Imagining a pirate without a unique set of costume accessories is impossible. Take the Pirates of the Caribbean as an example to understand the statement. Would you love Jack Sparrow without his hat, rings, compass, gun belt, etc? The answer is going to be no! So, if you’ve got a pirate costume at your place because you fancy becoming one and haven’t got any unique set of jewelry, your collection is sadly incomplete.

If reading that has got you anxiously thinking about how to make this possible. Relax! You can 3D print the custom pirate jewelry at home. With some effort and a lot of creativity, you can turn your long-awaited dream of looking like a pirate, stuffed with weird but beautiful jewelry, into reality. If you don’t have a 3D printer just yet, Pick 3D Printer has a list of the best 3D cheap printers in the $400-$500 range, If you do, Just read and follow through.

How to 3D Print Pirate Jewelry?

There are a few steps you must follow to create those wonderful accessories that happen to be difficult to find in your local market. Also, 3D Printing at home is the only way to customize your creation as per your specific need. Hence, adding the tone of personalization and personal charm.

Start with a 3D File

It isn’t the easiest part if you decide to design your 3D file all by yourself. Especially, if you have little experience doing it. Hence, we suggest downloading the existing 3D file and making changes to the same, as intended. Here are a few choices we picked for you.

Telescope Necklace

After all, a pirate needs to see and prepare his or her ship for the coming dangers in the near future. And what else can be the most important tool at the quickest disposal to a pirate than a Telescope Necklace, mate? Remember that scene from a part of the movie series, the Pirates of the Caribbean in which Barbosa and Jack Sparrow quickly opens up their telescopes when warned of a danger?

You too! Like they were, be able to do so by printing this Telescope Necklace, the 3D design file of which is available at Etsy for a price. It’s unique; it’s vintage! It’s available in Shiny gold as well as Brass material. The dimensions of this wonderful piece of art are 80 mm * 16 mm * 10 mm. However, if you are good with 3D designing, you can change the size according to your taste too.

Pirate Skull Ring

Having covered the neck, let’s move on to your fingers. Pirates used to travel to different places and collect different pieces available over there. Often you’d see them wearing a skull-shaped ring on their hands. Does seeing that on their hand make you envy them? You want one for yourself, don’t you?

You can download the 3D design file of Pirate Skull Ring from MyMiniFactory. Printing of this file can be done using FDM or FFF 3D printers. The advice of the maker of this 3D design is to print it at 0.8 mm or higher resolution, with a 100 percent infill. The dimensions of this pirate skull ring are 29.55 mm * 29.55 mm * 21.14 mm.

Pirate Coin

If there is one thing that pirates wondered for, from one place to the other, it was coins and treasure. This Pirate Coin’s 3D design that you can download from Thingiverse for free can surely fuel your treasure hunt. The maker of this 3D design file has researched the Spanish coins for coming up with the design that replicates the coin from the golden age of piracy.

Printing this part requires rafts and support structures. Moreover, it’s recommended that the layer resolution of your printer be set to 0.1 mm. But you are given the freedom to choose your preferred percentage of infill.

Jewelry Box

If you wish to print all of that pirate jewelry and are not finding an appropriate place to keep them, we’ve got you covered. What better place to keep your pirate necklace, skull ring, coin, and chalice than a personalized Jewelry box?

You can download the 3D design file of this Jewelry box from Cults 3D. It’s available in the standard STL file format.

Checking Your Final Settings of the 3D Printer

Then comes another difficult part, setting your 3D Printer. First and foremost, you must ensure that the machine is calibrated. Bed leveling helps in getting the prints right on the first attempt. Or, you may face issues such as difficult first layer adhesion, staircase effect, etc.

Also, before calibrating your machine, please select the material for 3D printing. The settings will also depend on your choice of material. From print bed temperature to extruder temperature, material selection would allow you to prepare your machine in advance.

Getting G-Code for Your 3D Printer

If you have already prepared your STL file, it is time to convert the same into G-Code, the language that the 3D Printer understands. If you are lucky, your 3D Printer may carry a slicer software along with it. So, once you upload the design, the STL file will be converted into G-Code. Or else, if it’s not available with your 3D printer, you must slice the design beforehand using a slicer application.

You must use the software compatible with your machine. Some 3D Printers support most of the common software. However, there are a few that only let you work with the STL files with their recommended applications. So, you must make sure you use the correct slicing software to avoid any issues that may arise otherwise.

Once you do that, the 3D Printer will start printing your design, layer by layer. After it completes, carry the post-processing routine as required.

The Conclusion

You can use the custom-made pirate jewelry mentioned above in various ways. It could complete your Pirate costume for Halloween. It could make for a good showcase material. You could enjoy playing pirate-pirate with your kid. The best part is that 3D Printing yourself would be a memory for a lifetime. And, you can actually learn a lot of things about 3D printers during your exploration.