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Can't download subtitle file on android tablet pc

Posted: Apr 19th, '14, 16:11
by mineko89jponya
When i try to download on my tablet pc

it just loads all the time without being downloaded

I searched everywhere but couldn't find a solution for it...

maybe someone can help me?

Posted: Apr 19th, '14, 18:05
by Keiko1981
Don't know much about Android tablets but trying Google. ... 041AApoub8

I guess it's a question of if the player/your tablet supports SRT or ASS files.

Posted: Apr 19th, '14, 20:26
by superdevilgundam
i downloaded the app mx player for my android. its free and loads the subtitle for shows. plus plays many different file formats from mkv to avi to mp4 and more.

Posted: Apr 19th, '14, 20:28
by superdevilgundam
oh and forgot to add, that it only plays .srt subs though.

Posted: Apr 20th, '14, 15:22
by mineko89jponya
thanks for the answers!!!

I think it's impossible after all :-(

will wait till I have a notebook again...

Re: Can't download subtitle file on android tablet pc

Posted: May 22nd, '15, 18:39
by namihodai
you should follow superdevilgundams advice and get mx player from the google play store, because it can handle .ass subs too. Try to install another browser, like firefox for android, or opera to fix your download problem.