Being injured in some sort of accident often means medical bills, an inability to work for a time, and possibly living with an injury for the rest of your life. Rather than trying to deal with the responsible party on your own, it makes sense to secure the services of one of the Scarborough car accident lawyers and let your legal counsel handle the negotiations.

There are ways that you can participate in the process and make it easier for your lawyer to take care of the situation. Put these four to good use and there’s a good chance of resolving the matter sooner rather than later.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything That You Know

Now is not the time for you to filter any information that has some connection to the events related to the injury. The best thing that you can do is tell a lawyer like Caldwell Wenzel Asthana everything that you can remember. Even if some detail seems to be of no value to you, it could mean something to your legal counsel.

Perhaps there’s some aspect of the event that you’d rather not have people know about. It could have to do with where the event took place or who was with you at the time. No matter how you feel about those circumstances, share them with your legal counsel.

Nothing you can say is likely to elicit any shock and the lawyer is not interested in passing moral judgments. What the lawyer does want to do is know every detail of the event so the opposing party won’t be able to surprise your legal counsel during the negotiations.

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Route All Queries From the Opposing Party to Your Legal Counsel

You can bet that the other party is likely to try to reach out to you shortly after the event or maybe even while negotiations are underway. The party may even offer a settlement and hint strongly that it’s the best you could ever hope to get. This is one of the reasons why you hired a lawyer in the first place.

If the other party makes any type of overtures or even tries to engage you in conversation about how your recovery or treatment is going, shut it down immediately. Refer all requests for information or offers to settle to your lawyer. This minimizes the risk of saying something that the other party might exploit to their advantage.

Don’t Discuss the Case With Others

It’s not just the other party that should speak directly to your legal counsel. It’s a smart move on your part to not discuss the pending case with anyone else. All too often, something you say could find its way back to the opposing party.

It may or may not be exactly what you said or meant. By choosing to only discuss the case with your Ontario Injury Lawyer, it’s possible to avoid these types of complications.

Remember that your personal injury lawyer is there to help you get fair compensation based on nature and the ongoing consequences of the accident. Do everything that you can to work with your legal counsel. In the long run, you’ll be glad that you did.