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When torrents disappear

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When torrents disappear

Post by fobdstn » Nov 14th, '12, 06:23

When torrents disappear from the main site search index is there any way to tell whether the torrent was A) Deleted by the original uploader or B) Deleted by a moderator?

Example: BEGIN Japanology Rice can not be found from the main search box. But, you can find it using the Google Site Search box on the left side of the page. The torrent is still there and being seeded. (Thank you seeders) Is there any way to tell who removed it? (or any other torrent found in a similar manner)

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Post by k361 » Mar 17th, '13, 09:14

I found three BEGIN Japanology uploaded by saltine, that are removed now.


Saltine wrote in hs post: Comments are appreciated. Please do not upload this elsewhere but DA.
I think it was removed by uploader

As moderator I only removed old movies torrents, when I found them.

There were some torrent deleted by the uploader, when we asked to upload no private torrents in future.

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