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Mac Os X: Help adding .srt subtitles to DVDs

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Mac Os X: Help adding .srt subtitles to DVDs

Post by SmiLeeGirl » Sep 12th, '06, 08:37

I have a couple of Kdramas on DVDs (they are DVDs not Avi files etc) that have english subtitles for K and J dramas. However I would like to use the subtitles available on daddicts instead of the subtitles that come with the DVD.

Most instructions are for PC and I only have a mac.

I have only limited knowledge but I have managed to do the following.

1) Play a AVI and a .srt file using VLC so that the Video and sub apear together w/ sound of course =).
2) Convert a DVD to Mpeg 4 using "handbreak"
3) Convert AVI to Mpeg 4 using "isquint"

Another discussion topic gave instructions on importing and .srt file into digital studio pro then adding subtiles that way but that program costs $100s and I am not sure I can get it to work.

I am guessing I will have to Convert the DVD to an AVI somehow? Then I will have to make sure that it is the right lengh 700mb? because that is the size that matches the subs right?

Anyone have any ideas? Or is this not possible?

Thanks in advance

You know how they say partial knowledge is a dangerous thing <-- thats me

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Post by wingsky » Sep 13th, '06, 17:31

Nice to see another Mac user!! ^^

The only way I know of (which doesn't work for me unfortunately) is to take those mp4s you have ripped in handbrake and put it in to an app called "miyu" (dunno the url but you can google it !)

You can then import your srt file and typeset/encode as a hardsub mp4/avi. I haven't got this to work yet - the exports are blocky :( But if you do give it a go and it works for you, let me know whats going wrong!

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Post by mt877 » Sep 14th, '06, 04:45

I think the main idea for you is to rip your DVDs to VOB or Mpeg2 format with OSEx or MacTheRipper so that you don't degrade the video quality. VOB / Mpeg2 is the native DVD video format. Encoding to avi will reduce the quality. From there you will need to join and or split (edit) the VOB or Mpeg2 files per episode. I recommend using MPEG Streamclip for that task. Once that is done, you will need to play the edited video file with its corresponding subtitle file in a program like VLC or Mplayer to check if the new subtitles you want to use are in sync. If the subtitles are not in sync then you will need to use Jubler to adjust the timing offset of the subtitles to match the video. BTW, Jubler is a Java application, so you will need to make sure you have the latest Java Virtual Machine installed. If you have been keeping up with Mac OS X updates, then you should be up to date, so no worries. If you have not been updating Mac OS X, then click the Apple menu (top left corner of desktop) and select "Software Update...". Be sure to know your administrator password. You may need to perform the software update several times until you get a message window indicating there are no further updates or that your software is up to date (can't remember which). Ok, you've ripped, edited, updated your Mac, and checked and/or re-synced the subtitles. So far so good, or you've pulled all your hair out because this is some crazy project you want to get done and there is a bit of a learning curve... Well the fun is not over yet. You still need to author your new DVD with Sizzle.

I guess that covers it, all the software I mentioned is freeware, some of it is old (vintage 2004 - old? In todays digital age, software just 2 years old might be considered ancient).

Anyway hope this helps. I pointed out all the tools and a logical workflow. Once you get some working knowledge, please document your steps and share your knowledge with others here.

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Post by SmiLeeGirl » Sep 21st, '06, 07:37

mt877 and wingsky

Thank you very much for both your suggestions. I am going on vacation in a few weeks so hope to have some time to play with the programs you both mentioned. Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water or a visitor in a forien country. "Hello Windows Land" Sooo nice to meet fellow apple lovers ;)

@mt877 -- if I figure it out either way I'll try and write a set of directions - wish me luck...
and as far as 2 years being vintage -- I got my "new" powerbook last christmas which I use and abuse daily. Feels like I have had it forever!!!

Thanks again

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Post by MoonRiver » Jun 8th, '09, 05:44

VLC can also help you but only play them ,Mactheripper can help you rip dvd to avi .
I want to recommend you a cool freeware ffmpegX,which can help you merge avi videos and .sub,.srt subtitles .
just follow this guide :
How to add srt and sub subtitles to avi video on mac ?

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