That Man Oh Soo (Korean Drama)
That Man Oh Soo (Korean Drama)

The Man Oh Soo is an exceptional romance fantasy that has captured the hearts of many a female viewer and some of the male ones too. This is considered to be one of the best romantic comedy series that has come out of SK for quite a while.

This series is the product of OCN distributes, and its cast includes Lee Jong Hyun, Kim So Eun, Kang Tae Oh and Huh Jung Min. The length of this series is 16 episodes, and its full title is That Man Oh Soo Evergreen

The producers and director went the happy ending way with this comedy romance, and it delivers on all scores, which basically means it’s a great series to alleviate sadness and take away the blues. It is designed to make you laugh and smile, especially if you have a tub of ice cream in your lap.

Here is the storyline.

Oh Soo is a café owner that adds special magical pollen to the coffee he serves in his café, not truly understanding love, he eventually finds out the hard way when he has to resort to the supernatural to protect his love. Now, let’s jump to the last episodes.

Yoo Ri, our female lead learns that her male lead Oh Soo broke up with her to protect her, and fled to Germany where he used a supernatural curse that made him forget 28 years of memory, so basically, he knows nothing, but still feels something is missing. Three years after taking on this drastic remedy, he comes back home. In the meantime, Yoo Ri has been advancing in her career but has been sad all the time. Her friend Jin Woo is concerned that she still thinks too much about Oh Soo, which is the reason for her sorry emotional state.

Obviously, the story would not get a good grade if it didn’t supply the surprise, and it does when Yoo Ri bumps into Oh Soo in the closed café they used to hang out a lot. She thinks it’s a dream, especially since she is drunk at the time. The next day she decides to go to the beach, and there she meets Oh Soo again, this time he invites her to a coffee…and that is the final cut.

Romance and Comedy

This show is definitely a “cheesy” love comedy and is rampant with the heart-fluttering scenes and standard punchlines. As such, the show is able to survive the daft supernatural sadness and leave viewers wanting more. After all, we want a happy ending, but in the story, the happy ending is still around the corner.

Leading Performance

There is no doubt that the success of this rom-com is due to the amazing acting skills of both the male and female lead actors. Kim So Eun’s talent is apparent, and her devotion is well suited to bringing out a strong lead role. Lee Jong Hyun acts out his role perfectly and uses all the angles and timing to create a heart-fluttering male role. Remember, comedy is not about the punchline, it’s about the timing and delivery.

Great Supporting Cast

While the leading roles were performed perfectly, they would not have been as successful without a great supporting cast, and Kang Tae Oh, Huh Jung Min, Jin Woo, and Ga Na all took on and owned their personas perfectly, delivering a cohesive stage.

The Supernatural

It was that last-minute decision to use a supernatural memory wiping solution that ruined the show, in my opinion, in a rom-com, there should be no serious and sinister side effects, this is not a thriller. So, the writers must have got confused when they took a light-hearted and funny show and turned it into a serious thriller with fantastical convolutions.

The bottom line is that The Man Oh Soo is a great series, a wonderful rom-com with a lot of the fantastic that makes younger teenager girly girls swoon while laughing into their bowl of ice cream. Oh, and an occasional scream is also endeared here.