Most people think that addiction is not a disease. To someone who has never gone through the ordeal thinks that it is a matter of personal resolute and will. But, when you look at it from a factual point of view, things are so much different than that. Addictive behavior is more like a mental health issue as whatever the user is abusing alters the state of his brain and makes it dependent on it. If the abuser doesn’t engage in the addictive behavior, he feels as if he is missing a meal. However, through proper treatment, people struggling with these issues can stop partaking in the act and recover.

There are all kinds of rehab centers that offer patients with 12 steps or NON 12 step programs. Both of these groups have their own advantage, and the efficiency of these programs matter on the type of addiction a person is going through. Let’s discuss them in detail in this article so that you have a clear idea of which program you should go for.

Non 12 Step Recovery Programs

These programs include Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery, etc. The one thing about all these programs that stand out is that they implement psychological techniques when trying to treat a patient. They try to instill confidence in a person by exposing him to motivational therapy and focus on the patient’s mental health over other things.

Moreover, these programs boast a success rate of 10-15% above the normal 12 step programs. It is the feature of the most top-notch NON 12 step recovery programs that they ensure the success of their treatments by making them evidence and counseling based as opposed to 12 steps programs.

They regard drug abuse as an issue related to the brain, so they try to focus on the emotional health of a person and try to heal some underlying problems that might be causing an addict to engage in behaviors that have a negative effect on his body and mind. When an addict registers in a non 12 step program, the first thing he goes through is a special diagnosis, and after that, treatment is tailored made to meet his requirements. However, the downside is that the number of such rehab centers is very low.

Are these programs Effective?

The first thing you need to realize is that these programs are very different from the run of the mill 12 step recovery programs. NON 12 step recovery program takes a different approach to treat individuals, and it is more focused on treating addiction as a mental disease and use the latest scientific research to cure the patients.

The best part about these programs is that each diagnosis is made according to an individual and what he is going through. These programs incorporate the best medicine, enhance motivation in a person, and teach them a new way of thinking. Using processes like adverse conditioning, they develop a negative response to addictive behaviors in a person, which makes it easier for him to give up on addiction.

Where 12 step recovery programs like Alcohol Anonymous have a tremendous effect on a person, it is by no means the only treatment out there. Every person reacts differently to treatment, and programs like SMART Recovery, LifeRing, Women for Sobriety, etc. are playing a very active role in the individual recovery of an addict.

12 Step Recovery Programs

These include a rigorous set of 12 steps that a patient must follow. The best example of such programs is Alcoholics Anonymous, which treats a person by focusing on making them regret their abusing behavior, helping them share their journey, and giving them a platform where they can admit that the addiction is causing or has caused a negative effect in their lives.

It aims to let people believe in something. It can be anything from God, to a supervisor, to fellow addicts who have stopped partaking, or a mere coin that reminds an addict for how long he has been drug-free. Where most agree that spending time in meetings and sharing your story with people who have suffered from what you have suffered is very beneficial, they also think that when you are part of such programs, all it takes is a moment of weakness and you will start rolling down that same old road again.

Are These Programs Effective?

These programs differ from NON 12 step ones as they take a more spiritual approach to addiction and use support groups as a treatment. Motivation and feeling loved is, without a doubt, a very effective driving factor that convinces most of the addicts out there to learn from the mistakes of others.

These programs are free to attend and are widely spread all over America. But, the one thing that you need to understand is that these programs don’t boast medical experts or training to treat an addiction. An addict has to learn from the experience of other addicts and recover by listening to their stories and how they overcame addiction. It requires very strong will power, and a person is bound to relapse from time to time.

The Bottom Line

For many years, 12 step programs were the only treatment out there. With the innovation of technology and prowess in medicine, there has been a lot of research on the effects of addiction on a person. So, it all comes down to the will of a person.

Where a NON 12 step program is the most viable treatment in medical terms that uses evidence-based therapies that are proven to be effective when it comes to addictive treatment, a 12 step program is a traditional way that is more focused on developing will power.

So, the choice is largely based on personal circumstances and individuals preferences. In the end, you should always go for a program that fits your lifestyle and factors in all the things that are stopping you from getting over your addiction.