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He Was Cool (movie)

Anhyong haseyo. Post Korean related stuff here.
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He Was Cool (movie)

Post by Engelchen18 » Jan 4th, '06, 21:09

Has someone this korean Movie?

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Post by superlarki » Jan 5th, '06, 01:48


oops - sorry - have removed link :salut:
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Post by gunjourui » Jan 5th, '06, 02:44

no movie links here please!!

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Post by just_candy » Jan 6th, '06, 07:16

eh...it was jst an okay movie for me...

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Post by coolio_amanda » Jan 6th, '06, 07:19

I liked this movie alot

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Post by milleu87 » Jan 6th, '06, 07:28

you can find in wachi clubbox. that is where i got it.

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Post by azndgn26 » Jan 6th, '06, 23:07

This movie was realli good! Song Seung Hyun was soo cute in here.

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Hest foder
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Post by Hest foder » Jan 8th, '06, 01:12

It was okay, alittle funny, but nothing more actually :>

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Post by xKiMix » Jan 8th, '06, 01:37

Its a cute movie! you should watch it. In wachi's clubbox does it have english subs? In her clubbox i see .srt files but i'm not sure if its in english.

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Post by peace170 » Jan 9th, '06, 04:00

I've seen this!! It was ok...not a lot of funny parts though.
I thought the movie was a bit rushed in the end...

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Post by hime » Jan 11th, '06, 03:09

there's one thing i dont understand.

at last,does the guy have aids or not?

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Post by ArtofSubterfuge » Jan 11th, '06, 03:21

Does anyone have a link or something on what this movie is about? That will be the determining factor to whether I watch it or not.

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Great Movie Site

Post by ddrdancing » Jan 12th, '06, 00:59

Greatest Site For Asian Movies! The downloads are really fast, but you have to have a share ratio of at least 1 (I think). It's easy to do though.

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Post by eva_dreaming » Jan 16th, '06, 07:48

check out chiaren clubbox, has the movie and sub's, if u want the link, i'll put it up in the clubbox thread if u want.....unless u already have it by now, and i thought it was good, sep some bits that were a little strange to me, like the zebra clothes she wore :\
but i specially like the end when they cut back to his childhood

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Post by basho_banana » Jan 21st, '06, 18:13

lol...i thought that it was a funny movie to watch..lol..song seung hun was sooo hot! lol...

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Post by OvertheRainbow » Jan 21st, '06, 18:21

I thought it was cute but I didn't like it that much...Kamikaze girls is much better :wub:

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Where to find it

Post by SilverHanyou5791 » Jan 21st, '06, 23:30

Can anybody tell me where I could download it or where I could buy/rent it in London, Ontario?? 'cause I heard it was really cool.

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Post by chinuku » Feb 3rd, '06, 07:36

its ok its just watchable nothing special.

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Post by fobster #1 » Feb 3rd, '06, 08:08

This is actually one of my favorite movies. I really liked it, the two main leads did great!

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Post by |sUiZiD| » Feb 3rd, '06, 08:15

haha I have watched this movie, but somehow I cant remember anymore what it was about :D


I havent seen it yet, always wanted to :D thats why i cant remember what the movie is about. But thanx to you I will watch it soon :D

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Post by em_pangit » Feb 4th, '06, 07:30

yeah.. i've seen this movie - more than a year ago, i bought the dvd as quickly as i can when i found out it's based on the korean novel i luv so much written by guiyeoni (sorry if i mispelled her name wrong, i'm not very good w/ foreign names). anyways, when i finally get to see the movie, it was alright. the actors were fine and cute^. tho i though that if u haven't read the translated novel, the movie can get a little confusing. that's why i always think that 'he was cool' based on the novel 'the guy was cool/??muhsehsuh?? is better off as a' Drama Series' and NOT a movie. - cuz - it's just impossible to fit in the whole story in a 2 hour show, it has to be longer than that.

oh well, for a while now i've been hoping that this will be made into a drama series soon and still hoping... :wub:

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Post by tinan » Feb 5th, '06, 06:32

ive seen the movie recently for me it was very good, entertaining, super funny and heartwarming..i love the lead actor and actress..all in all i recomend the movie ...

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Post by CReVia » Feb 5th, '06, 11:12

umm... anyone knows where i can download this movie? i can't find it in asiandvdclub.org .... and i don't know how to use clubbox cos it seems to be in korean.....

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Post by DougFunnieee » Feb 5th, '06, 22:14

I have this movie on CD somewhere... I should check it out soon.

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Post by ddrdancing » Apr 13th, '06, 18:12

to CReVia, it's not in asiandvdclub.org under the title he was cool, search THE GUY WAS COOL. I dunno, Korean to English deviations are everywhere, so try typing in different parts of the title... I d/l it but I haven't watched it yet...

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Post by Engelchen18 » Apr 20th, '06, 15:00

Here you get it via megaupload:


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Post by wai_muna » Apr 22nd, '06, 04:21

watched it more than twice..i have the dvd...:D

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Post by jpoplover08 » Jun 8th, '06, 23:01

This was my first ever K movie. The funny thing is i stumbled upon it by accident when i was searching for something else. IM glad i did becuz it was a great movie! :lol

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Post by KoreanMania » Jun 8th, '06, 23:21

This was such a good movie, I could watch it over again and again and I would still say "It's one of the best K-movie around." :thumright:

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