What makes an investment good or bad?

A good marketing return on investment many economists will suggest you is around twenty percent 5:1 in ratio. But to get a return of twenty percent on any investment consistently in a short period of time requires a fair amount of knowledge and for beginners a lot of luck. However, for someone who is new to this investing should consider investing a fair amount of money for a longer period of time to get their targeted return on any investment.

Bitcoin as a future investment provides people with the same opportunity to grow their investment and get their targeted or even more than what anyone would have expected. When launched on 3rd January 2009 many believed it to be the currency of the future and believed that it has the power to replace the dollar as a digital currency (still a long way to go for bitcoin to replace the dollar). The bitcoin growth graph has shown how valuable this digital currency can be as a future investment.

Benefits of bitcoins as an investment

No devaluation like Fiat currencies

Central banks and governments around the countries have full control over the currencies in every country. So, when there is inflation, the government tries to tackle this problem by devaluing the currency in their respective country. While in the case of bitcoin there is no such fear of a bitcoin devaluation as they are not controlled by Central banks or Government.

Ease in doing Global transfers

One of the big reasons behind the success of bitcoin most of the experts believe is its ability to transfer money around the globe with ease. Bitcoin is believed to be the most secure money transfer method with its peer-to-peer topology. With this new blockchain technology that bitcoin has, you can transfer money from one part of the world to another securely and without any threat of any hacker getting details of the transaction.

No Centralised system

Bitcoin has servers all around the world which help in making digital transfers easy and secure for its users. Bitcoin uses a decentralized system ie there is no centralized server that stores all the information. It is designed as an alternative to government money where all the information is stored in a centralized server due to which Bitcoin doesn’t have any single point of failure making it efficient, more resilient, democratic, and future of digital currency.

Include every section of society

Bitcoin can be acquired by anyone. You just need a phone or a laptop and access to the internet to start trading. While in the current financial system you need to fill a lot of forms, submit documents, and many other legal formalities to join this system, which many people find difficult to understand. While in the case of bitcoin there are no such formalities which make it easier for everyone to join this platform and its reach among common people makes it the future of digital currency. Visit the profit secret if you want to invest in bitcoins.

Final thoughts

All the above-mentioned points are enough to emphasize why the future for this digital currency is bright and its high time that people should start considering this as their future investment. However, for someone who is still skeptical about the idea of investing in Bitcoin for those, just look at how bitcoin has performed in the past 10 years and analyze how much people have earned, what ROI someone got in the past 10 years, and then decide what opportunities it has a future investment.