Fated to love you (korean version)

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Kim ha na

Fated to love you (korean version)

Post by Kim ha na » Jul 6th, '14, 03:33

Soo a new drama came out, fated 2 love you...it's the remake of the Taiwanese one! I like this one better so far no offense.. He's sweet to her and he's laugh is so funny!! Do you think choi jin hyuk should've been the main actor? :unsure: :D

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Post by kototama » Oct 29th, '14, 18:52

Nooo he shouldnt be the main actor...he was sweet enough to be a neigbour oppa :-D I wouldt change the main lead with him because I think Jang Hyuk was amazing!

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Post by tabbino1980 » Nov 21st, '14, 10:59

I really enjoy this drama! Hus laugh were explosive!

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