining. You need to watch Phone for the best performance by a child actress ever!

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Post by kobe23 » Jul 14th, '07, 14:43

Anyone seen My Girls Boyfriend? I thought it was hilarious! The narrative has a very similar style to the drama Soulmate, in the way the story is told in flashbacks and how the 6 character's lives somehow intertwines. Only this movie is much more explicit - The are several sex scenes which may not be suitable for persons under 18 :-) It also has a very clever twist at the end which had me cracking up. :lol


It's not the most insightful k-movie you'll ever see, but it sure as hell is entertaining.

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Post by NoClover » Jul 14th, '07, 16:54

1. Guns & Talks /// a very good movie :D !!
2. Taegukgi

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Post by YaGaMi82 » Jul 21st, '07, 00:08

Although I've watched many Korean movies these are the ones I recommend the most:

A Bittersweet Life - Awesome in every way possible, this is the movie for me that took Korean cinema to another level. Just watch it!

Tale of 2 Sisters - Before "A Bittersweet Life" Ji-woon Kim made this movie. I've never liked movies in the same genre like Ring and The Grudge. This one has an excellent plot to go with the acting and superb direction of Ji-woon Kim.

Old Boy - Although the story is sickening this movie is well made in every way.

My Sassy Girl - The chemistry between the lead actors is amazing, this beautifully shot film gives me the nice fuzzy feeling.

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Post by BeautifulAlone » Aug 15th, '07, 04:57

Of course, the classics like Friend, Memories of Murder and Attack the Gas Station!! To add a few that haven't already been or overly mentioned that are noteworthy films...

A Family

Anarctic Journal
World of Silence

Fighter in the Wind

2009:Lost Memories

Into the Mirror

Kick the Moon
A Bold Family

Nowhere to Hide

The Humanist

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Post by melphoen » Aug 15th, '07, 05:07

Welcome to DongMakGol
Guns & Talks
Monday Thursday
Millionaire's First Love
La Belle
No Mercy for the Rude
My Lovely Week
Dirty Carnival

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Post by eggleng » Aug 17th, '07, 04:41

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Post by zooey » Aug 17th, '07, 09:01

kobe23 wrote: You need to watch Phone for the best performance by a child actress ever!
I have to agree. That little girl was very convincing and talented in a I'm-freaked-out-as-a-viewer" sort of way.:blink "Phone" is actualy a pretty decent Korean horror flick.

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Post by Cleo » Aug 19th, '07, 19:10

I really liked:
The Classic (was very moved by this one :cry: )
Too beautiful to lie (I couldn't stop laughing at this one, Kim Ha Neul is just soo good^^)
Temptation of wolves
Mu tutor friend
She's on duty (Yummy Goong Yoo :wub: )
He was cool
200 pounds beauty (the actress is amazing!)
100 days mith Mr Arrogant

If anyone can give me advice for the same kind of movie, I would be glad :-)

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Post by crazypilovee » Aug 23rd, '07, 00:27

OLDBOY -i think it might just be my fav. krn movie-the twist is sooo brilliant i did not see that coming at all. but if u don't like pormiscuous stuff, don't watch this. it's gory too. i like the director's style, but the other 2 movies of this trilogy wasn't as clever at all.. EXPLICIT scene.

Bystanders/Diary of June-talks about a boy who's bullied in class and detectives trying to solve the murders going on around it. there's a twist, but not too unpredictable.

Daisy- love triangle. one guy's an assasin and the other's a policeman, pretty good.

A Moment to Remember- cried a lot in this one! about a grl who has alzheimer's i think? forgetting memories stuff

A Millionaire's First Love- so who hasn't seen this yet? haha. Hyun Bin, wat else needs to be said? the grl's super pretty. and even though it was confusing, it was really sad and cute. i love the OST =]

She's On Duty- haha kim soon ah is super funny! and the guy's not bad looking either (from coffee prince) kim soon ah's working undercover at this high school to get info on this grl's dad.

The Classic- sweet. involves two generations' love stories.

My tutor friend- gosh the guy is so hotttt. this poor college grl tutors a rich/badass high schooler haha.

Maundy Thursday/our happy days(?)- about a suicidal woman who visits this guy in jail every thursday. pretty sad/depression but really good.

Sex is Zero!- it's supppperrr funny. haha even though it's a lot about sex, the main guy's pretty sweet and caring :D it's like krn version of american pie. EXPLICIT scenes.

The Beat and the Beauty- MUST WATCHHH!!! it's sooooooooo cute and FUNNNYYY :D about a grl who was blind and has a pretty ugly bf. and then got surgery and was able to see again, so the bf gets scared and runs away hehehe. sooo funny.

