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where do you guys buy JDrama DVDs?

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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where do you guys buy JDrama DVDs?

Post by spokeydokey00 » Jul 2nd, '07, 08:52

i was wondering where everyone buys (if you guys buy) jdrama DVDs. Yesasia.com is kinda expensive! ($200 for Nodame Cantabile) I'm not talking VCDs...I'm talking nice quality DVDs with Eng subs. any recommendations would be helpful. thanks.

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Post by groink » Jul 2nd, '07, 09:07

My source is very unique... I purchase used DVD box sets from Yahoo Japan Auctions, using a middle man to do all of my bidding and shipping. Even with the surcharges by the middle man, they come out much cheaper than retail.

Otherwise, I buy them from CD Japan. I buy tons of Japanese enka CDs, so the points I accumulate helps out a lot.

--- groink

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Post by aj2005uk » Jul 2nd, '07, 12:25

Please refer to Links of Interest for buying Japanese DVD's :-)

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