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How do I go from softsubs to hardsubs?

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How do I go from softsubs to hardsubs?

Post by temporaryinsanit » Jul 30th, '10, 17:36

Okay, so I tried the tutorial right here on D-addicts I search the web and tried those also! I tried Vobsub and VirtualDub, VirtualDub and srt. so ssa converting, avisynth and so on. Every time I try to change it, I can't find the textsub or subtitle filter when I open the VirtualDub and the virtualdub won't even play the avi. file. Since that happened I looked for a solution and the tutorials and suggestions said I should try getting a codec (CCCP) to decompress it, well I got it and it didn't work. How do I change the video I have from softsubs to hardsubs without going through all this or how do I get it to work? Please help this is driving me crazy!

Note: When I download the sub file converters and the virtualdub it comes out as a zip file, that might also be a problem. (If that is it how do I fix it?)

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Post by ik0n » Jul 31st, '10, 01:56

Ehh, kinda confused but let me get this straight. So you have soft-subs(.srt, .ass, etc) for a video file (whatever_drama.avi) and you want to merg these together for hard-subbed playback?

You can do that with http://www.calcitapp.com/AVIAddXSubs.php

If that's not what you were asking for then I don't know how to help sorry. I don't quite understand what you wrote. :P

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Post by hm278 » Sep 4th, '10, 12:12

I've been using application called "FormatFactory" (a shareware). I find this application is very user friendly. I found the hardsubbing process by mistake. Initially I was going to convert an AVI file into MPEG4, when I playback the video the sub had been merge to the new converted file. I tried with several other format and it gives the same result. I'm happy because I've tried to hardsub using vodsub and virtualdub but I find it's too confusing, so I give-up.

Anyway, as long as you have the softsub with the same filename as the videofile then it will merge your sub into the video. In order for you to playback the video on any DVD player that can play Dvix you need to change the output setting.

(01) Click the output setting
--- Go to Video Encode (default will be "AVC(H264)"), in drop-down list choose " MPEG4(DivX)
(02) To Change font size:
**** Normally I'll change the subtitle font size (default is 4), I prefer size 3 (a little bit smaller)
Still in output setting, click the "Additional Subtitle", then click the "default" under Subtitle Font Size
in drop down list choose size "3" or any size you prefer. Lastly click "OK" to save the setting.
(03) To hardsub the video files.
--- Click the "Add Video" .... it will open the window explorer folder. Go to the folder where
you save your video and sub files )make sure that the sub and video files have the same
name and in the same folder.
--- Once you have chosen the file(s). Click "OK". It will take you back to the main page.
--- Click Start to start the converting process.

I hope this help.

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Post by savedbygrace » Feb 15th, '12, 14:19

Thank you so much hm278. Now I can watch the mp4s with hardsub on my tv. The fonts are readable when hardsubbed than when they were softsubbed.

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