Nowadays, it can be stated that living without technology is something completely out of this world. Indeed, how many folks can live through the day and not look into their smartphones at least once? That’s right; the answer to this question will be something near to a zero. Nonetheless, it cannot be rejected that technologies have had a positive impact on the lives of people, as well, especially when it comes to talking about college students.

The EdTech industry that has been newly sprung over the last decade has brought about so many solutions for the college students that there is, actually, nothing much left for them to do. This article will tell you about the best EdTech tools for college students that might change a student’s life for the better.

Google Education

There is, probably, a need to start the discussion with Google Education – one of the biggest educational online platforms in the world. This is a big online hub for everyone who is eager to learn something new: from a high-school student to a university professor.

There are scientific articles, online study courses, workshop materials, etc., and all this data is available for college students to access, especially when accessing them through a college online library system.

However, you surely need to know the fact that Google is not the only company that you should know about when it comes to EdTech trends. Here comes a good read about ten EdTech companies that you might need to know about if you plan to advance your EdTech skills and knowledge.


There is, probably, no calculator in the world to count for the ways that Capzles can help a student with his or her educational endeavors. With the help of this educational wizard, you will be able to gather videos, photos, documents, and every piece of educational data that you can think of, including online posts and blogs, in one place. Thus, you will not have to spend a lot of time synchronizing and processing your study materials even before you actually start learning from them.

Sure enough, the modern world of technology has reached the point when tech solutions are everywhere, helping people live and making their lives easier. For example, if you read the papers owl reviews on the Internet, you will find it easy to understand that the professional essay writing services can be easily classified as the eleventh EdTech study tool.


This is, probably, one of the best apps to be used by college students who want to succeed in their courses. Nearpod is nothing else but a data of more than 7,000 ready to learn lessons that can be customized. Imagine having an opportunity to construct a lesson of your own to get ready for the test. Sounds fascinating, right? Sometimes people fail to learn properly because reading is extremely boring. Nearpod lets you learn your own way.


Regardless of how hackneyed it might sound, but YouTube is surely among the best EdTech tools that you can use in order to sweeten your academic deal. There are tons of video lectures and study materials on YouTube, which automatically turns the video host into one of the pivotal educational trends of today. If you fancy learning more about the latest trends and topics of interest discussed in the EdTech industry, make sure that you read this article.


If you want to be in cahoots with your college marks, you should definitely start using this service as it is nothing else but a fun, game-centered way of learning academic information. Sure, one may state that game-learning in college is something to be ashamed of. Nonetheless, there is actually nothing to be ashamed of as long as it helps a person conquer the academic heights. All the games in the app are created around multiple-choice quizzes, which is an extremely efficient way of learning things.

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Black Bullion

One may easily think that getting financial education is not important if you are learning, for example, literature. However, Black Bullion, which is your personal financial education teacher, is something that every college student truly needs. Almost each and every student of today has to deal with a lot of financial operations, such as college loans, payments for dormitories, etc. Thus, being financially educated might become of the utmost importance.

Using EdTech tools should be, first of all, aimed at making your life easier in general. When you don’t have to spend your time, thinking about how to track the materials that you need for your course, it is much easier to focus on the very learning process. If you are interested in disclosing to yourself the full potential of the EdTech platforms, you should definitely read this article, as it will tell you about some additional ways of using the EdTech tools in order to make your educational experience smoother.

Live Binders

Sometimes college students have to deal with such a vast and, at the same time, an unordered pile of materials and files that they find it hard to understand what exactly should they do. Live Binders will help you collect all of your materials and resources in one place. Furthermore, this website has its own customizable whiteboard which you can use in order to educate yourself and others.


Before you become a college student, you need to become one first. AdmitHub is a truly special EdTech tool that you might use in the first place if you want to become a student. AdmitHub is nothing else but a mammoth database of American colleges. The website will tell you what each and every college would require from you in order to be accepted as their student.


When it comes to editing study materials, ThingLink is the indisputable leader in the domain of EdTech tools. With the help of ThingLink you can edit videos, photos, annotate, and edit articles and posts. What is more, you will be able to store it all in one place and, guess what, create VR presentations for the class that will surely amaze the professor.


Talking about presentations, there is, probably, no better platform to be used for their creation than Prezi. This tool will let you capture the attention of everyone in the class, including yourself. There are thousands of splendid templates to use and create your own wonderful presentations. Become the class’s best presenter with Prezi.


The world of modern technologies is surely full of wonderful tools and solutions that the students of today may use for the sake of making their college lives easier. Of course, no one says that those tools will decide all of your academic problems and will complete all of the tasks for you. However, the aforementioned selection of EdTech tools shall help you make your college life easier and more productive.