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Smile Again (SBS, 2006)

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Smile Again (SBS, 2006)

Post by Bam-Bam » May 31st, '06, 09:35

I'm a big fan of Kim Hee-Sun, but the Series doesn't look that good.

[img]http://wiki.d-addicts.com/static/images ... gain_2.jpg[/img]

Lee DongGun plays the role of Ban Ha Jin who is a former orphan and a high school drop out. He does everything to make a rich chairman like him. But when he meets the girl he loved when he was younger his heart changes. This drama will starting filming in Mid April and the location will take place in Switzerland.


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Post by cgozun » May 31st, '06, 16:47

Yeah, I'm not feeling this one. I stopped at episode 1. Can someone who have seen the first few episodes share their impressions on the plot and maybe some character chemistries. :salut:

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Post by seaweed » May 31st, '06, 17:02

i was still actually waiting for the subs and start watching this series. so is it that bad/poor?
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Post by Sygnus. » May 31st, '06, 17:22

I absolutely am in love with this series. <3

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Post by nrg_hot330 » May 31st, '06, 18:34

I just listened to the OST sung Se7en (my hub). it's so good. i wanna watch this show.

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Post by gunjourui » May 31st, '06, 18:49

I'm a big fan of KHS and I'm watching anything she's in hehe so I'm not going to miss this show either :P + LDG is a nice bonus too :mrgreen:
I've been waiting for the subs and since the 1st ep is out I'll watch it as soon as the download is finished hehe
I'll comment after seeing 1st ep

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Post by CraZyaH » May 31st, '06, 22:38

I just finished watching the first episode and I'm sooooooo glad it's not so typical XD I mean for once,the guy is the one who falls in love with the girl @ first which made me start to love LDG ( I liked him a bit in sweet 18) but I'm loving him now ^^
I would say so far the chemistry between the leads was alright,a few mentioned that KHS always acts the same way in her dramas,but I've watched her in Sad Sonata,and her role here is soo different and so far I'm liking it :mrgreen:
and the other lead that's from Alone in Love...well...I was hoping his acting would get better on this one,but I guess I'd have to watch more episodes to judge his acting :whistling:
so far this drama is really good! ( just hope they get out of high school soon,I hate those that drag a lot at the beginning) :glare:

-edit : Se7en's voice makes the drama even better :wub: :wub: :wub: hehe

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Post by scott12199 » May 31st, '06, 23:05

khs age is starting to show, doh.

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Post by Bam-Bam » Jun 1st, '06, 00:01

scott12199 wrote:khs age is starting to show, doh.
:glare: :offtopic:

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Post by nocturne » Jun 1st, '06, 01:18

I've watched episodes 1-4, but I'm not liking it so much. I like that it's not too typical, but I don't find it interesting enough. Maybe it'll get better, though.

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Post by Ssang » Jun 1st, '06, 03:21

I'm not too fond of this drama, though I think KHS looks pretty. This show can make fans for LDG and the other guy but that's about it. The scenes in Switzerland are pretty.

I've watched 4 episodes but I won't be watching any more.

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Post by myke » Jun 1st, '06, 09:51

nrg_hot330 wrote:I just listened to the OST sung Se7en (my hub). it's so good. i wanna watch this show.
me too...i just listen to the OST .... :mrgreen:
the 2nd and 3rd track song i think is interesting lol :lol

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Post by knuts » Jun 1st, '06, 16:14

I like this serie very much so far, also because it is a bit unusual. LDG is good in this one. KHS too. Don't know why so many people (at Soompi) think so badly about her.

