Relationships can be tough to survive sometimes. No matter how much you love someone, you are sacred when you start noticing changes in them.

Infidelity in marriage is not that uncommon. There are many physical signs of cheating you can notice in your partner. You know when your relationship is falling apart, and you still want to be sure before taking any action.

This article covers clear signs that can tell you if your wife is cheating or not.

Is there a change in her physical appearance?

Your wife’s changed behavior can be the biggest clue that she is involved with someone else. Start noticing if there have been any physical changes in her appearance.

Keep in mind these questions:

  • Has she started looking oddly happier?
  • Is she wearing new dresses every day?
  • Is she applying a lot of makeup?
  • Is she too much into her looks?

Women like to get ready and dress up. However, if this is the case whenever she goes out, it might be a sign of an extramarital affair.

She has been getting a lot of gifts

Have you noticed your wife wearing a lot of expensive stuff lately? Whenever you ask her where it came from, the answer was it is a gift from ‘someone.’

However, she comes up with a lot of new names for that ‘someone,’ but does it sound honest to you? Receiving frequent gifts also falls under the physical signs of cheating.

You can also notice signs like:

  • She has been very protective of her gifts
  • The names she comes up with, you never heard these names before
  • Gifts are not occasional; she is receiving them randomly
  • She is always making up excuses or reasons why she got them
  • She is getting costly gifts

When you confront her, she usually changes the topic. It can be a strong signal that your wife is having an affair.

She has suddenly turned into an extrovert

If she is usually very social and a party animal, then it is normal. But if suddenly she has started going out with her friends a lot, you should consider digging deeper.

Instead of spending time with you, she likes hanging out with her colleagues. An active social life that doesn’t involve you states that she may be covering something up. A person engaged in an affair usually covers up things using excuses like these.

Although these parties might not look that odd to you, you need to observe more carefully. These nights outs can be an excuse to meet her lover. It becomes more suspicious when she doesn’t involve you in any of these social hangouts.

Notice the sudden changes in her attitude when she comes after a party or a night out. Try to observe the differences. Her body language will indicate any physical signs of cheating.

She doesn’t involve you in her decisions

Marriage means being independent, but with a certain level of dependency. If your wife has started acting all independent herself, it may be a sign that she is involved with someone.

There are many visible changes that are clear cut signs:

  • She is buying things on her own when she usually used to ask for your help
  • She doesn’t need your opinion on how she looks or what she should wear for a party
  • She is taking her financial decisions on her own
  • She changes things without even asking your opinion — it can be the color of her hair or septum piercing
  • She doesn’t think it is essential to inform you where she is going

She may be getting opinions from someone else, which is why yours don’t matter to her anymore. It is again a noticeable physical sign of cheating.

However, you should avoid jumping to any conclusion all of a sudden. Observe things, give time, and then come to a decision.

She never returns texts or calls

It is possible that due to workload a lot of times, she is unable to call you back. If this is happening more often, you should look for other reasons.

Not returning calls or texts is a sign she is ignoring you and not interested in having a talk. It is a significant physical sign of cheating, especially when you know her phone is in her hands all the time.

This means she is spending time with someone else and doesn’t want to be interrupted. This shrinking conversation can prove to be a major red flag for your marriage. It increases the possibility of your wife’s infidelity.

She never leaves her phone

If your wife is having an affair, the most perceivable sign is how much she uses her phone daily. She may be addicted to social media, but more chances are of extramarital affairs.

If your wife is cheating on you:

  • Do you notice her behavior changing when she looks at a text?
  • She smiles while using the phone
  • You will find her online always even when she is at office
  • She will have all her chats with that one particular person
  • She will never leave her phone alone
  • The moment her phone pings she will leave everything to reply back

This kind of behavior shows physical signs of cheating. This means your wife may be chatting with someone she is involved with physically.

Lack of Intimacy

As the years pass by in marriages, physical intimacy tends to drop. If your relationship is missing small things like kisses, hugs, it is an indication that your relationship might already be at a crucial stage. Intimacy can convey a lot about the physical signs of cheating.

Missing romantic moments and no sex for months, or say, years can indicate signs of an affair. Physical intimacy is a way couples denote love and affection. Lack of these physical contacts clearly means your wife might be cheating on you.

Spending more time in the office

Her flickering office schedules, usually late nights, indicate that there is something fishy. Possibilities are that she is working hard at her office, but frequent long hours at night is doubtful.

Spending extended hours at night in the office every day indicates that your wife may be spending time with someone else. This pattern comes under physical signs of cheating.

More secretive

You tried opening your wife’s phone, and the password has changed. Doubts of all sorts will surround your mind. If you ask her the password, she gets irritated and changes the topic.

She will spend weekends, holidays away from you, and you won’t know any details. This kind of secretive behavior is a physical sign of cheating.

Demanding more personal space

All of a sudden, your spouse may require a lot of privacy. She will start demanding a lot of alone time, asking you not to interrupt her.

By her attitude and behavior, you can quickly figure out if she is looking for personal space. However, it can also be a tactic to push you away because she is not interested in spending time with you. It is an evident physical sign of cheating.


If you notice any of these signs in your wife, it is better to confront her instead of blaming her. In any relationship, there are a lot of ups and downs; it’s up to you how you deal with them.