Taegugki- about war. won bin is in it, so obviously a MUST WATCH!

i'm a cyborg, but that's ok- pretty crazy/unique film. but good nonetheless. it has rain in it!! This grl's sent to a psychiatric ward and thinks she's a cyborg, there she meets ppl like rain who tries to solve her prob (and in turn i think his own prob?)

spring, summer, autumn, winter, and spring- about a lil buddhist kid that lives in the center of a river w/ his master. coming of age story. EXPLICIT scene.

King and the Clown- about entertainers who became trapped in the king's palace. the king likes the really feminine guy (lee jun ki) and i think his best friend likes him too... haha but it's not stated obviously. very unique/good movie.

The Duelist- didn't care much abotu the story, the cinematography is really pretty though. especially when the two lovers fight.. i read it's supposed to rep. them making love? but don't worry it's nothing explicit haha.

3-iron- omgosh jae hee plays this role soo wellll. it's about this guy who always goes into ppls' houses when they're away and lives there, then he cleans their house as payment for rent/food. so he's basically like not seen in the world. he meets a woman who's abused by her husband and they live together for a while without EVER speaking to each other. i loved that part about the movie, how the movie can carry itself forward even w/ no words for like 30 mins.

Time- by kim ki-duk again. about this girl who's insecure about her boyfriend's feelings about her and goes to get plastic surgery. the beginning and end tie together, although it doesn't make much sense. EXPLICIT scene.. kinda i think.

Princess Aurora-about a mom who tries to take revenge on her daughter's murder. EXPLICIT scene.

Sad Movie- yeah.. very sad. I like how it had all kinds of relationship stories.

enjoyable movies:
-Love Me Not
-200 Lbs Beauty
-100 days w/ Mr. Arrogant
- My Girl & I
-He Was Cool
-Temptation of Wolves
-The Host
- My Sassy Girl
-The Host (although kinda lame plot...)
-Too Beautiful To Lie
-My Little Bride
-Lovers (ughh VERY EXPLICIT, but i like the unique ending)
-Almost Love
-Fly High (main guy from over the rainbow! he's hott :])
-See You After School

i really love movies directed/written by Park Chan-wook(Oldboy) and Kim Ki-duk(3-iron), although they're all on the darker side of krn cinema-reason why it's more artistic/clever/unique.

do you guys know any good 2007 movies and like where to watch them? i use crunchyroll but they've been taking a lot down recently =[

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Post by amirvero » Aug 23rd, '07, 01:22

I think Old Boy is one of the best Korean movie I have ever seen

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Good Movies

Post by Cuddlycarebear » Aug 23rd, '07, 01:30

I've seen so many great korean movies!
My favorites are:
1.See you after School 8) Hilarious!
2.Fly, Daddy, Fly Lee Joon Ki, Need I say more?
3.The Host best monster movie eva!
4. Seducing Mr. Perfect
5. He was Cool Best Classic Korean love story in my opinion!
6. The Duelist Kang Dong Won is dreamy with long hair!
7. The King and the Clown Amazing acting!
8. My Tutor Friend 1 & 29. Unstoppable Marriage
10. The Beauty and the Beast

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Post by kawaiimomo » Aug 23rd, '07, 01:41

OFF TOPIC sorta, i'm really sorry for being off topic but i really don't know where to ask this. for those of you who have seen Time did anyone get the ending!? cause i'm really lost! once again i'm sorry for going off topic.

Well there are a lot of really good korean movies out there it's so hard to pick!! i guess i would pick

My Sassy Girl
A moment to remember
Old Boy
The Classic
i'm sure there are more but i can't think of all of them right now! :roll

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Post by amirvero » Aug 23rd, '07, 01:45

Yeah The King and the Clown was a really good movie but I don't know about Fly Daddy. Lee Jun Ki does look hot in it though

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Post by crazypilovee » Aug 23rd, '07, 02:59

mmm yeah i didn't really get time either cuz of the ending...

but i think it just mean how messed up time is? cuz she was pretty messed up.. and the boyfriend.. and the other guys she meets that she thinks is her boyfriend... so yeah, not meant to make sense? cuz it can't POSSIBLY make sense... how can u be in 2 places at once and at two different stages of your life?

