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Record Japanese TV on a PC?

Posted: Feb 23rd, '16, 06:48
by mimizone
I used to use the NTKTV service to show NHK-E to my daughter. Since it's down I am looking at alternatives.

Before paying $200/year for a streaming service without knowing the quality, I am wondering if any of you have built a small PC that could record Broadcast TV over the air on a local drive, and I would download the files over the internet.

I live in the USA and could set up a pc at my parents in law in Tokyo over their fast internet connection.

Can a small PC with a Tuner Card be set up as such to record maybe 2 channels constantly in rotation for 7 days for instance?

Any recommendations?

I am very familiar with computers, I am just missing the information on which hardware could do that in Japan (compatible with NHK-E signal at least) and which software can setup a PVR in a rotation fashion, do the mp4 transcode (with subtitle possibly) and be reliable enough so my parents in law don't have to touch anything but the reboot button.

Thanks for any input.

Re: Record Japanese TV on a PC?

Posted: Feb 23rd, '16, 11:50
by koshonin
Hi mimizone,
I would have said: get a Raspberry Pi2, software: tvheadend and a usb-tv-stick
BUT: the scrambling? method used in japan (IPDB-t) seems to not be supported (yet?)
I still hope this gives you a starting point...because the setup is neat and cheap (~$80)

I would recommend checking some Japanese (diy)forums, because I can't believe Japanese ppl are less genius
and please share feedback on the development (PM if you want)

Re: Record Japanese TV on a PC?

Posted: Mar 2nd, '16, 22:26
by mieko
Why not just get you Parents in law to setup a Slingbox 300 on their end and you buy a slingbox m2 sync both the boxes and then you can either watch live or bypass to a dvd/hdd recorder.