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transition to mac

Posted: Nov 18th, '08, 09:55
by gmak
hi all,
i'll be transitioning to a mac soon. i've had my pc for about 5 years and it's finally crashed. so here are my questions:

1. will i be able to download dramas?
2. what program should i use to download them?

Posted: Nov 18th, '08, 10:04
by theuncontactable
1. will i be able to download dramas?

2. what program should i use to download them?
I previously used Azureus but it's not very intuitive, slow to load and bloated.
Now, I use Transmission which is very good.

I will be using uTorrent once it becomes available on the Mac because it has DHT which Transmission hasn't got. uTorrent is the only program I miss on the PC really.


Posted: Nov 19th, '08, 03:20
by gmak
thank you for your help!!!

Posted: Dec 3rd, '08, 18:44
by puela
if u use megaupload links to download dramas u can also install parallels desktop (virtual) or bootcamp for windows that way u can run those programs to dl. I like the mega manager.

i also prefer utorrent, thou i tried the mac ones I guess the force of habit makes it difficult for me to adjust .. so I run utorrent on windows, since i can run both mac and windows side to side. More so cause I need windows to some programs that are only windows.


Posted: Dec 3rd, '08, 20:13
by LancerReiNi
I transitioned to a mac months back and realized that it's not completely easy to shake windows' habits. You'll soon notice the lack of or oddly configured keys on your keyboard and you might feel a bit frustrated with the lack of a second mouse button, but overall it should take you about 2-3 weeks to completely get over it.(Depending on usage)

As for downloading there shouldn't be any problems, I use VLC player to watch and load movies with subs and w/o. It's quite a handy application(on both Mac & PC).

As for torrents, I know that utorrent is available on the mac but I've been using handbrake(and transmission) for quite some time without any problems. If you do run into items or applications that cannot be run on a mac, go with puela's suggestion and get a virtual windows application(i.e Parallels or VMware Fusion) they will help you run Windows Apps' on your mac(keep in mind that you will need Windows License Keys). Or(the poor man's solution), install Windows on your mac.