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Post by dmaechan » Aug 23rd, '07, 03:42

-Temptation of Wolves
-The Classic
-200 Pound Beauty
-My Little Bride
-Innocent Steps
-100 days w/ Mr Arrogant
-He was Cool (...i still can't believe that the main actress[jeong da-bin] commited suicide....may she rest in peace)
-Fly High
-My Tutor Friend 1, 2
-Unstoppable Marriage

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Post by xproud2bapnayx » Aug 23rd, '07, 03:49

best one ive ever seen was "Holy Daddy" it was sooooo funny n sad!! highly recommended.. all around gud film! ohh and Lee Minwoo and HaHa are on there soo its super funy@ watch it!! :thumright:

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Post by kurodreams » Aug 23rd, '07, 03:58

~Fly Daddy Fly
~Flying Boys
~Kings Man

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Post by bleach4ichigo » Sep 3rd, '07, 02:46

between the kmovies i've watched i recommend :
-love me not
-voice of a murderer
-a millionnaire first love
-temptation of wolves
-fly daddy fly

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Post by MizTsukuura » Sep 14th, '07, 04:21

My top10 best list are:
1. My Sassy Girl.
2. My Wife Is A Gangster.
3. A Millionaire's 1st Love.
4. When Romance Meets Destiny.
5. 100 Days With Mr.Arrogant.
6. My Little Bride.
7. 200 Pounds Beauty.
8. My Scary Girl.
9. Wet Dreams.
10. Shinsukki Blues.

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Post by mittens » Sep 17th, '07, 16:00

]When I think of Korean Movies; these movies just come off in my mind:

A Moment to Remember - great actor, actress and story ... tearful and meaningful
The Classic - the ending just gave me goose bumps.. so nicely made..
My Sassy Girl - Everyone likes this one, I mean who doesnt?
Windstruck - tearjerker (totally)
Too beautiful to lie - I just have this thought of relating it to "My Girl" which I really like

And recently I watched this movie by Kim Rae WOn - SUNFLOWER- totally- a must see movie!!!!!!!! it really would touch your heart.. really2 jinzza!!!!

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Post by maakopla » Sep 18th, '07, 10:49

Well from what I've seen so far:

1. The Perfect couple - Ah full of everything, romance, comedy, action. Main guy is HOT main girl annoying but still everything about this movie is so lovable. It really reminds me of police movies back at 90's

2. Art of Seduction - It's just too funny and crazy. Just how did they find each other, what a bad luck xD

3. Seducing Mr. Perfect - Funny, light hearted, romantic comedy who wouldn't like things like that?

4. Flying Boys - It was simply good. Kinda touching but still just an ordinary movie. More like slice of life.

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Post by ~Saranghae~ » Sep 18th, '07, 11:25

I love K-Movies XD

A moment to remember (Every time I watch this Movie i cry like a baby, its great Movie)
A milionaires first love ( I dont have anything to say about this Movie, or? everyone watched it and love it)
Windstruck (Great Movie, maybe some parts where too much (like the heaven part XD ) but I love it )
Daisy (I love the play of the actor and actress)
Mr.socrates (I even buyed the DVD in my Language, but couldnt stand the Dub, had to hear the orginal voice XD )
My litlle bride (So cute and funny)
Seducing Mr. Perfect ( Isnt Daniel Henney hot! )
Temptation of Wolves (Kang Dong Won! )
Duelist (love the Ending scene, but didnt get if he was now dead or not :scratch: )
The beast and the beauty (the Mafia Guy was so funny XD )
The best Romance ( I love Lee Dong Wook and ...ah..forgot her name, but they where cute together)
My Boss My Hero and My Boss My Techer (a must see movie)
Highway Star (love the ending scene...from Trot to Rock ~ its Rocked ^^" )

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Post by matsuyamaphiraoka » Sep 18th, '07, 12:01

My little bride
The guy was cool..he was gorgeous
A millionaire's first love
Hello! brother
100 days with mr arrogant
My sassy girl
She's on duty
Almost love
My tutor friend

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Post by n/a » Sep 21st, '07, 17:18

My all time favourite K-Movies have got to be:
1. A Day - was very moved by this film and made me realize that Ko Soo Young is an amazing actress :)
2. OldBoy - simply brilliant.

