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HDD Media Player

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HDD Media Player

Post by madmanplanet » Jun 17th, '09, 14:23

Hi All,

Really need some help or opinion from u guys. I've just purchase 1 unit of those made in China Media Player. U know those like a box that u can plug in your external HDD into it and play RMVB files directly from your external HDD to TV.

The problem is the movie can't be playback or sometimes it'll hang halfway. I found out that this problem only occur when I download the movie using Direct Download. It play perfectly if the movie is download thru torrent. I've read thru some of the post in this board and I get to know that DDL doesn't have the checksum function in place whereas torrent does. Will it be the cause for the playback problem? Sometimes I get quite frustated when the movie is hang at the most important moment.

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Post by yoko0201 » Jun 17th, '09, 15:08

We use a media player which allows you to play back soft subs, as well as hard subs, and raws. I have found that performance has not depended so much on the method of download, as on the codec used. You have to check very carefully to see which formats your media player can play back. The best of them can play back most of the new formats, but not older codecs, so you have to be careful. You might have to recode the files that give problems.

I would definitely recommend them to people, the best can be quite expensive and have their own internal hard drive, others are quite cheap and use a USB connection to attach it to an external hard drive. Even there you have to be careful. There are some media players that linit the size of hard drive you can connect, the one that we have, has an external 1 TB drive attached to it which has space for about 150 dramas on it, just to let you see what you can do with them. It saves on DVDs.

Sorry I cannot be of more help. There are a number of reasons why you are having problems. The ones that I had were related to file format.

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Post by groink » Jun 17th, '09, 22:43

The method used to download might have an effect on the binary condition of a file. Web browsers like IE and Firefox do not perform a hash check, such as CRC and MD5, on files downloaded. To work around this, uploaders place their videos into storage containers, such as RAR or ZIP, and then upload to the DDL site. This way, the RAR or ZIP utility provides the hash check needed on the file.

BUT, if your files were packaged in RAR or ZIP during downloading, then it isn't the video files. The problem is more likely the HDD player. Last year, I purchased a similar unit from China. It was AWFUL! The electronics were not grounded and shielded properly, so it would interfere with other equipment nearby, such as the TV and my DVR. It would also freeze a lot, and the freezes would not be consistent. I ended up tossing the player in the garbage.

--- groink

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Post by raider73 » Jun 20th, '09, 22:47

You usually get what you pay for. I bought those generic Chinese media players before but never again. There is just no support from them after purchase so it's not worth it. It you want a good HDD media player, stick w/ the name brand ones from TVIX, Mediagate, or Popcorn hour. They aren't cheap, however, especially the ones that can handle the 720p or 1080i content.

The best media player would be to get a SFF HTPC computer.

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