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Post by Ajah » Jun 2nd, '06, 23:19

I dont think I've ever came across a K-drama series that I thought was interesting the first few episodes....like duhhhhh.....because thats how most K-dramas start anyways..the storyline usually drags in order to take place before the suprises come in...........so what's the big deal with people already dissing on thise series?.... I personally think it's heading in a good direction..one, the stortyline as it is being unfolded is a bit different from the typical, two nothing's really predictable yet...& last of all three, KHS went from her usual sensitive too girly like characters to a tomboyish jumpy girl in this series......so to me that all adds up to be more on the interesting side....if you're asking me

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Post by kona99 » Jun 3rd, '06, 05:02

I agree with Ajah. I thought the series was interesting from 1st episode, but then three later episodes weren't that impressing so i thought of quitting on it. Then at five, finally, i'm feeling the story found the right direction like in 1st episode. Its pace is just right, not too slow not too fast and story gets more exciting. For those of you thinking of quitting after episode 4, give the series a chance to redeem itself. :-)

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Post by unpretty » Jun 4th, '06, 06:10

is this a comedy series or purely drama?

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Post by andi_the_angel78 » Jun 5th, '06, 07:42

The synopsis didn't really hit me and I could barely understand it. But, who knows maybe the drama has more to it than that. I do have to admit, I've read (mangas) and watched dramas which didn't really have such a worth-it summary but a very much must-see drama. Anyway, sometimes a great summary ends up being a flop once released. So, I do have to say it basically is all about the acting. Well, to me...

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Post by eternal_dragon_666 » Jun 7th, '06, 06:00

okay, back to the old KHS plz... this one makes her look like a 30 yr old trying to be an 18 yr old?!?! Plus, LDG... umm, let's not go there. lol Only thing good about this one is the scenery and the high quality dub.

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Post by eternal_dragon_666 » Jun 7th, '06, 06:04

unpretty wrote:is this a comedy series or purely drama?
I'm pretty sure that this one's leaning towards comedy... at least from the first few eps it looks like it, with that fat batter and KHS's sweat-stained towel, etc.

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Post by eurygoong » Jun 7th, '06, 06:15

I really like this drama.
the story is different than most korean dramas.
the main guy character LDG :wub: plays KHS love and he plays this bad role where he wants to like i dont know mess up his friend's dad's company. he plays the good guy and the bad guy... little of both.
i like it.
its one of the first dramas where i cant predict whats going to happen at the end.

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Post by pigcane » Jun 17th, '06, 12:13

I think it's a good drama , though not the best...! ^^

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Post by ch3nny » Jun 27th, '06, 16:38

Im excited abt this series! though i9 have not started watching it since im waiting on the subz =)........ Wen i read the synopsis it sounded interesting and plus Lee Dong Gun is the lead actor!!! =)

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Post by Timster_14 » Jun 29th, '06, 08:28

its a really good drama,but the story line lags somewhat.... KHS looks pretty in it

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Post by myke » Jun 30th, '06, 15:20

well an interesting drama...

LDG play as a bad guy :blink :blink ...n also play the good guy...
but when he play the good guy ..i think i really :cussing:
he act good guy when he want some thing....

The heroin is quit cute....n hyper active... for a girl...(if i am not wrong) :wub: :mrgreen:

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Post by dokbupgi » Jul 4th, '06, 06:54

i like KHS in the movie wanee and juna. still remembered at first i did not recognise her when i saw the pictures from the movie. she looked so pretty in casual wear and natural makeup. so when i found that she's similar image in this drama, i must see... now in process of downloading and can't wait to start. but i hope she did act well too?

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Post by Romance » Jul 13th, '06, 13:38

dont see why people dislike this one, awesome drama with an awesome cast, currently on ep 6 =D

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Post by Fukujinzuke » Jul 13th, '06, 23:52

KBFD in Hawaii just started showing this drama last week, going 2 episodes per week. imo I guess people are having a hard time adjusting to LDG being a bad guy :scratch: (I know I am). It's also quite different from his other characters but at the same time it's nice to see him in a different type of role. Probably like many here I'm a big fan of KHS so I'll watch this series regardless.

