"Where Stars Land" (Naver)
“Where Stars Land” (Image source: SBS)



The Incheon airport is the place where this story takes place, telling the experiences of its workers, and specifically, those of a particular woman named Han Yeo Reum and a reserved and distant man named Lee Soo Yeon.
Han Yeo Reum yearns to do everything perfectly, but the reality is that she is very clumsy and impulsive. She has a good heart and strives to do the right thing even if it means to go against the rules. On the other hand is Lee Soo Yeon, who has an innate ability to do everything perfectly and this prevents him from going unnoticed, even though he just wants to be ordinary, he is all mysterious and harbors a great secret.

These two characters who belong to the same team and are of a completely opposite will be forced to resolve their differences by working together.


“Where Stars Land” (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Lee Je Hoon as Lee Soo Yeon

He graduated from the prestigious KAIST (Advanced Institute of Science and Technology of Korea), with a perfect TOEIC score, he works in the department of passenger services, in which he entered by having the highest score in his interview, and passing the three months test, Soo Yeon is very competent in his job, likes to work quietly without being noticed but always stands out above the rest; he dreamed of being a pilot, but his poor vision ruined that dream. It is rumored that he is quite conceited, since he lunches alone, and has no friendship with anyone, he is cold and distant, although, in reality, he is alone, because of the mysterious secret he hides.

“Where Stars Land” (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Chae Soo Bin as Han Yeo Reum

Han Yeo Reum is a new member of the Passenger Services team, she has a year of experience working at Incheon Airport, she is everything but a normal person. Known as the “Human Bomb”, when she is around, anything can happen, she is very prone to accidents and always lives in trouble because of her clumsy nature and reckless character. She is a kind woman, that always tries to do the right thing, but has self-esteem and confidence issues.

“Where Stars Land” (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Lee Dong Gun as Seo In Woo

Team Leader of Airport Planning and Operation, a man outstanding in his work, he possesses a great adaptability and ambition, willing to do anything to eliminate his enemy. Seo In Woo has a dark past, full of problems and criticizable decisions.

“Where Stars Land” (Image source: Hancinema.net)

Kim Ji Soo as Yang Seo Koon

She is the Head of the Passenger Services team, a woman who is completely dedicated to her job, has great leadership and cares about the well-being of her employees. She is hated by many and respected at the same time for the diligence and ability she possesses in her work environment. Beneath that strong and tenacious character is a compassionate and kind woman.

About the Drama

“Where Stars Land”, is a drama loaded with romance, melodrama and science fiction, with a plot very well done and entertaining. This drama has unique characters and is very original, leaving aside the typical stereotypes that we can always observe in Korean dramas and give us new airs to breathe and entertain us.

The SBS network drama broadcast Monday to Tuesday, “Where Stars Land” has received great acceptance from the general public and is not surprising, it has a respected and experienced cast, headed by Lee Je Hoon (I Can Speak), Chae Soo Bin (I’m Not a Robot), Lee Dong Gun (Sketch), Kim Ji Soo (Hwarang: The Beginning), among others.

Chae Soo Bin and Lee Je Hoon (Image source: Soompi.com)

Interestingly enough, Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin were the ones in mind for the main characters of this drama, (of course, we now know they refuse this script in favor of “Memories Of The Alhambra“)however, Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin are proving to be, as their interpretations show, simply brilliant.

Among the most interesting characters in “Where Stars Land“, we have to talk about the mysterious Lee Soo Yeon, this character is very complete and Lee Je Hoon interprets it in a very special way, giving it certain nuances that give us a unique character, he is an experienced actor and he understood his character thoroughly, he takes you from a very tragic life marked by his disability, feeling so vulnerable and at the same time surprising everyone with his super strength, he is a man of deep emotions, that doesn’t love easily but when he does, he loves all heartily. the intense emotions he developed for Han Yeo Reum, moves our hearts, it is simply fantastic.

Lee Je Hoon “Where Stars Land” (SBS)

His co-star Chae Soo Bin as Han Yeo Reum, is not far behind, her character also has many unique features, she is not only the extremely clumsy and naive girl, not at all, her character goes beyond that, she had a childhood marked by the divorce of her parents and filled with Bullying from her classmates, elements that make her who she is, and I really hope to see their total transformation as this drama ends.

Chae Soo Bin “Where Stars Land”(SBS)

The heart of a romance drama is the chemistry between the leads, and this couple so has it, their first kiss in the airport was such an awaited moment for the audience (yes, including me).

“Where Stars Land” (SBS)

And although “Where Stars Land” is a drama that focuses on its main characters and undoubtedly they are the ones who give life to this story, it also has other entertaining characters and another romantic couple to focus on, Kim Kyung Nam as Oh Dae Ki and Lee Soo Kyung as Na Young Joo, being Oh Dae Ki that sexy, protective and compassionate superior and she a coarse and reckless woman, with the super emotional wall. I’m so waiting for Dae Ki to crack that wall.

Where Stars Land” definitely has met all the expectations so far and is not even finished yet! as we get closer to the final chapters we will share our favorite moments,  meanwhile, you can watch it here on VIKI, don’t miss it!