You must have always heard that before you move a house, you need to declutter. Minimizing your inventory has its own benefits including small inventory size, ease of loading, unloading, and transportation as well as significant savings on moving cost. People have become more and more aware of moving expenses and ways to regulate them. Decluttering is one of the best ways that can help you minimize your cost of moving. Moreover, it also allows you to evaluate your inventory and find out some cherished possessions at the end of the drawer or a handful that were occupying the valuable space.

Expert moving services providers that work in collaboration with iMoving, a platform offering moving assistance, state the decluttering part of your moving process is very exciting. Not only you can effectively get rid of items that you do not need, but you also ride a roller coaster ride as you go through the entire old belongings one after another, putting the important ones aside while discarding the crap.

So, what are the items that you should not move with you? Well, here is a list of 20 items that you must get rid of before you move. So, let’s find out what these items are and how you can get rid of them.

Old Coats:

You need some winter essentials in your closet. A coat, a jacket, and maybe a blazer is essential, but that dirty jacket is no more worth considering a part of your closet. You can always donate those extra coats and jackets to someone in need. This will help a less fortunate person to stay warm during the tough and cold winter nights. You can find a number of donation houses and programs where you can donate your old items.

Electronic items:

A good reason why we collect a pile of old and outdated electronic items at your home is that we do not know what to do with them. Electronic items are very important to get rid of when they become obsolete and no more a fit for your needs. But, you cannot just throw them away like any other kind of trash. It can earn you some fine from the authorities. So what should you do? Reach out to local old electronic and thrift stores and ask them for a good price for your old television, computer, or the refrigerator. You can also choose a recycling service provider and get rid of the extra items.

Declutter the toy stock:

One thing that most of the households have in common is a great inventory of toys. We understand that toys have a great sentimental value associated with them, but this does not allow you to keep them in your custody. Your child has now grown older and all the toys from his yesteryears are no more useful for him. It is better to donate such toys in a charity for the small, orphan, or disabled children and work for a cause.

Old media:

Old media like CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Blu-Rays, and other pieces of media are obsolete now, and having them with you while you are packing for a move, is simply a waste of time and other resources. However, you will easily find a lot of people and agencies who are happy to buy such old media items and help you minimize your moving inventory size.

Used and leftover liquid:

If you are planning to move your leftover liquids with you, stay prepared for a moving disaster. If you have engaged a credible moving company, you must already be warned about the prohibition of carrying leftover liquid bottles with you. However, if you aren’t informed already, just know that the chances of spillage and leakage of liquids during the transportation is high and you do not want to risk your expensive inventory just because you had a little bleach left in the bottle. So, take out time to ethically dispose of all leftover liquids that aren’t important for your survival.

Unwanted kitchenware:

Kitchen is one room in the house that has the biggest and most complicated inventory to pack. As you start decluttering the room, you will notice that almost half of your kitchenware was never used in recent years. If you haven’t used them recently, the chances are you won’t use them in the coming years. Instead of packing them all and increasing the moving inventory size and cost, you must sell or donate extra kitchen items.

Sell old and damaged furniture at a great price::

If you are moving to a bigger or better house, you won’t need your old and damaged furniture there. Moreover, moving an old and damaged furniture item is always risky as the item may break further during the move. You can also buy better furniture at the same price or even lesser than the moving cost. It is better to find the right website or store that buys old and damaged furniture pieces and sell your items for a good profit.

Sort out your cosmetics:

There are many cosmetic items that become old and obsolete yet we keep them with us. Old lipsticks, eye shadows, and blushers, for example, are some makeup items that last long, way longer than their expiry date. If you have still kept them in your make up box, you better have a declutter drive and remove all the old items you no more use.

Books donation:

One thing that you must donate before you move out of a house is books, if you are a reading enthusiast, you must have a lot of books in the stand. Donate them to a library or a school and make space to buy some new ones. You can always get a digital copy of your old books if you feel like reading them all over again.


Rarely a moving company will agree on moving plants. Moreover, moving plants is not something a true plant lover will want because plants may not be able to survive the change in climate and tedious transportation. You can either leave the pots for the new occupant of the home or donate it to the local nursery that can then take care of them.

If you want to limit your moving expenses and ensure that your new home is not a mess like the existing one, move only what you want and use and donate/ sell/ throw the rest.