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Drama Wiki - Cant see any drama descriptions

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Drama Wiki - Cant see any drama descriptions

Post by kanji45 » Aug 20th, '09, 00:53

When I click on any dramas I keep getting a window pointing to "localhost" ???

example, I click on "H" and I get this hyperlink:

I hope someone will be able to explain why and how to fix my problem. Thank you in advance. Looking forward to any comments.

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Post by erilot » Aug 20th, '09, 01:32

I am having the same problem, started already last night.

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Post by groink » Aug 20th, '09, 01:50

Localhost? We're trying to P2P the entire DramaWiki database to every visitor. j/k

--- groink

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Post by el_canuck » Aug 20th, '09, 02:12

What I have done is to go into dramawiki by using actor and actresses. So if you know the name of the drama and who is in it. Look up the actor and then click on the show.
Anyway, it does work more or less.

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Post by Ruroshin » Aug 20th, '09, 20:16

Hrm now that is wierd, I don't get that problem at all.

Have you tried accessing the site from another internet access or computer?

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Post by MoerkJ » Aug 20th, '09, 20:56

The served pages contain the full links (i.e. http://wiki.d-addicts.com/index.php?tit ... ama&from=H)

You might want to force reload (SHIFT KEY & reload browser button) the page that gave you the wrong link. Or just flush your browser cache.

Have you fiddled around with your host file, or do you use a web proxy?

Apart from that I have no clue what could redirect "wiki.d-addicts.com" to localhost. :scratch:

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Post by kanji45 » Aug 20th, '09, 22:07

Wow! The head honcho himself replied to my post! Thanks Ruroshin and to all those answering my posting....Muchos Gracias.

As suggested by Ruroshin, I tried another computer and the links worked, but the mystery of why and how remains.

After checking the other computer, I returned to the computer that was getting me the problems with the links. I decided to shutdown any software and add-ons that might affect Wiki and the hyperlinks.

I shutdown Zonealarm and disable 2 Firefox Add-ons (Ad blocker plus and No-script) then I access Wiki and.......... the hyperlinks worked! To figure out which program was causing the original problem, I decided to turn on and enable all the programs I just mentioned and I plan to shutdown or disable 1 program at a time to find the cause of the problem.

When all the programs were enabled.......the Wiki's hyperlinks worked. It's is strange and unexpected, the computer was back in its original state when I encountered the problem. To remove any doubt, I rebooted the computer with all programs enabled.

Once rebooted, the hyperlinks again worked as normal and was not pointing to the "localdrive". Strange.

And from the recent postings I was leaning toward a global problem affecting not just me.

Strange! Well, it's working not sure why but glad. Thanks You, for all the opinions and suggestions.

Oh.. to answer MoerkJ suggestions; I use CCleaner to clear/delete all cache, no editing of hostfile and not using a proxy. Thanks MoerkJ

For those thinking it might be a virus or trojan, I have not experience any problems on other websites, my computer is not acting strangely and AVAST and Spybot did not detect any malware.

Well that's my report and perhaps with egg on my face I say thanks for all the comments.


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