A mere mention of a finance-related spreadsheet or even a PPT presentation is enough to land frowns and sweep a wave of boredom even in a room full of intellectuals. It is the human instinct — unless one is driven by need, most of us tend to avoid clustered data and numbers. But at the same time, neglecting this crucial science of managing and processing funds can take a toll on our resources and savings.

Finance is everything related to money management. Naturally, it affects both individuals and organizations. Unless one is cash-rich, individuals hardly need to prepare reports or presentations catering to their expenses and assets. However, a dedicated department to manage funds is a necessity for the affluent class and organizations.

But as important as it is to manage and process money, it is equally prudent to maintain its record, perform an assessment, and find ways to maximize output with minimum efforts. So if preparing financial reports, audits, ledgers, or statements concerns you, this post is especially meant to benefit you. Here are the top 20 financial PPT designs from SlideTeam, the world’s largest library of fully editable content-ready PowerPoint templates. Check these out to bring both attention and interest to your economic assessments.

Design 1

Study your organization’s investment cycle using the 3-step investment diagram of this finance management PPT template. Understand your investment philosophy, build community, and explore your operating philosophy to render judicious expenditure of your company resources.

Design 2

Here is a tabular financial PowerPoint template to compare your company’s financial projections for five consecutive years. Analyze investments, profits, sales, and expenditures in this detailed table to understand your wealth and its exhaustion.

Design 4

Here is a financial PPT template to demonstrate your healthcare cost status and its key instigators. Explore your healthcare expenses and find ways to expend your resources judiciously using this finance PPT template.

Design 5

If your financial lecture for the day revolves around insurance, here is a creative template to speak about it. Highlight the importance of insurance in the financial sector concerning your organization using this PPT template.

Design 6

Design 7

Here is another design from the collection of finance PowerPoint templates to constitute a full-fledged financial report. Use this template to evaluate your company’s products and services. Using the five-step format, you can highlight the importance of customers, finance, timing, competition, etc, using this finance management PPT template.

Demonstrate the key factors relevant to your finance and enterprise planning using this finance PPT template. Cover areas like supply chain planning, sourcing, procurement, operations, factoring, etc, to devise your best fit financial strategy using this PPT design.

Design 8

Manage and alleviate your corporate debts using this three-step stack circle shown in this PPT template. If your current dues demand more stacks than three, copy, paste, and resize these concentric circles to demonstrate an effective way to clear debts.

Design 9

Here is a risk matrix PPT template to uniquely compare your business and finance threats using a pie chart placed in a matrix. Exploit the editable nature of this must-have slide for your finance department presentation to present your data impressively.

Design 10

Plan and demonstrate your healthcare financing model using this finance PPT presentation. Under the headings of the model, revenue source, groups covered, finance source, etc, you can analyze the management of wealth associated with your organization.

Design 11

Use this template in the essence of timely understanding and application of finance. The clock background inspires the importance of early finance management and can help focus on key pointers needed to work upon.

Design 12

Here is a template to focus on the top financial initiatives concerning your organization. Rank them in order of importance in maximizing ROI and the initiatives that are most likely to be underway in the two-column table.

Design 13

Use this inspiring finance background to highlight your company’s financial performance recorded from your global branches. Highlight your financial services in context of the broader economy using the characteristic infographic of this finance PowerPoint template.


Design 14

Using this three-variable area chart, you can compare your financial performance for various fiscals in a vibrant format. This is an Excel-linked finance PowerPoint template and entirely editable. Change its features and compare data for up to seven fiscals using this PPT design. Include this slide in your finance department while preparing a comprehensive presentation.

Design 16

Here is a PowerPoint template to create awareness on skills that complement a finance employee. Highlight the critical personal, professional, or interpersonal skills required to excel as a finance professional using this PowerPoint template.

Design 17

Amassing assets is as important as protecting them. Here is an interesting PPT design to discuss risks that endanger your assets and capital. Use this design to deliberate on ways to protect your wealth better and strategize accordingly in the event of a mishap.

Design 18

Use this finance PowerPoint template to thrust the concept of debt into your financial health. Highlight key points to elevate the utility of this PPT template. Enumerate points to manage your wealth in crisis in this PPT design.

Design 19

Here is a quick checklist to enumerate the finance-related particulars of your business. Share the quick numerical details of financial aspects like annual revenues, bank statements, payroll records, balance sheets, etc, using this one-page finance PPT presentation.

Design 20

Protection of your valuables, followed by planning ways to grow your assets, and, above all, knowing when to act is crucial for any business organization to excel. Using this finance PowerPoint template, you can dwell on the importance of safeguarding your valuables and investing them after performing thorough market research. Using this creative money-in-a-cage infographic, you can share your message effectively.

Explore the potential of these finance transformation roadmap PPT templates to drive necessary attention to your company’s finances. Combine these finance PPT templates to prepare a comprehensive finance department presentation.