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The Top 3 Financial Careers That You Can Do from Home

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus has posed a significant global health issue, with nearly five million cases and more than 319,000 deaths reported...
Healthy Habits

6 Healthy Habits to Build for 2019

If you’ve ever had trouble following through on a new year’s resolution, or just about any habit-building exercise, it might...
Condos & Natural Disasters

When Disaster Strikes: Is Your Condo Ready?

Nobody wants to think about natural disasters affecting their condo building, but it’s something you need to address to make sure you have a...

A Tax Preparer Gives Escorts a Hand

Lori St. Kitts is not your typical tax preparer. While other tax professionals are helping doctors and small businesses, Lori has found a unique niche....

CBD oil: what you need to know about CBD

How to enjoy the relaxing effect of cannabis legally and without the harm associated with THC? By consuming CBD, of course!  If you spend a...

Top Wellness Trend to Know: CBD Oil

CBD is the new wellness trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. There are advertisements for the products everywhere, plastered...

Why You Should Visit China Soon

Planning a vacation and be time-consuming and tedious. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that it will pay off dividends in the future. After...

Why Taste Matters for Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is used to fight tooth decay in children. When we think fluoride varnish most of us often think of dentists applying an...

Tencent drops 40 percent

The Chinese government started to crack down on consumer usage of video games by freezing the licenses for creating and introducing new games onto...

Betting Advice for Champions League

The UEA Champions League is one of the biggest events of the year not just for football fans (or soccer fans, for Americans!). It’s...