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Suggest a good video editing program

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Suggest a good video editing program

Post by Keiko1981 » Feb 28th, '09, 14:12

I've been trying to create a video using images and an audio file in Windows Movie Maker. That program is driving me nuts.
The comptuer freezes/hangs all three time I've tried to save a video, and then there is just the choice of rebooting the computer.
Anyone got some suggestion(s) of a decent video editing program?

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Post by MochaValencia » Feb 28th, '09, 14:28

Have you tried Adobe Premiere Pro? There's also Sony Vegas, which I think is pretty good, too. :thumright:

By the way, this Wikipedia article might help you out.

ETA: Oops... Found a similar thread. :whistling:

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Post by groink » Feb 28th, '09, 21:27

I use Pinnacle Studio. The $50 version will do what you want because I did exactly what you're doing - taking images, adding music audio and made a music video. Took the resulting video stream and added karaoke lyrics via VirtualDub and made a karaoke MV.

--- groink

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Post by witica » Mar 1st, '09, 04:40

ulead is also pretty straight forward. it just depends how much you want to do, and how much you think you'll need to do. vegas and premire pro or more top tier things that probably would give you more features than you'd actually end up using from the sound of it.

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Post by DoramaKing » Mar 7th, '09, 03:38

If you want to make slideshows, Photo Story is the way to go. It's free. It converts images and music into an AVI I believe. From there, if you want to put it on DVD, u need convert it to DVD. It's great because it's not all in one, which take forever, when you may only want to make a video file instead of DVD.

Photo Story 3
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Post by Phantasia » Mar 7th, '09, 03:49

I suggest Sony Vegas :]. Very good and pretty simple to use ^-^!

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Post by LeighF1 » Mar 8th, '09, 17:07


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