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Anyone know where/how I can stream TBS?

Discuss about Japanese TV Variety, Music, Game and any other TV shows that is not drama.
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Anyone know where/how I can stream TBS?

Post by remcon » Sep 25th, '10, 09:59


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Post by jumbocrunk » Sep 29th, '10, 12:17

Download a program called KeyhholeTV. Bad quality, but it is better than nothing.

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Post by danchemistry » Jan 30th, '14, 14:34

i've been trying to find a link where I can watch it as well

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Post by faizan3366 » Aug 29th, '14, 10:11

its a nice forum....................... :salut:

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Post by pearlyriver » Sep 14th, '14, 16:54

Surprised to see that no one has mentioned My Niji TV. It is free and offers all of the major broadcasting channels in Japan, including TBS. Sometimes the streams are not available, but My Niji is still the best software I've found.

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