If you’re wondering how much you can make on BetterHelp or similar online counseling platforms, you may be disappointed to hear it’s typically not as much as you would make via in-person care. Don’t be discouraged, though. The significant advantage BetterHelp has over traditional counseling is the lack of overhead, facilities, and other costs associated with in-person practices. BetterHelp charges no fees to the online therapist. So, the pay they receive is pretty transparent.

BetterHelp doesn’t operate on a one-size-fits-all approach to payment, so providing an exact figure before onboarding isn’t possible here. You can get a rough approximation of what an online therapist may make on BetterHelp based on the number of weekly hours they put in here at their earnings estimator calculator.

The BetterHelp Review Process Explained

Before you can start getting paid on BetterHelp, you’ll need to undergo their review process. Though, early on in the process, just after passing the clinical case study assessment, BetterHelp will provide you with specifics on your payment structure. At this point, you may determine that the pay is fair, and you intend to move forward with the process. Or, you may decide online therapy services are not for you and not proceed any further in the onboarding process.

If you decide to proceed with BetterHelp, here’s how the onboarding process looks from start to finish. The first thing you’ll do is complete an initial application. Then you’ll complete a clinical case study assessment that the BetterHelp clinical team grades. If you pass, you’ll move on to the technical assessments stage of the process. After that, you’ll create your BetterHelp profile and complete a video interview with the BetterHelp staff members. Once that’s complete, all that’s left is credentialing, background checks, and final approval.

Making Money During Your Probationary Period

There is no withholding of pay during your probationary period with BetterHelp. The purpose of the probation period after you join the platform is to ensure you’re providing quality service to your clients and that you are communicating effectively and meaningfully with them. Even after the probationary period is over, ongoing assessments persist in the form of peer reviews, training, member feedback, and mentorship programs.

Getting Paid on BetterHelp

Receiving payment on the BetterHelp platform is remarkably simple and pretty straightforward. As the clinician, you can check your dashboard regularly to see the status of your payments. BetterHelp does not take any fees from your earnings. So what you make is purely based on your interactions with your clients.

BetterHelp uses an engagement-based pay model; they do not pay online therapists hourly. How much you make is directly proportional to the quantity and quality of meaningful engagements you initiate with your clients. The best-paid therapists are those who regularly check in on their existing clients via chat, phone, or video sessions, or even through journaling or assignments. Successful online therapists are regularly accepting new clients, also.

Pay vs. Workload

The more you engage with your clients in a meaningful way, the more you will make on the BetterHelp platform. If you apply minimal effort, you will make minimal pay. If you reach out to your clients and check in on them regularly, your income will increase.

When you first join the platform, you’ll need to allow sometime to build your workload to desired levels by building your client base. Establishing relationships and finding out and responding to your client’s needs takes time.

Other Ways to Get Paid – BetterHelp Bonuses

BetterHelp offers a reward to its hardest working therapists in the form of “long-term subscriber” bonuses. They do this to recognize the amount of work and attention it takes to consistently offer care and support to a client over the long haul. Any relationship that lasts longer than three months results in a “long-term subscriber” bonus for the therapist.