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Post by hilal_homin » Oct 9th, '07, 00:35

red eye
arts of seduction..it was very funny :D
scent of love

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Post by cheyika » Oct 18th, '07, 15:47

Imagealmost all korean movies gave a strike on me

Imagewindstruck - sweet, sad
Imagemy sassy girl - funny, cute, sweet
Imagejeni and juno - sweet, cute, funny, realistic Image
Imagemy little bride - funny, cute
Imagesex is zero - funny, cute, sad
Imagemy boyfriend is type B - cute, funny, sweet
Imagehe was cool - funny, cute, action-pack
Imagesad movie - sad, cute, realistic
Imagemarathon - funny, sad, cute, true story
Imagetaeguki - sad, action-pack, funny, gross
Imagethe legend of the seven cutter - sweet, funny, action-pack, cute Image
Imagetoo beautiful to lie - funny, cute, sweet
Imagethe beast and the beauty - sweet, sad, funny
Imageinnocent steps - sad, sweet, cute
Imagemy tutor friend - cute, sweet, funny
Imagelove impossible - sad, sweet, cute
Image100 days with mir. arrogant - funny, sweet, cute Image
Imagewet dreams 1&2 - funny, cute, Xrated haha
Imagesee you after school - funny, cute, funny, cute, funny! XD Image
and lot more.. XD

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Post by maakopla » Oct 22nd, '07, 17:40

Anyone seen the movie called Soo? It was liek wow so violent. I remember some movies like Kill Bill, Passion or Christ and Apocalpyto being violent but compared to Soo... they are just child's play. in a way it was an awesome movie even though there were these certain cliques and stuff. But man it's something when a guy tears someone's ear with bare hand or plucks eyes out with fingers with disgusting sound effects. Or being stabbed, shot and hit and still keep straight face. It was an awesome movie I so wanna see this from big screen.

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Post by Yukumushio » Oct 22nd, '07, 23:09

Just "SOO"?? Never heard of it
I was looking through the lists and many...and I mean MANY have the same movies. Korean Movies sorta declining in Quality these days? Or do we wait for DVD-RIPS, and that's why I don't hear of good movies out lately.

For me, I've just started watching K-Movies, I've only watched like...5 or less~
Iin Order I watched
1.Sassy Girl - awesome
2.200 pounds of beauty- I thought it was even better~
3.My Tutor Friend - tee hee nice
4.Too beautiful to lie - Same Actress, it was ok
I'mi gonna watch the Classic, I dunno whatever you guys say lol

@Maakopla...hmm you seem familiar :P

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Post by maakopla » Oct 23rd, '07, 08:04

hmm. May be cuz I use my username erveywhere
some forums I'm on:
sv loyalty, esthetique, box cutter, anikei (retired T_T), x degrees, manga rebels

Now that I think about it... Legend of Seven cutter was pretty good too. I dunno if the plot was original but I liked it. It made laught a lot and I didn't feel bored watching it. Good cast, amazing actors, pretty actresses added to that makes it even better.

But yeah Soo is amazing movie. everyone who likes action, violence and blood should watch it. (it's not like i'm a crazy murderer I just like it sometimes) And if you just wanna see something different from lovley dovely stuff just grab Soo.

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Post by cutekid » Oct 23rd, '07, 08:18

hmmm... i watched alot of korean movies lately my favorites are:

1. My Sassy Girl
2. Windstruck
3. My Girl and I
4. The Classic
5. My Tutor Friend
6. The Art of Seduction

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Post by Yukumushio » Oct 23rd, '07, 22:51

I dunno...I think hallyu(correct spelling?) is startin to die down...I hope not. If so then....ON TO CHINESE/JAPANESE!!!

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Post by M'chelle » Oct 25th, '07, 23:20

Duelist~I just loved that film
Tale of two sisters~I thought it was amazing I wasn't expecting the way it ended,took me by surprise,which I think is great because most horror/thriller films that are out you can usually guess what's going to happen or tghe tension just isn't there...
there are a couple more that I've seen but I can't remember the names
:sweat: :goggle:

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Post by mittens » Oct 27th, '07, 14:02

The best Korean movies ever.....

MAUNDY THURSDAY- hands down to this movie.. totally the best tearjerker movie ever.. just reality and love..
A MOMENT TO REMEMBER - also a great movie with the adorable cast and story.. just beautiful!!!!! (I would like to watch this over and over again.. I wont get tired)
SUNFLOWER- Kim Rae Won, is really a great actor.. he carried the role so well and the story is just touching... really.
THE CLASSIC- thinking of it.. the ending just still gives me goosebumps.. nice story..

*These movies would just let you be in love with Korean cinema.. superb!

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Post by Egg-chan » Oct 27th, '07, 14:10

I really gotta say I recently fell in love with Bin-Jip (or Empty Houses in English.. or the English version name 3-Iron)

just so beautiful ^_^

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Post by arabian » Oct 27th, '07, 14:25

Recently I watched Hwang Jini .. it's one of the best movies , SHK acting was impressed..

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