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Movies, Sneakers, Online Slots and Everything Else Inspired by K-Pop in 2019

Beautiful idols, obsessive fans, unlimited media coverage, and extravaganza define the idolized world of K-Pop music. Yet, for a long time, K-Pop was a...
Point Of Sale System Cost

How Much Does A Point Of Sale System Cost?

Be it a physical store or an ecommerce website, a point of sale (POS) system is vital for running a business. POS refers to...
Facial recognition technology could help keep Macau’s casino floors safe.

Macau Legislator Pushing for Facial Recognition Technology in its Casinos

A prominent member of the Macau Legislative Council and president of the Macau Gaming Industry called on the Chinese government to consider proposals to...

Easy Ways to Better Your Grades in College and Boost Your Confidence

We know how easy it is to lack confidence during college. You might wonder what you can do to better both your confidence and...

“Bad Papa” Drama review

 Story "Bad Papa" stars by posing the dilemma of good dad or bad dad? Yoo Ji Cheol is a former boxer who was suspended for...

3 Things to Expect When You’re Self-Employed Freelancer in the US

Being a self-employed freelancer is one of those things that has a lot of benefits, but also a lot of drawbacks if you're not...

When Should You Opt for Window Repairs or Window Replacement Edmonton?

The decision on whether to repair or consider window replacement Edmonton can be daunting. Just like any other home remodeling or improvement, it is...

Image of Smoker in Serials and TV-Shows

Images of celebrities in serial television dramas and shows have made some viewers associate smoking with sexual appeal, glamour, rebelliousness, romance, machismo, and independence....
Escape Rooms

Six Business Lessons from Escape Rooms

Escape room games are actually physical adventure games in which players perform a lot of riddles and puzzles by using different clues in order...

The Tazza Phenomenon

The US may have gambling movie franchises like the Ocean’s 11 series but these are a comparative rarity in Korean cinema. However, one notable...