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Post by schizoar » Jul 14th, '06, 13:11

This drama really showed how good Lee Dong Gun is as an actor. 8) His ability to portray different personalities at the same time really amazed me. :thumright: You can feel his emotions just by looking at his eyes. :roll He's not just some pretty boy, he can definitely act. :-) Want to see the proof? Watch this drama. :wink:

And the OST's really good. I recommend all of you to download it. :wub:

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Post by _gillean_ » Jul 18th, '06, 17:41

how many eps. are there in this series?

I just finished the first eps. I think it's pretty good so far..^_^

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Post by ch3nny » Jul 20th, '06, 08:54

hey guys do u know any links i can dl the smile again ost in megaupload? i found the smile again ost on d-addicts but it uses bitcomet and it take yonks >.< thanks

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Post by Romance » Jul 27th, '06, 13:36

Just finnished this drama and i loved every bit of it, great ending aswell, ooh :wub: :wub:

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Post by Jesette » Jul 28th, '06, 03:47

I had reservations about LDG and KHS's chemistry when this series was announced. But after 4 eps, surprisingly, their personalities blend well in the small screen. I like KHS's role here. She looks pretty and cute with her baseball/softball outfil. I like her here better than her role in Sad Sonata with Kwan Sang Woo. I am gonna continue watching it this wkend and see the progress of its storyline. So far so good.....

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Post by jujubei » Jul 28th, '06, 03:58

i've finished his series a long while ago and i have to say i luv this series!!!!!! they look so good together and everything :D i don't care wat the critics say i luv this movie!!! it tops one of my best along with goong and full house and samsoon even though its not as funny i just love it somehow i know i've said it so much but once again I LUV IT!!!! haha

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Post by kimmii_anh » Aug 10th, '06, 06:05


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Post by ch3nny » Aug 10th, '06, 15:48

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Post by murid » Sep 17th, '06, 08:55

well... very slow drama n still got the normal basic common korean plot and theme (every drama if u all recognised).
but...every drama have their own way to plot it. that what i heartly watch most of korean drama. so try to finish it guys. nice drama. some plot touchy...enjoy it kay.

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Post by Nhr » Dec 16th, '06, 22:49

wow, the 3rd episode made my ears bleed. I'm german and I had to look at the subtitles several times to understand the german parts.
Even though, it's a pretty nice story till now.

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Post by msjang » Jan 4th, '07, 05:38

Smile Again OST download

Megaupload link

Sendspace link

Enjoy!! :D

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love it!!

Post by JlovesVan » Sep 22nd, '07, 00:30

I am part way through this drama and am loving it!!! I always liked Lee Dong Gun as a co-star in Sangdoo and even though I didn't care for Stained Glass he was good in that as well. I do love him in this! He is a really versatile character and he is really cute in this :) The storyline is unusual and it doesn't drag on with whiny melodrama (well...atleast not yet...) awesome underrated drama!

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Post by maakopla » Sep 22nd, '07, 14:19

Isn't this drama just wonderful? Though in second half it gets a bit boring with all crying and angsty secenes. But still it's good. Not draggy and interesting. There are prety much unrealistic scenes when they meet on the hallway and time stops etc. that's annoying but overall it's just great. Really addicting one^^

I gotta love Lee Jin Wook. He is an amazing actor! Just with his eyes he can express so many things. But I liked him more in beginning, when he became "bad" guy he changed too much <_< Also the ending gave me a bit of a shock! I even started crying. But then all worrying was all for nothing xD

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Smile Again filming locations

Post by andrewwan1980 » Oct 17th, '07, 16:03

Does anyone know the exact SWITZERLAND cities that Smile Again was filmed in?

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Post by littledraci » Apr 27th, '08, 16:48

*re-awakening this thread*

'cause I'm watching it right now ^^
I'm at episode 4 right now...2 or 3 episodes are following today.... The first few episodes were pretty good.. I'm in love with the Monday Kiz' song and of course Seven's song....but I think, the OST in general is pretty good *got it before the drama...month ago :roll don't know why it took me so long to watch it*
I'm eager to know, if all this sport-related things are not getting draggy..

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