Whether you are seasoned from waxing or an absolute novice, you must have heard of the effectiveness of hot wax to get rid of unwanted body hair. Keeping the pain factor aside, waxing is the best means of getting ultra-smooth skin while keeping hair at bay for weeks together.

But as it happens with most beauty treatments, waxing also comes with confusing choices. There is a hard wax and soft wax and both of them perform the same task of removing unwanted hair from the follicle. Let’s delve deeper into the working of both these types of waxes along with their benefits and disadvantages so that you can decide which one to include in your hot wax kit and why.

Hard Wax

The most important aspect of hard wax is that it sticks to the hair follicle rather than the skin and gradually hardens. It can be removed on its own which eliminates the use of paper strips. Since the wax adheres to the unwanted hair, it can be applied a number of times to make sure that each and every hair follicle is removed without traumatizing or irritating the skin. With the use of some hard hot wax, you will notice that the hair skin underneath has become red after using it once or twice. This happens when the upper layer of the skin is removed with the use of wax paper strips. According to some users, a home wax kit containing hard wax is an easier and painless alternative to soft wax.


  • Gentler on the skin makes it suitable for hair removal for sensitive skin and bikini wax.
  • Can be used without a strip and applied as a much thicker layer over the skin.
  • Suitable for delicate and smaller parts of the skin like the intimate area.
  • Removes hair effectively from the root and is also useful for uprooting ingrown hair.
  • Doesn’t leave behind any sticky or gooey mess on the skin and makes the skin softer and supple.
  • Results last for about a month depending on the intensity of hair growth.


  • Can cause tearing of the skin when not executed in the right manner.
  • Not suitable for a larger expanse of skin as hard wax can break off easily on the skin.

Soft wax

Using hard wax for a larger expanse of skin can be problematic and this is where the efficacy of the soft wax comes in. Soft wax is easily over a large area like the arms or the armpit, legs, and back. After the hot wax cools down and settles a bit, it is removed with a wax strip or a muslin cloth. This may cause tugging at the skin surface but when soft wax is used on places where the skin sensitivity is minimal, it leads to effective results.

As the name suggests, soft wax is extremely soft and you can easily get it in any home wax kit. Applying soft wax over the skin doesn’t take much and it can be done even at low temperatures. If you are a newbie and worried about using hot wax on the skin, you can start off with the application of hot wax at comparatively lower temperatures. However, it may not be useful as a bikini wax.

Soft wax that comes in a home wax kit is typically applied with the help of a disposable spatula or stick on the particular area from where hair has to be removed. You must hold the skin firmly to help facilitate an even application. You should always remove the wax strip in the direction opposite to the growth of hair. Some of these waxes also come with soothing agents to help minimize skin issues such as rashes, swelling, and irritation.


  • Cheaper alternative to hard wax
  • As it adheres to the surface of the skin, it works as an exfoliator also
  • No prior preparation of the skin is required
  • Professional soft hot wax doesn’t cause much pain and removes hair from a large part of the skin in one go.
  • Often used in Brazilian waxing and also for removal of ingrown hair.


  • It may not be suitable for sensitive skin as it irritates the skin
  • Generally leaves behind a sticky residue
  • Hair may not be pulled out efficiently when used in low temperatures
  • Cannot be applied on the same part of the skin multiple times which leaves high chances of residual hair

Hard Wax or Soft Wax: Which one to go for?

A home wax kit containing hard wax is most suitable for smaller areas like Brazilian or bikini wax. Moreover, as it shrink-wraps the skin, hard wax is the best option for areas that are gentle and sensitive like the face and nose. You can rest assured that hard waxing can remove even the smallest of hair follicles.

But it’s worth mentioning that even though hard wax is much easier to use and works fine on smaller areas, this type of hot wax cannot be your go-to solution for all kinds of hair removal requirements. For larger areas like the chest or the legs, soft wax is preferred both in professional settings as well as the home wax kit. It is also a viable option if you wish to clean your bikini line by yourself.

The bottom line

According to most users, hard wax is the best option for Brazilian wax. This is because if you have coarse ingrown hair, multiple applications will be required and hard wax offers a provision for this.

Moreover, as this part of the body is extremely sensitive and gentle, the removal of hard wax helps in making the process a bit less painful. Even though you need to warm your home wax kit a bit before applying, this is the cleanest and the most hygienic option for pubic hair removal.

With that being said, there are still people who prefer using soft wax for hair removal. This means that whether you should go for hot wax or soft wax ultimately boils down to your skin type, your pain endurance level, and most importantly, your personal preferences.